What to explore in Vietnam in 2020? - if you are first-time travelers to this lovely country, this can be a confusing question as Vietnam is full with intact landscapes. Vietnam, the land of natural beauties as well as the thousand-year histories and cultures, has become one of the most attractive and popular countries in the tourism field at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. From the northern areas to the middle and southern areas of Vietnam, there are so many different cities and provinces where you will have such a perfect trip to visit, create memories and explore huge storage of landscapes, cultures, people and also food. At the end of a year like this, Vietnam stepped into a season of holiday and traditional festivals, so the country turns interesting more than ever. Here is the list of the top 10 must-see destinations in Vietnam in 2020. Let’s get started.

But first, have you wondered Is Vietnam safe? or Is Vietnam Expensive? - Don't worry, it is totally safe, cheap. clean & friendly.


1. Ha Long Bay| Vietnam's bucket list starting point

The first name in the top 10 must-see destinations in Vietnam in 2020 list will definitely be Ha Long Bay, World's Natural Wonders since 2011. It is a legendary location of magnificent natural beauties in Vietnam, even the global tourism magazines wrote about how beautiful Ha Long Bay is. Ha Long Bay is compared to the fairytale land with more than 2000 ancient stone mountains surrounding by thick fog in the blue-water bay. This is a very mysterious beauty of Ha Long Bay which has become the inspiration for many artists including painting, photography and even movies. And the most exciting experience is cruising on Ha Long Bay.

It is 165 kilometers from Hanoi to reach Ha Long Bay. In the legends of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is the place where the mighty dragons landed and threw the fire to enemy ‘s battleships to save An Nam, so the ancestors of nowadays Vietnamese people called the place Ha Long to celebrate the victory as well as worship the gratitude of dragons. Specifically, the place the dragons lied down is called Bai Tu Long, and the place where the dragon tails lied is a white-water area called bach Long Vi, now people named it Son Tra peninsula. 

Ha Long Bay is also rich in cultures and civilizations of the ancient Viet people live along the bay. Now, you can witness the heritages of cultures when you visit Ha Long Bay. About nature, besides the stone mountains on the sea, Ha Long Bay is famous for the diversity of ecosystem and different kinds of animals, and also systems of magnificent Stalactite caves. One of the most typical examples is Son Doong Cave, which has been listed in the list of rare and beautiful natural wonders in the world. However, Son Doong Cave is not opened for a tour because there are so many challenges and dangers to travel into the cave since the people wanted to keep the cave ancient and primary.

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Just imagine, you travel through the bay on a ship and hear all the great stories about a beautiful and mysterious Ha Long Bay while observing the magnificent landscapes by your own eyes. It will be a very exciting feeling that you ever had in your life. Every year, countless people come to Ha Long Bay including local people, people from different areas of Vietnam and foreigners. If you are interested in a beautiful land like this, you probably book a tour to visit Ha Long Bay immediately in this 2020. There are so many places in Ha Long are waiting for you to explore. Let's start your Vietnam journey with Halong Bay.

Be aware of Halong scams and try to avoid it.

2. Ha Giang - The first point of Vietnam S-map destinations

Another name in Vietnam travel bucket list, especially for adventure lovers is Ha Giang. The location of Ha Giang province is mostly highland and mountains so this land has a great diversity of weather and climates due to the seasons. Therefore, each season will have different beauties and interesting things when you visit Ha Giang province. In spring, Ha Giang is a big wildflower garden all over the mountains. Besides Ha Giang in this period of time will have a lot of festivals and traditional food for you to explore, and the weather is very warm but a little bit cold. That will be a very interesting experience. In summer, the whole Ha Giang will turn green by the newly grown rice paddies. In autumn, Ha Giang province will be full of triangular circuit flowers and yellow rice fields. Especially, there will be snowy in Ha Giang in winter. Obviously, Ha Giang is so interesting and different in seasons. Don't miss exploring Hagiang Loop, one of the most exciting experiences for adventure lovers.

Ha Giang is also famous for many significant locations to visit such as Dong Van Antique Town where there are only forty households, Hoang Su Phi - where there are so many considerate and nice terraced fields, Quan Ba Twin-mountains, the Mansion of Vuong Family,... 

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In addition to so many beautiful places in Ha Giang, this province is well known for a lot of special traditional food and dishes. Most of these dishes are cooked from natural and healthy ingredients. You will be fascinated by several names of specialties such as mint honey, bamboo rice, five-color sticky rice, Thang Den, Thang Co, Sour Pho,... which are mainly served in festivals or special occasions. More specially, Ha Giang province is super famous for tea leaves which are grown considerately in the mountains. People said that the tea leaves of Ha Giang are more special and delicious than other places because all the essences of mountains and forests focus on the tea trees. Therefore, whenever people visit Ha Giang, they buy some dried tea to bring back to the cities as a special gift. 

One more thing, Ha Giang people are really nice, warm and kind. They always offer smiles and hospitalities to the tourists and treat travelers as for families. That is a very great impression to tourists especially foreigners when they visit Ha Giang province. In the time when Tet is coming like this, Ha Giang province is in its most beautiful time of the year. If you are planning to visit Ha Giang province, please come and visit it in spring when Tet and many other festivals are about to take place.

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3. Sapa - Vietnam's ethnic signature

When traveling to Vietnam, it is also such a big pity for missing Sapa in high mountains in a temperate zone where there are four clear seasons in a year. If in the past, Sapa is a small town with a few households living by agriculture, now Sapa is a famous small city of tourism and cultures. Now in every season, thousands of people come to Sapa for vacations due to many special elements of this land. Firstly, Sapa is a small world with different weather and climate, and there will be many special kinds of fauna and flora due to this diversity. Moreover, there are so many different kinds of beautiful flowers according to four seasons. Visiting Sapa, you will observe some typical flowers such as plum flowers, Pensers flowers,...covering the whole areas of Sapa. Thanks to the natural geographic gifts, Sapa is so famous for the magnificent landscapes which become the great inspirations of photographers, painters, and other artists. 

10+ amazing things in Sapa - have you tried them all?

Sapa will introduce to you Muong Hoa valley, Ham Rong mountains, Hoang Lien Son mountains, and many other well-known places. Besides, the tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners are attracted by the local food and dishes of Sapa. The special flavors of the food come from the natural and fresh ingredients of Sapa and the secret traditional recipes. Most of the special dishes are cooked from buffalo meat, beef, pork, forest chickens, bamboo,...which will deliver a strange and delicious feeling to tourists. In addition, Sapa is wealthy in cultures and traditions. 

One of the most interesting and significant festivals is the “Love Market” where young men and women come for a date and become married couples. Recently, Sapa grabs the attention of many investors to pour money into it. Now, people build a lot of homestays and cafes with well-designed concepts to meet the demands of tourism. The investment in accommodations and entertainment turn Sapa into a new hottest check-in place in the northern area. Some of the typical recommendations for homestay are Ruahouse Mountain Hamlet, Elco Palm House, Phori’s House,...Even Sapa is an attractive tourism location, the cost you have to spend on a trip to Sapa is not so expensive and sometimes quite cheap if you want to travel and experience. In the time when Tet is coming, Sapa becomes beautiful and magnificent more than any period time of year. If you have an opportunity, visit Sapa during this holiday season, you will be fascinated and have an amazing experience. So come to Sapa, and enjoy typical Vietnam's Tet holiday of ethnic minorities.

Like Halong Bay, there are a lot of Sapa scams that you should be aware and take care.

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4. Moc Chau - "little Paris in Vietnam"

Welcome to Moc Chau - the land of spring. In other seasons, Moc Chau is rustic and peaceful, but when spring comes, Moc Chau changes into a completely different land with colorful flowers and beautiful landscapes. Tourists will be impressed by the beauties of peach blossom, plum flowers, cabbage flowers and many other kinds of flowers bloom and cover a whole area of Moc Chau valley. 

Come to Moc Chau, you will feel like you are attending a flower festival, and they really love to check-in with amazing photos and post them on the social networks. The beauties of Moc Chau is promoted through those photos and check-in. People also prefer the comfortable weather in Moc Chau, where it is warm and cool in spring. The sweet scents of flowers, the warm sunlight and the cool breeze from the valley will surely make you relax and refresh.

Just like many other places in Northern areas, Moc Chau people are warm, simple and kind, they usually offer their hospitality to tourists and travelers. Even Moc Chau is not so famous for the traditional and special food, but the local dishes here will not make you disappoint. If you love nature and want to stay close to the natural beauties, then visiting Moc Chau - the land of spring flowers will a perfect choice for you. In this period of time when Tet is coming, Moc Chau is like a young girl in her most beautiful period of life. Visit Moc Chau and you will fall in love with this land.


5. Ninh Binh - The verdant spot of Top 10 must-see attractions in Vietnam

Ninh Binh was described as the magnificent heaven of the ancient Vietnamese people in the past with a lot of attractive locations such as Hoa Lu Capital, Am Tien cave, Dragon cave,...which will take you to a journey of histories and cultures of nature. You have to travel for about one hundred kilometers from Hanoi to Ninh Binh. The distance is not so far, but the tourists especially foreigners really love to visit Ninh Binh by the historical colors and landscapes of this place. 

People in Ninh Binh are so grateful for the location named Trang An where every visitors want to come. Trang An is the signature place when people mention Ninh Binh, and it was considered as the gift from God for An Nam people in the past. The natural landscapes in Trang An will make you fascinate, the ancient architectures will make you impress and Ninh Binh also introduce to you so many interesting festivals in springtime such as the temple rituals to remember the ancient kings of Vietnam Truong Yen festivals, Trang Anh festivals,... Everything takes place in Ninh Binh turns this place into a busy, crowded and happy land of festivals. People who come to visit Ninh Binh will have a chance to be a part of this magnificent place.

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6. Da Nang, the most livable city in Vietnam 

Known as the most worthy place to live, Da Nang becomes one of the most typical cities in Vietnam. Unlike other cities, Da Nang is not antique and solemn at all. Da Nang developed in the direction of a modern and high-standard city of tourism and culture. Visiting Da Nang, you will witness the development in not only tourism, finance but also the culture and social attitudes. Some people even compare Da Nang of Vietnam to some foreign cities of the US, UK. About tourism, Da Nang is famous for the beautiful and clean beaches where tourists can swim and enjoy the sunlight safely. 

Besides, Da Nang is very plentiful in terrains because Dang Nang not only has beaches, plains but also mountains. One of the most famous places for tourism-related to mountains is Ba Na Hill. This is a must-visit place in Da Nang where you will experience everything from high-standard tourism in the highest place in Da Nang. 

Besides natural landscapes and locations, Da Nang also has much interesting local play to visit and check-in. People in Da Nang are super friendly and modern, and they are willing to support the tourists especially foreigners. Don't miss Danang Golden Bridge, the new check-in hit in Vietnam since 2018.

In general, we can consider Da Nang as a city of modern development, high-living standard and kind people not only for tourism but also for living. Like many other places in Vietnam, Da Nang is also a city of special food and local dishes which you can only try and experience by yourself. If you are curious about a modern and worthy-to-live city in Vietnam, visit Da Nang now especially when Tet is coming and it is promised to be a lot of fun.


7. Hoi An, Vietnam hidden gem, a look back to the old days for Vietnam's peaceful retreat

Close to Da Nang, Hoi An is also a famous tourism city not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Hoi An is well-known for the antique towns and architectures which has become the tourism icon for Vietnam. The antique houses decorated by red lanterns, the Bridge Pagoda and the old-style streets will take you to a beautiful city in paintings. 

Come to Hoi An, you can walk around the streets, take a boat ride on the river or ride a bike to observe the antique beauties of this place. Since Hoi An tourism developed so fast, the accommodation service has developed a lot as well. There are many hotels, motels, and homestays appearing in Hoi An with different ranges of prices for people to choose. 

Besides, Hoi An is popular for amazing local food such as Cao Lau, Hoi An bread and many other special dishes… which will make you remember forever. Once again, the beauties of Hoi An cannot be described by words, and you must visit Hoi An in reality to witness all the beauties.

The things tourists love the most about Hoi An is the peaceful feeling of the spaces, the beauties and the cultures that will drive all the stresses of city life away. Hoi An is already too famous and familiar, but if you have not visited this place yet. Then do not hesitate to have a trip to Hoi An. This place will be your best memories.

Hoi An: Ancient Town Walking Tour

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8. Phu Quoc, Vietnam's sparkling gem

Known as the precious jewel of the sea in Vietnam travel map, Phu Quoc is a beautiful island in the area of Kien Giang province and the border of Thailand Bay. Thank the geographic location, Phu Quoc was given all the advantages and natural resources to be considered as one of the most beautiful islands. People in Phu Quoc live simple and rustic life, so they are very friendly and kind which will inspire the tourists with relaxed and easy ways to live and release stresses. There is no doubt about the beautiful beaches and landscapes of Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc is also wealthy in seafood and specialties where people can not only taste the fresh seafood and delicious local dishes but also can buy something as gifts for friends and families. About accommodation, Phu Quoc offers different choices for tourists to choose between living simply with hotel and homestay services and luxurious resort standards. Moreover, Phu Quoc is well developed in modern entertainment for tourists to enjoy. Tet is coming, it will be a perfect vacation for you to relax during Tet holiday on the beautiful paradise Phu Quoc.

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9. Ho Chi Minh City, the most dynamic cosmopolitan city in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is a super modern and busy city in the southern area of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is already too popular in the world when thinking about Vietnam, where even a lot of foreigners come to work and live here. Ho Chi Minh City is not too outstanding in tourism, but Ho Chi Minh is the city of development, technology, opportunities, and entertainment. Therefore, tourists always prioritize Ho Chi Minh City as the first place to visit because Ho Chi Minh City gathers nearly everything of cultures, people and values of different cities in Vietnam.

This diversity makes Ho Chi Minh City into an attractive location. Come to Ho Chi Minh City, you can stay in the most comfortable accommodations from hotels to resorts, you can have a meal in the luxurious restaurants but also can sit down on the streets to taste some local food. You can hang out with your friends in Bui Vien beer street and also can enjoy the nightlife in the fanciest bars in the city. You can study a lot of things and have opportunities to develop your career in Ho Chi Minh City. In brief, a lot of people said that Ho Chi Minh City has everything. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most popular but also familiar places to visit. Even Ho Chi Minh City is crowded and busy for the whole year, but when Tet comes, the city will be quiet and sad because people in Ho Chi Minh City travel back to their hometowns to celebrate Tet with families; some other people go on vacation. 


10. Mekong Floating Market - Southern Vietnam's signature

The last name of the Vietnam travel bucket list will be Mekong Floating Market. The first purpose of the Mekong Floating Market is to exchange food, veggies, and goods. Gradually, Mekong Floating Market becomes a culture of Vietnamese people in these areas, and the chains of floating markets include Cai Rang, Cai Be, Nam Can,... Mekong Floating Market has also become a tour place on the water for people to visit. 

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Coming to Mekong Floating Market, people will have a chance to enjoy the special local food which is cooked and served on boats. Also, tourists can buy fresh and clean veggies and fruits from local people’s home gardens. The visitors have to agree that the fruits of the Mekong Floating Market are delicious and good in flavors and quality. The Mekong Floating Market is not special and fancy in anything, only a simple and rustic life of people selling products on boats, and they called it “The Mekong Floating Market”.

 If you want to know what is so interesting in Mekong Floating Market, then you should visit Mekong Floating Market. Tet is coming, so Mekong Floating Market is crowded and busy more than ever. Go to Mekong Floating Market and see how fun it gonna be to go shopping at the floating market before Tet.

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In 2020, there are so many great and interesting destinations in Vietnam waiting for you to explore and experience. With these 10 must-see destination list in Vietnam, you can have different journeys with different experiences in the country of beauties and cultures - Vietnam. We hope that you will have the chance to enjoy the happy atmosphere of Vietnam in this holiday season. For more information, visit VieGo.