What is more amazing than cruising on Halong Bay, One of Seven New World's Natural Wonders since 2011?. Nowadays, a lot of luxury Halong cruise brands are born to deliver the luxury and high-standard services of cruising in Halong Bay to customers. Generally, a luxury Halong cruise will offer customers convenient and considerate accommodation services including rooms to stay, meals, tour activities and many other services for tourists. During your vacation, you will be staying on the best Halong cruises with all the modern and high techniques and equipment. The Halong cruises will maximize your experience in Halong Bay through the services on the best cruises. It is a luxury and worthy service for you to try when you decide to take a cruise in Halong Bay. 


Recently, a lot of people especially young people love to take a luxury Halong cruise due to the convenience as well as the luxurious and considerate experience. Therefore, more and more Halong cruise appear with different categories and price ranges, so today we are going to introduce to you the top ten best cruise in Halong Bay for you to choose according to the demands as well as interests. The list will also include the Halong cruise brand names and other related necessary information so that it is easier for you to select the most suitable one. Let’s get started.


1. Paradise Luxury - The best choice for Halong Bay cruise experience 

Paradise Luxury is one of the best Halong cruises designed with the inspiration of a traditional ship that will impress the customers with the modern features but solemn and luxurious. Because of the traditional styles, Paradise Luxury cruise is made as well as decorated with high-quality wood to create a beautiful and cosy space in every single room on the luxury cruise. The whole Paradise Luxury is painted white to refresh the comfortable feeling for customers. The Paradise Luxury cruise will include three floors and one terrace on the highest floor. On each floor, there will be several rooms with cozy and modern spaces with all the convenient and necessary stuff and one bathroom. From every room on Paradise Luxury cruise, you can watch the landscapes and ocean clearly through the wide windows. The terrace floor of Paradise Luxury is a place for an outdoor party or gathering.

Ha Long Bay: Paradise Luxury Day Cruise

People love to sightsee and have meals on this terrace of Paradise Luxury at night. Inside Paradise Luxury, there is also a beautiful and clean dining room as well as a small but modern bar so that the customers can enjoy meals or have some drinks anytime they want. Besides, Paradise Luxury is the best five-star Halong cruise so there are also other relaxing activities such as sauna and spa for tourists. The service staffs are also well-trained to bring the customers the best service and cruising experience in Halong Bay. If you want to stay at Paradise Luxury cruise, you’d better book the room in advance via booking agencies or websites. The price for rooms of Paradise Luxury cruise will be flexible due to the time in a year. 

Contact Address: Gateway 3 & 4, Tuan Chau, Halong city, Quang Ninh province.




2. Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise| Halong Bay 4-star cruise 

Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise is a romantic luxury cruise located in the Halong city, and it is nine kilometres from Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise to reach the International Harbor of Tuan Chau. With the quality reach four stars, Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise is well-known for its amazing spaces as well as services for tourists. About the appearance and spaces, Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise is a standard luxury Halong cruise with fancy designs; the interior spaces are also luxurious, cosy and classy as well. With all the convenient furniture and stuff, customers will be fascinated and satisfied by the convenience at Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise.

Halong Bay: 2 Days 1 Night - Rosa Boutique 4-Star Cruise

Besides the high-quality room services, Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise also has a classy bar, 24/24 reception, and restaurant to serve the customers anytime. Moreover, there are several other services such as organizing a BBQ party, conference party and various night entertainment shows on Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise. The customers can also enjoy many tour activities around Halong Bay with the guides from the service staff of Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise. Moreover, Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise is also famous for its romantic couple room service, and a lot of married couples choose Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise for their honeymoon. You can contact Rose Boutique 4-Star Cruise for room booking or search for rooms on booking agencies for detail as well as prices.

Contact Address: Unnamed Rd, Tuan Chau, Halong City, Quang Ninh province.


3. Paloma Cruise 4-Star| Halong Bay luxury 4-star cruise priority

With the traditional wooden style and structure, Paloma Cruise 4-Star becomes one of the hottest best luxury Halong cruises. About appearance, Paloma Cruise 4-Star is not so special and quite similar to other Halong cruises, but Paloma Cruise 4-Star is well-known for its considerate services. The interior spaces of Paloma Cruise 4-Star are quite large with several cabins that offer the customer great views through the limestone mountains and sea in Halong Bay. Each cabin is equipped with all necessary stuff such as soft beds, furniture, showers, phones and other things to surely serve the customers well. Besides, Paloma Cruise 4-Star also has a minibar and a restaurant to serve the customers especially the foreigners with Vietnamese traditional food.

Moreover, there are some free yoga and exercise activities for customers to take part in every day. The terrace floor of Paloma Cruise 4-Star is a perfect luxury Halong cruise for parties as well as many outdoor activities as well. The reception of Paloma Cruise 4-Star operates all the time to make sure the customers happy and well-served. Paloma Cruise 4-Star not only takes the customers around Halong Bay but also take them to explore Bai Tu Long Bay. Moreover, Paloma Cruise 4-Star also offers customers several entertainment activities during they stay here such as fishing, surfing or sailing. Paloma Cruise 4-Star keeps on promoting their fame and service by improving the cruising experience of the customers every day. If you are looking for a luxury  Halong cruise with super considerate service, then Paloma Cruise 4-Star is one of the best choices for you.

Paloma Cruise 4-Star: Spectacular HaLong Bay 2 Days 1 Night

Contact Address: 37 Le Van Huu street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.



4. Alova Premium Cruise

Alova Premium Cruise is unlike other Halong cruises when they focus on developing the spaces and cabins for accommodations. Alova Premium Cruise has fine facilities including good rooms, spaces and other serving areas such as restaurants and bars. Alova Premium Cruise wants to provide the customers with fine places to rest and gain energy, and also put them more into exploring activities around Halong Bay.

Halong Bay: Full Day Alova Premium Cruise from Hanoi

Therefore, the strengths of Alova Premium Cruise are the tour services and the food and culture introduction activities to customers especially foreigners. When you take a tour with Alova Premium Cruise, the service staff will serve you greatly with your room service, and then they will provide you with various types of dishes and local food. This is also a way Alova Premium Cruise wants to use to introduce Halong Bay’s food and cultures to tourists especially foreigners. Moreover, Alova Premium Cruise also plans a careful and detailed journey for customers to wander and explore Halong Bay with the best experience. People usually said that if you are looking for the best Halong cruise with considerate and active activities, you should try a luxury cruise on Alova Premium Cruise. 

Contact Address: 20 Hang Muoi street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.



5. Phoenix Cruise 4-Star| Halong Bay luxury cruise 

Phoenix Cruise 4-Star officially opened on November 3rd, 2011, and it soon impresses the customers including Vietnamese people and foreigners. With modern designs and structure, there are fourteen cabins with all the convenient stuff to serve customers with the best accommodation and rest services. Besides, Phoenix Cruise 4-Star is forty meters large, so Phoenix Cruise 4-Star offers customers a terrace floor for sunbath with benches, parties, sightseeing as well as other outdoor activities.

Halong, Thien Cung Cave, Kayak 1 Day on Phoenix Cruise 4Star

The staff of Phoenix Cruise 4-Star is always ready to serve customers anytime you need them. The special feature of Phoenix Cruise 4-Star is to provide customers with modern and classic styled spaces so that they will have an amazing experience on the luxury cruises in Halong Bay. Each cabin in Phoenix Cruise 4-Star will allow customers to have general views through the whole landscapes of Halong Bay by the wide windows. Moreover, there will be a lot of different tour activities organized by Phoenix Cruise 4-Star for customers to explore Halong Bay with the best experience. If you wish to stay here for the best Halong cruise, you should book Phoenix Cruise 4-Star in advance for a better experience.

Contact Address: 81C Ly Nam De street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.


6. Luxury Wonderbay Cruise| Halong Bay Wonderful cruise

Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise is rated as the best luxury Halong cruise on a lot of booking agency websites by a lot of customers including Vietnamese people as well as foreigners. Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise usually offers customers a deluxe tour with good accommodation as well as food and drink services during the time you stay on Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise. Besides, Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise is also famous for a lot of water sports and tour activities around Halong Bay such as surfing, fishing, diving, sailing, kayaking, and many other things.

Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise tends to inspire the customers with the close feeling to nature and landscapes of Halong Bay. Moreover, Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise also organizes many outdoor dinner parties for tourists to gather and hang out in the spaces of natural beauties. Just imagine, you can have a delicious special meal on the terrace floor and watch the night sky on the surface of Halong Bay ocean. A lot of visitors love to choose Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise for the considerate customer service as well as the warm and gentle welcome of the staff. Some people even said that they feel like home when travelling on Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise. Therefore, Luxury Wonder Bay Cruise is also a good choice for a cruising journey in Halong Bay.

Contact Address: 20 Hang Muoi, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

Halong Bay Full Day with Luxury WonderBay Cruises from Hanoi

7. Halong Deluxe Cruise - Halong Bay spectacular cruises for honeymoon

Halong Deluxe Cruise is not so famous like many other luxury Halong cruises, and there are not so many information about this luxury cruise brand. However, according to some tourists and local people, Halong Deluxe Cruise is a good option for the best cruise. Halong Deluxe Cruise offers customers a short tour around Halong Bay with bar, restaurant and resting places to serve all the demands and needs of tourists when necessary. Moreover, Halong Deluxe Cruise also has various categories of the tour and outdoor activities around Halong Bay as well as offer customers amazing sightseeing experience on the best cruises.

Spectacular Halong Bay 2-Day Tour with Deluxe Cruises

However, unlike other luxury Halong cruises, Halong Deluxe Cruise does not have cabins for a stay overnight, so the customers are only able to have a short journey with several entertainment activities such as fishing, parties, sailing, and others. If there is any other information about Halong Deluxe Cruise, we will be glad to share it with you. Now, if you want to experience Halong Bay on Halong Deluxe Cruise, you can ask the local agencies and people for more information.

Contact Address: 115/4 Hong Ha road, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.



8. V’Spirit Cruise| The choice for both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay cruises

V’Spirit Cruise is a luxury cruise service in Halong Bay which provides customers with a fancy cruising space of western and modern styles. V’Spirit Cruise invests a lot in building several cabins on their cruisers to offer customers considerate accommodation services as well as many other tour services such as resting, relaxing, spa, restaurant as well as outdoor exploring activities. Each cabin will have a private bathroom, comfortable beds as well as other necessary stuff. Besides, V’Spirit Cruise also serves customers with 24/24 service so that the customers will be served anytime they need V’Spirit Cruise.

Also, tourists can closely experience and sightsee Halong Bay when they stay on this luxury cruise. Moreover, V’Spirit Cruise organizes a lot of tour activities around Halong Bay with many sports, games and exploring activities. Like other luxury Halong cruises, V’Spirit Cruise also reaches high-standard and ranking so that a lot of tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners choose V’Spirit Cruise for their cruising journeys. Information about V’Spirit Cruise is mentioned on booking agency websites for you to consider and select the most suitable options.

Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay 2-Day Cruise

Contact Address: 115/4 Hong Ha road, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.


9. Lavender Elegance Cruise| Halong Bay cruise for elegance & romance

Lavender Elegance Cruise is one of the top-ranking luxury cruises in Halong Bay. Lavender Elegance Cruise departs from Hanoi to Halong Bay. During this time, Lavender Elegance Cruise will offer customers accommodation services in luxurious, considerate and convenient cabins. The customers will have a relaxing time in the cabins of Lavender Elegance Cruise, have great meals with fresh seafood as well as take part in parties and other entertainment activities on cruisers.

With the purpose to provide customers with necessary and good services, Lavender Elegance Cruise prepares a well-trained staff as well as modern equipment for customers to enjoy their journeys best. If you stay on Lavender Elegance Cruise, you will feel like staying in a luxury hotel with all considerate things and services. Lavender Elegance Cruise is a beautiful Halong cruise as well as the best luxury cruise for anyone who wishes to experience an amazing journey in Halong Bay. Therefore, do not hesitate to book Lavender Elegance Cruise in advance for a comfortable vacation as we recommend. 

Contact Address: Area 4, Tuan Chau island, Quang Ninh province.


10. Dragonfly Cruise| Halong Bay reasonable but most popular cruise

With a very cute name, Dragonfly Cruise is one of the best cruises in Halong Bay which are voted by tourists in Vietnam as well as foreigners. Dragonfly Cruise is built by the traditional and beautiful design to create a classic and cosy space for tourists to rest and enjoy their journey on sea in Halong Bay. Like other luxury Halong cruises, Dragonfly Cruise also has a floor for temporary accommodation cabins, a floor for restaurant and bar and a terrace floor for outdoor activities and parties while the lowest floor is used for operation and engines.

Halong Day Tour: Islands, Caves, Kayak with Dragonfly Cruise

Dragonfly Cruise focuses on developing its services as well as customer experience so that Dragonfly Cruise reaches 4-star for its brand. Come to Dragonfly Cruise, the customers not only can maximize their cruising experience in Halong Bay but also have an amazing relaxing vacation to avoid all the stresses and tiredness of city lives. What are you waiting for? Book the room and enjoy the best cruise on Dragonfly Cruise in Halong Bay now.

Contact Address: 37A Hang Thung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

Luxury cruise service in Halong Bay is developing so fast with very luxury and high quality, so we already provide you with a lot of options as well as general information for each luxury Halong cruise so that you can base on that to choose the most suitable and best cruise in Halong Bay for yourself. Please be warned that all the information is general and basic due to the privacy of the cruise brand. Through this list, we hope that you will have an amazing journey with the best cruise in Halong Bay.

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