Mai Chau is a beautiful rustic land of simple local people on Moc Chau highland, which has become more and more popular and outstanding as a perfect destination of trekking. Therefore, trekking in Mai Chau is one of the hottest things you should do if you love Mai Chau tourism. Because Mai Chau is still rustic and not well-developed, so there will be a lot of unexplored things for trekkers to experience themselves in Mai Chau.

Today, we are going to tell you about a Mai Chau trekking journey with all the necessary information, tips as well as some suggestions on accommodations, where to travel and what to do in Mai Chau. Now, let’s get started.

1. Why should you go trekking in Mai Chau?

In Mai Chau, there will be a lot of interesting things that will attract you to go trekking in Mai Chau, and now we are going to tell you some reasons why you should go trekking in Mai Chau. Mai Chau is well-known as trekking heaven where there are so many naturally beautiful places for trekkers to explore themselves in Mai Chau. Besides, Mai Chau also has the diversity in nature with a lot of flora and fauna as well as the variety of terrains from mountains, hills to forests, mountain passes. A lot of hidden places are waiting for trekkers to find out and explore in Mai Chau, and this also makes Mai Chau become a perfect place to go trekking. It is sure that you will be completely impressed by the magnificent trekking routes of Mai Chau. About the weather, Mai Chau possesses different statuses of weather due to different periods of time in a year. Sometimes, there will be strong sunlight, sometimes cold with breezes and winds, and sometimes humid and wet with rains. Each season will give Mai Chau different interesting things like magnificent flowers, beautiful sceneries,... Mai Chau trekkers will be challenged by the various weather conditions, so make sure that you have all the necessary trekking skills and tools for a long journey. 

Because Mai Chau is the dear homeland of a lot of local tribes, so the local cultures and traditions, as well as civilizations developed plentifully. Therefore, when you go trekking in Mai Chau, you can learn a lot about the local people’s life as well as the precious traditional values, and trekkers can also take part in several festivals happened in certain time of the year. In these festivals, tourists especially trekkers can play some traditional games with local people, and it will be such an amazing experience. Moreover, Mai Chau is also famous for its local food and special dishes which are cooked in the traditional recipes with the natural flavours of Mai Chau nature, which will definitely make your stomach turn. If you go trekking in Mai Chau, do not forget to stop by any local restaurants to enjoy their special food and local dishes. When you go trekking in Mai Chau, you will be fascinated by the warm heart and great hospitality of Mai Chau local people. They always greet the tourists and trekkers including Vietnamese people as well as foreigners with the heart and make them feel like home. Those are the reasons why Mai Chau tourism is so outstanding and attractive, and those reasons will convince you to go trekking in Mai Chau immediately. 



2. Which season is the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau?

Due to the location, Mai Chau has a variety in nature as well as weather, and they change completely in different seasons which is very suitable for trekking and exploring. Each season, Mai Chau will have different appearances and attractions which impress all of Mai Chau trekkers’ senses. In spring, Mai Chau is a little bit cold but also warm with the sunlight, and the flowers bloom in every single corner to create such a beautiful scene in Mai Chau trekking routes. In summer, Mai Chau turns into a green land where all flora grows and develops faster than ever, and the weather of Mai Chau is quite warm and even hot in some specific time of day, which is the best time for trekking in Mai Chau. Summer can be considered as the best time to visit Mai Chau as well due to the great weather condition and also the natural beauties, even the nature of Mai Chau in summer is not beautiful like in spring. In fall, Mai Chau steps into the harvest seasons when a lot of rice paddies turn into a golden field so that you will be fascinated by the magnificent beauties, and trekkers can stop by and take photos of your trekking routes in Mai Chau. In winter, Mai Chau will become white land with cold weather, so Mai Chau trekkers should wear thick coats to keep yourself warm. Each season will be suitable for each person with different demands as well as conditions so that there are also different best times to visit Mai Chau. Therefore, we are going to list down some best times for you to go trekking in Mai Chau as below: 

Mai Chau From October to December

This is the wintertime of Mai Chau, so the weather is mostly cool and sometimes cold, but the weather is very comfortable in general. It rarely rains so that you will not need to worry about the wet and dangerous trekking roads or interruption during the trekking tour around Mai Chau. In this season, Mai Chau trekkers including local people as well as foreigners will be fascinated by the magnificent beauties of the peach blossoms, the plum flowers, or the white cafe flowers…Mai Chau trekkers will have the chance to witness the nature of Mai Chau start to turn from winter to spring. During this time, Mai Chau is not only beautiful and magnificent but also busy and happy with a lot of traditional festivals and cultural activities. Therefore, from October to December is the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau for most people. 


From March to April

In this time, Mai Chau is in its summertime when Mai Chau turns into a green land with forests, hills and fields and the magnificent beauties of different flowers such as the Ban flowers. This also the most favorite time of Mai Chau trekkers. Moreover, this is also the time when there are a lot of cultural and traditional festivals for Mai Chau trekkers to experience. This seems to be the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau as well as the most interesting time for Mai Chau tourism. Therefore, if you are looking for a happy time for your vacation and trekking experience then from March to April is the best time to make a trekking trip to Mai Chau. However, these are just some of our suggestions due to the conditions of Mai Chau, but you can choose the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau based on your demands, plans, conditions as well as the suitable trekking routes to Mai Chau.


3. How to go trekking to Mai Chau?

If you already choose the most suitable as well as the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau, then we are going to give you some information on a typical trekking journey plan as well as some necessary information during a Mai Chau trekking trip. In general, people especially professional trekkers usually choose to go trekking in Mai Chau in about three days and often on weekends. Once you have a clear plan on how many days you gonna spend in Mai Chau trekking, then we will tell you about the trekking route from Hanoi to Mai Chau as well as the trekking route from Mai Chau back to Hanoi. However, in order to have a safe and smooth trekking journey, you had better prepare a full-gasoline bike as well as some necessary belongings including bug spray, first-aid kit, and many other tools. If you already prepare enough, then let’s pick the map and have a look.

The trekking route from Hanoi to Mai Chau

From Hanoi to Mai Chau, you will have to travel for about 155 kilometres, so it is strongly recommended that you should depart early in the morning to avoid the sunlight as well as have a cool trip to Mai Chau. You will start at Number 6 Highway to Luong Son, and then Xuan Mai. You should identify the trekking route on your phone devices to follow exactly the trekking route to Mai Chau. Once you turn into the Kim Boi route where there are magnificent landscapes with high hill and streams, you can take some rest there and check-in. After that, you continue the trekking trip until you turn into Cun Slope, but you should go slowly for your own safety. Finally, you will reach Mai Chau at noon, and you can find some rest before starting a trekking journey around Mai Chau. Please remember to bring your map as well as phone devices along with you to check the trekking route frequently.

The trekking route from Mai Chau back to Hanoi

On the way back to Hanoi, you can choose the 12B road to travel to Vu Ban and then turn into Kim Boi to reach Van Dinh, Ba la. There are several beautiful roads as well as mountain passes on the way back. On the trekking route back to Hanoi, you can visit Muong villages, Thung Khe Mountain Pass,... Keep following the instruction of your map device, you just keep following the road and you will reach Hanoi in a very short time. Be careful of your speed as well as your riding for your own safety as well as other trekkers.

In general, the trekking route to Mai Chau is quite simple and not so complicated, so if you prepare everything carefully, you can start your trekking journey to Mai Chau right now. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice from local people during your trekking journey if you need any information.

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4. What to explore in your Mai Chau trekking route?

When you go trekking in Mai Chau, there will be a lot of interesting a trekker should probably try. Thank the diversity in local people, nature, as well as other stuff, trekkers will have a wonderful trekking journey around Mai Chau, so you do not worry about not having anything to do in Mai Chau trekking route.

Mai Chau Local Villages

Mai Chau locates in a beautiful valley, so there are a lot of villages of Thai people living here. Some typical local villages such as Lac Village, Pom Coong Village, Van Village, Nhot Village,... There, you can wander around, visit some local hot places, take part in several traditional activities, festivals as well as enjoy the special food in local markets. You will feel warm and cozy as home with the great hospitality of the Mai Chau people. The local people really love to treat trekkers like friends and family members. At night, you can watch the magnificent and unique Thai traditional music and dances such as Xoe dance, Mong dance.

Mai Chau local natural locations

A trekker always loves exploring new things and new places in beautiful land like Mai Chau. Then the systems of natural limestone caves of Mai Chau are holding a lot of interesting unknown things inside. The magnificent beauties of Chieu Cave, Mo Luong Cave are sure to impress you and make you want to travel deeply inside. Or you can ride your bike to visit some natural beautiful lakes of Mai Chau such as Da River Lake or the waterfall on the number 6 highway, or Thung Khe Mountain Pass can be a perfect place to drop by on your trekking route.

Besides these suggestions, there are many other unidentified magnificent places around Mai Chau that trekkers can spend time exploring and finding out themselves. Make sure that you are well-prepared for a tough exploration in the Mai Chau trekking route. In brief, Mai Chau will have a lot of mysterious and strange places for Mai Chau trekkers to travel and explore themselves, and maybe you will be the first trekker to step foot onto some special unknown place in Mai Chau. Let’s grab your luggage and go now.


5. Some tips about accommodation when trekking in Mai Chau.

About accommodations

Mai Chau is still a rustic and simple place where the local people have a very simple life so there are not many developments in accommodations and hotel services. Therefore, tourists especially Mai Chau trekkers mainly choose to stay in residents’ houses and homestays with a very friendly price (From 50,000 VND per night). Besides, the tourists can have meals along with accommodations with the price from 80,000 to 100,000 VND per night. Mai Chau trekkers can find those homestays or accommodations in Lac Village, Pom Coong Village, and many other small villages. The hospitality of local people will warm your heart as well as make you fall in love with Mai Chau, even the conditions of the residents’ houses are not so good and convenient. 

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Accommodation Booking Tips

A tip for booking accommodation in Mai Chau, trekkers should come to Mai Chau and then book the room directly at the homestays because the price will be lower than you book in advance. In case, if you go trekking in Mai Chau with a lot of people, you should choose the suitable homestays and book in advance for a good place to stay in your trekking journey to Mai Chau. For more choices, let's look at top 10 cheapest homestays with mountain views in Mai Chau.


Other staying options

However, if you want to experience your resting in a luxury place in Mai Chau after several hours of trekking, you still can find a few luxury hotels and resorts. These resorts and hotels are developed to create fancy accommodation as well as luxurious experience for trekkers who are already used to staying in high-quality hotels or resorts. The information about rooms, services, prices as well as rating Mai Chau trekkers can find in some of our articles on top 10 homestays and ecolodges in Mai Chau.

In conclusion, like we already mentioned, Mai Chau is a beautiful land with plentiful interesting things for trekkers to explore and experience such as the natural beauties, the unknown places, the warm and kind local people, the cultures and civilizations as well as the special food and local dishes. With all those reasons, trekkers should choose the best time to go trekking in Mai Chau, and with all the information and suggestions we provided, you can definitely know where to travel, explore and what to do and experience in Mai Chau. We also showed you the trekking route from Hanoi to Mai Chau and vice versa. With all the necessary and useful information, we hope that all the trekkers will have an amazing trekking tour to Mai Chau.

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