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- Privacy

Vietnam is well-known for its peace. That's also the reason why the president of The United States and North Korea chose Vietnam as their venue for their agreement. Many other conferences and competitions are also held in Vietnam due to its stable politics and society. 

Vietnam ranks 9th in the safest countries to visit in Asia and ranks 44th safest country in the world in 2018, according to Touradar. And in fact, it is. The single-party regime in Vietnam makes its consensus politics and is able to prevent any internal or external threat. Vietnamese officials are on the same page when talking about national defense against terrorism. Terrorism has never happened in Vietnam.

There is no war or terrorism here, so you will feel really relaxing and peaceful - that's extremely ideal for a family vacation, right?

- Unique experience 

It is time for real life movie set to yourself after the busy life. As small countries lying on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean and possessing naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is the perfect choice for a retreat with many different kinds of attractions and tours. Especially, naturally blessed with over 4,000 islands, it is no surprise when Vietnam has become such a hit with tourists wishing to spend their vacation on an isolated and peaceful island.

Clear crystal blue water, white smooth sand beaches, charming scenes together with unique local life create an irresistible appeal to every tourist coming to these islands at the first sight. This is really a great chance to relax or just simply spend quality time enjoying a new place together away from the bustle and hustle of modern life.  

- Lower scams with local reviews, tips & tricks 

Private guides will be your interpreters in case you cannot understand and communicate in the local language, which will minimize the culture barriers and embarrassments, especially in limited time. Moreover, local tour guides enable you to explore primitive landscapes and several spots unavailable on the Internet. 

VieGo is always strongly confident in their knowledgeable staff and local experts are one of the most outstanding staffs here. Local experts acknowledge impressively about all destination. Vietnam still exists many corners that even the media has not approached. Therefore, the local expert can bring you to go to every corner of Vietnam and find out the wonderful hiding places which are suitable the most with your demand. 

- Flexible timeline to explore off the beaten path places

You can adjust your journey easily.   

Flexibility is for sure on private tours as you are the planner and it is yours. Whatever you want, adding or deleting some places or activities is up to you. Tours can often be extended or booked for consecutive days with the very same guide if you are tired after long distances among the cities or just wish to explore the culture and new places. On the contrary, large group tours with many people have scheduled a fixed plan for that day, there is no much time to stop and take pictures or access closer to the local culture and people. In larger groups, you must follow the tour guide and even run to catch up with them, in order not to be lost. 

Flexibility, therefore, is the most favorable benefits of private tours - it all depends on what you want, just inform your tour guide if you want.

Dotted with the rich history for centuries, Vietnam remains its intact beauty, especially in rural areas. All kinds of tourist attractions are available, islands, beaches, highlands, cultural heritages, temples, architecture structures or just local life exploration and cuisine tour are waiting for you to experience. Moreover, as Vietnam is safe, solo travel to off-the-beaten-track places is also ideal and worth a try.


- Superb food

When coming to a country, not only the local people, places or experience but also the cuisine impresses tourists. Vietnam is divided into three regions, including the North, the Central and the South. Although there are common features in the dining style still have different characteristics in each region. It can result from the differences in geography, culture, climate, and taste, but above all, it contributes to bringing richness and diversity to the cuisine of Vietnam. Traditional food and special food are the food that every tourist. However, there are risks of unsafe food, especially street food.

Vietnam is common with good-tasted street food, but the materials to make this food cannot be defined. Because if you always afraid of poison from low-quality food, you will definitely when you come back home. In case you miss your homeland food, all you need to do is asking your tour operator.


- 24/24 personal support

Every time you call for support to luxury tour operators, they are always willing to help. In spite of time difference, luxury tour operators will never waste you a second, because in many cases, waiting is the first reason for hesitation and procrastination to book a trip.

Therefore, VieGo ensures you to have 24/7 personalized support. Time is inestimable. VieGo in particular and other luxury tour agents, in general, will try to acknowledge customer’s inquiry and provide a quote as soon as possible. Every client will receive 24/7 support from their arrival moment to departure.

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