Thanks to the ideal geographical location, Halong Bay is generously given a lot of advantages in natural beauties and magnificent landscapes. Therefore, tourists including Vietnamese people as well as foreigners will be fascinated not only by nature but also by the cultures and people as well as the legendary stories of Halong Bay. However, a lot of people still doubt what they are going to do in Ha Long Bay excepting for viewing the beautiful landscapes and listening to interesting stories, then we are so excited to inform you that there will be a lot of appealing activities waiting for you to enjoy in the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

Moreover, you can feel the warm heart and kindness of local people as well as enjoy the tasty and special dishes in Ha Long Bay. If you are still wondering about what you should do in Halong Bay, we are going to give you some suggestions as well as information for your vacation plans. We hope that through this list we will help you have an exciting and amazing experience in Ha Long Bay. Now, let’s start.



1. Cruise on Halong Bay - Halong Day Tour: Islands, Caves, Kayak with Dragonfly Cruise

Cruising on Halong Bay is a kind of luxury and high-standard tour service in Halong Bay recently since Halong Bay became a beautiful and famous icon of Vietnamese tourism. Cruisers are well designed with a mini-hotel which provides customers with small accommodation to rest and relax. Dragonfly Cruise is a famous cruise brand that offers customers the chance to enjoy the five-star service on the cruisers. Tourists can have sightseeing on the front yards of Dragonfly Cruise cruisers where you can hang out with friends, have a party or view the magnificent landscapes of mountains, the sea as well as the beautiful ocean creatures of Ha Long Bay. At night, tourists can watch the moon and stars on the night sky, and it is an amazing experience on Dragonfly Cruise cruisers. Besides, after a tiring adventure on the sea, tourists will rest in the convenient private rooms of L’Azalee where you can sleep, take showers and other stuff as you are staying in a luxury resort. The customers will also be served with delicious local dishes and local food on the cruisers of Dragonfly Cruise. 

Dragonfly Cruise, as well as other cruiser brands are flexible to drop by any locations in Halong Bay for you to visit and explore. However, the prices for services on Dragonfly Cruise as well as other cruisers are higher but worthy for such considerate and perfect services. If you come to Halong Bay, then you should try cruising on Dragonfly Cruise in Ha Long Bay. Don't miss Halong common cruise scams.

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2. Do kayaking - a must-try experience on Halong Bay 

Kayaking is a kind of adventurous sport in the world, and now this sport develops in Ha Long Bay as well. It will be such an amazing experience when you can travel into the beautiful bay on a small kayak boat. By doing kayaking, you can easily explore the beautiful locations and caves in Halong Bay. You will become very small to sightsee the beautiful landscapes and magnificent creations of nature in Ha Long Bay. Tourists especially foreigners said that viewing Ha Long Bay when doing kayaking is much better and appealing than by any other transportations. Therefore, more and more visitors want to do kayaking on the Ha Long Bay sea. The price ranges are friendly and reasonable for travellers from 100,000 to 200,000 VND per hour, and the prices will depend on the kayak boat’s sizes. Even doing kayaking is a very popular and interesting activity, but this sport also requires the kayakers a lot of skills as well as health conditions, so it is strongly recommended that you should only do kayaking if you are well guided and strong enough. The local people will help you with the necessary information and train useful skills as well as solutions in cases so that you are well prepared to start doing kayaking in Halong Bay. Do not forget to wear suitable clothes and bring the necessary stuff to have a smoother and better experience in kayaking. If you doubt the interests of doing kayaking in Halong Bay, we are proud to tell you that Ha Long Bay is voted to be one of twenty-five the most suitable places for kayaking on National Geographic Adventures magazines. Therefore, if you visit Halong Bay without doing kayaking, it will be a very big regret. Come to Halong Bay and experience kayaking now.

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3. Explore the limestone caves

The dense systems of limestone caves are one of the most outstanding natural features of Ha Long Bay. The beautiful deep limestone caves are always so attractive to travellers, visitors as well as trekkers. The structures of the caves are created by nature very long ago, and it still keeps the original beauties and magnificent views until now. The limestone caves become very popular, the caves are of one the most important thing to attract tourists to Halong Bay every year. Therefore, the local authorities invest a lot of money to build the basic roads inside the caves for tourists to visit as well as organize the tour activities. There are so many limestone caves in Halong Bay for you to explore and experience including some famous ones such as Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Sung Sot cave, Hanh cave… among them, Phong Nha Ke Bang is the most famous caves in Halong Bay. Besides the popular limestone caves for tourists to explore and visit, there are still a lot of ancient and natural limestones caves that are not recommended for tourists due to some challenges and sometimes dangers in geography and other stuff such as Son Doong cave. Even a lot of professional travellers wish to travel into this beautiful but mysterious caves, they are not allowed due to their own safety as well as protect the original nature inside the cave.

When you travel to Halong Bay, the tour activities will also include exploring limestone caves, and the tour operation team will prepare the necessary things as well as guide you with useful information and skills for a journey into limestone caves. Exploring limestone caves can be a little dangerous if you are not prepared well enough, so listening to the advice from local people as well as the tour guides is a right and compulsory thing to do. If you have a chance to visit Halong Bay, you should also explore the limestone caves in this land, but make sure you are well prepared for a quite adventurous journey into the beautiful caves of Halong Bay.


4. Visit seaside villages in Bai Chay

Simple, rustic and peaceful are three adjectives to describe the seaside villages in Bai Chay as well as other locations in Halong Bay. People love to swim in Bai Chay beaches when they visit Halong Bay. The beaches are clean with white sands, blue ocean water and fresh air make Bai Chay beaches and villages become a beautiful painting. The landscapes of Bai Chay, as well as the seaside villages here, are very comfortable and suitable for people who want to avoid the noises and business of city lives. The tourists love to observe the daily lives of people in seaside villages where they raise fishes, shrimps and much other fresh seafood and travel to the sea on big boats. You will have an opportunity to eat and enjoy fresh seafood on the seaside cottages with very friendly prices.

The seafood in Bai Chay, as well as other seaside villages in Halong Bay, is famous for its fresh and big sized. Moreover, the villagers in Ha Long Bay villages are very friendly and kind, and they welcome tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners as their family members. Besides Bai Chay villages, you can visit many other seaside villages in Halong Bay such as Vung Vien village, Cuu Van village, Ba Hang village… At every seaside village, you can enjoy the fresh air, clean beaches, delicious seafood and the welcome of local people. You will be fascinated and impressed by the very simple, rustic but peaceful and beautiful things in Halong Bay seaside villages.


5. Experience the cable double-deckers

On June 25th, 2017, the cable transportation system link from Ba Beo Hill to Hon Gai island was officially opened to serve tourists with the name “cable double-deckers”. The cable double-deckers cost more than 6,000 billion, and it is famous and considered as the highest cable pillars in the world (188.8 meters high). With the very modern techniques and designs, each double-decker will have only two cabins, and in each cabin, there will be two floors. This is a very special and interesting feature of cable double-deckers. A cable double-decker will be available for 230 people at maximum. From the high view of the double-deckers, tourists can have a general view through the whole areas of Ha Long Bay. This experience will maximize your sightseeing as well as travelling in Ha Long Bay. Besides the magnificent landscape viewing, the cable double-deckers will shorten the travelling time from the land to Hon Gai island. Come to Halong Bay with this amazing experience will surely impress you and also give you unforgettable memories. However, if you are scared of height, then we advise you to consider carefully before experiencing the cable double-deckers in Ha Long Bay because it will be an interesting experience on the super height.

6. Go diving & snorkelling in Halong Beach

There are so many other interesting activities and games in Halong Bay for you to explore and experience, and one of the most significant activities are “go diving & snorkelling” in Halong beach. The seafloors in Ha Long Bay is famous for its magnificent beauties as well as the diversity of ocean creatures and corals. Therefore, local people develop the diving  & snorkelling activities in Halong beach areas for tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners to explore the magnificent beauties of nature and ocean via diving. The most popular area for diving is the Cong Do area where there are a lot of diving activities as well as other interesting things related to the sea such as fishing, surfing or some adventurous water games.

With the very modern and considerate equipment, go diving & snorkelling in Halong beach will be safe for all tourists, so you do not need to worry about anything. Besides, on every beach in Halong Bay, there are always rescue teams available to assist the tourists whenever they are in danger. Moreover, go diving & snorkelling can maximize your underwater experience as well as give you a chance to observe the sea creatures closer and more real. However, if you wish to go diving & snorkelling in Halong beach, you need to listen to the guide as well as prepare some necessary things for your journey to the sea floors. The local people will assist and advise you to know what to do when you go diving & snorkelling. Let’s enjoy diving & snorkelling in the magnificent ocean of Ha Long Bay.



7. Experience adventurous games in Halong Bay

Halong Bay has, a very complicated and challenging terrain with high limestone mountains and deep sea, so a lot of adventurous activities are born to serve the trekkers as well as people who love challenging games. Therefore, a lot of people pour into this land to experience adventurous games in Halong Bay. One of the most significant adventurous activity is climbing the mountains.

The high limestone mountains, as well as the deep cliffs, are challenging people and tourists every year in Halong Bay. The tourists admit that it is amazing to stand up on the high mountains to view Halong Bay after several hours of climbing. “It is tired but exciting.” Because the limestone mountains in Halong Bay are very high and quite dangerous, so it requests the climbers to prepare carefully about health conditions as well as necessary travel stuff and also climbing skills. Therefore, the local people consider carefully before they allow anyone to climb the limestone mountains in Halong Bay. Moreover, in Halong Bay especially on the beaches, there are some other adventurous games such as air surfing or water surfing waiting for you to explore. If you are about to take part in some adventurous games when visiting Halong Bay, you do not need to worry because there are always local people to guide and help you with these.


8. Explore Sun World Ha Long Park

Sun World Ha Long Park is one of the top-ranking amusement parks in Asia, which is the most appealing and attractive park for people including the local people and the tourists to visit. With 214 ha in large, Sun World Ha Long Park has so many tour activities, games and other kinds of entertainment waiting for you to enjoy and experience. Typically, there are some best-selling games such as Dragon Park, Pirates’ ship, Flash Flying Dragon,...

Besides the entertainment on land, there is also a huge area of water park inside Sun World Ha Long Park where tourists from adults to children can take part in a lot of water activities or swim in different kinds of water terrain from pools to seas… Besides, Sun World Ha Long Park also has a lot of food courts and restaurants areas to serve customers after they hang out in Sun World Ha Long Park. There will be so many other interesting things waiting in Sun World Ha Long Park. If you and your families come to Halong Bay, then Sun World Ha Long Park will be a perfect choice for a family outing trip.



9. Go sightseeing on aircraft

Another interesting experience when you are in Halong Bay is “go sightseeing on aircrafts”. Just imagine, you can view the whole beauties of mountains and sea in Halong Bay from the windows of an aircraft from the height of 150 to 3000 meters. You do not need to worry about the crowds because there will be only a few seats on an aircraft so that the crowds will not affect your sightseeing experience. Moreover, there will be a very adventurous activity when you go sightseeing on aircraft. It is jumping with parachutes. This is a very amazing experience but also risky, so there are not so many people choose, but they still admit they really love this kind of adventurous activity in Ha Long Bay. What are you waiting for? Buy the ticket and get on the aircraft now for a journey in the sky of Ha Long Bay.


10. Visit Quang Ninh Museum and Library

Come to Halong Bay, you must visit Quang Ninh Museum & Library. It is a very beautiful museum with special and modern architecture that will impress you from the first sight. With two main floors for the exhibition, tourists can see the ocean and nature exhibition on the first floor. The second floor will be for the history and cultures of Ha Long Bay in the past, and there are many other interesting in this museum. Quang Ninh Museum & Library will open every day from 8:00 to 17:00 except for Monday. If you are looking for a place where you can check-in and experience interesting things, then you had better visit Quang Ninh Museum & Library now.

Halong Bay is not only a beautiful land with magnificent landscapes as well as natural gifts but also the local people and attractive activities in tourism. We hope that you will have all the necessary information about what you are going to do when visiting Halong Bay. If you already know what to do in Halong Bay, then grab your luggage and start going to Halong Bay now for the amazing experience.