In addition to the unique culture of ethnic minorities, Ha Giang’s majestic beauty of mountain is such a hit with both local and foreign tourists. With its untouched scenery, Ha Giang is one of the most-recommended tourist attractions in Vietnam, especially for those wishing to get closer to Vietnam countryside.

Spring in Ha Giang

This is ideal for backpackers and those wishing to conquer new lands and challenge themselves. The mountain ranges soaring up will give a breathtaking view when we are at mountain summits. The deep valleys, dense forests together with amazing waterfalls create a majestic scenery that can satisfy all visitors. In late spring and early autumn, the region looks colorful with rice terraces, while in the winter, the mountains are even covered with snow. Especially, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Happiness Road in Ha Giang are the favorite spots of adventurous trekkers.

1. Sung La Valley

Sung La is known as one of Ha Giang's highlight tourist spots with the heaven of flowers. The valley is regarded as the beautiful flower in the middle of the plateau. Sung La attracts tourists by the rustic beauty, the tranquility of the small plants, the green blossoms and circuit triangle flowers. The scenery of Sung La brings characteristics of the mountainous region. When coming to Sung La, we can pay a visit to Lung Cam village, which remains almost intact.

Lung Cam is home to 60 people, mainly Lo Lo, Mong and Chinese. In particular, Lo Lo is a more rustic than the others. Lo Lo is also famous for the hundred-year-old house in "Pao's Story" movie. The house has gone through so much of the time and has just been remodeled. However, the hundred-year-old house of Lo Lo still retains the rustic beauty of the people here. Coming to Lo Lo, and the "house of Pao", tourists will go through a long stretch of circuit triangle flowers, and peach blossom or pear flowers surrounding in January and February.  There is also a rose valley along the entrance of “Pao’s house” with a lot of rare and brilliantly-colored roses.

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2. The mansion of Vuong family

This architecture appeals tourist by its ancient and mysterious beauty. The mansion of Vuong family is located on the top of a small hill, where the entrance has rows of samu trees. This is Meo King's Palace, one of the richest families in the region by selling opium in the past. The architecture is unique, influenced by three architectures: China, Mong people and France. This mansion was recognized by the State as National Monument in 1993. In 2004, the family decided to devote the palace to the State for conservation. Standing on the mansion overlooking the solitary valley below, we can feel the grandeur of this mansion.

Tickets to visit the royal palace: 20,000 VND.

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3. Lung Cu Flag Tower

Coming to Lung Cu in Dong Van District, visitors will be amazed by stunning mountains hiding in the cloud, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Lo Lo Lake and terraces of the locals. From the mansion of Vuong family, you go back to crossroads, pass Pho La and Ma Le to arrive in Lung Cu Flag Tower, where you will find the first point on the S-shaped map.

Right on the way from Ma Le to Lung Cu, we can admire a huge circuit triangle flowers field on the hillside. Lung Cu is at the height of 2000 m above sea level, Lung Cu is the only place where Lo Lo people live. Standing on Lung Cu Flag Tower, looking at the flag flying in the wind, and seeing the first point on the S-shaped map we can feel the national pride and the love of the country overflowing. Standing on the Lung Cu Flag Tower, enjoying the sunset and then turning down Dong Van town to stay overnight. It is said that visiting Ha Giang without sleeping in Dong Van is regarded as not coming to this land.

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4. Ma Pi Leng Pass

Going about 20 km from Dong Van to Meo Vac, we will pass through the Happiness Road (Ma Pi Leng Pass) connecting Dong Van Plateau and Meo Vac. This is known as the most beautiful arc of the rocky plateau. If you go to Ha Giang once, let’s try to drive the car on the side of the rocky sky, and the other of the deep chasm as well as watch Nho Que river as a strip, visitors will enjoy different wonderful emotions.

It's such a big challenge for the adventurous. Standing high on the far view, a thousand layers of gray mountains, fantasy white of the clouds and deep penetration of the yawning chasm will on our eyes. Especially the rocky outcropping over the Ma Pi Leng Pass will bring the immense grandeur of the mountains and forests of the north. You will find yourself so small and feel the innermost beauty of the country.

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Taking photos at Ma Pi Leng


5. Lui market (Ha Giang)

Lui Market plays a vital role in maintaining the national identity in Ha Giang. Participating in the market, visitors will feel the breath and soul of the ethnic people here. You can visit Pho Cao market, Sa Phin market and Lung Phin market. The markets take place in the morning, brocade dress, vegetables, drugs, food, shoes, armpit pigs or Hmong dogs are available.

There is also Dong Van Market in Dong Van Town, which takes place every Sunday. Dong Van Market was built in stone in the 1920s so far has brought many old, ancient features contributing to the rustic beauty of the ancient town. The market also sells items such as cloth, towel of the Mong, the vestiges of Tay people, cinnamon, sandals, shoes, vegetables and fruits, food such as Thang Co, five-color sticky rice, circuit triangle flowers cakes, corn cakes, and especially corn wine.

The love market called Khau Vai in Meo Vac is another must-join activity in Dong Van on March 27 according to lunar year.


6. Dong Van Rocky Plateau

Dong Van Plateau (or Dong Van Plain) is a rocky plateau spreading over four districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam. On October 3, 2010, the "Geological Park of the Dong Van Plateau" has been officially recognized by the UNESCO Global GeoParks Network (GGN) Advisory Board as Global Geopark. This is the only title in Vietnam and second in Southeast Asia.

Dong Van Rocky Plateau

Scenic mountainous landscapes and diversified cultures of ethnic minority groups are what remind visitors when thinking about Ha Giang. Let’s pack your luggage to challenge yourself and get closer to a new land and a new culture. I do hope that you will have the best tour in Vietnam.

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