Sapa is the legendary land of Vietnamese tourism. As it is located far away from Hanoi, in the Northwest mountainous area of Vietnam, so what to the best time to visit Sapa and how to get to Sapa from Hanoi are always confused. 

Sapa used to be a small town named Sapa in 1905. Situated on the Western side of Lao Cai in such a high location, Sapa is a temperate zone where there are four clear seasons in a year. This is one of the most attractive elements for the tourists to come to enjoy the seasonal landscapes and other kinds of stuff. Each season will deliver different beauties and messages of nature to local people as well as foreigners. In the past, there are only a few people living in Sapa, and this land is rural and quiet. Nowadays, Sapa is not so crowded with the citizens, and most of them are people of ethnic minorities. There are about six ethnic minority communities in Sapa including H’mong, Tay, Hoa, Day, Kinh, Xa Pho, Dao… Each community holds different civilizations from cultures, people, tradition and also lifestyles.

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Regardless, due to the cultures and traditions, Sapa is super happy and fun with so many festivals and special occasions for tourists especially foreigners to get to know Vietnamese civilizations. Therefore, Sapa is very wealthy in traditions as well as cultures, and this is another interesting thing about Sapa. Moreover, Sapa is given a lot of beautiful and magnificent landscapes and natural beauties by the mother of nature, so many travelers would like to ride to Sapa to witness these beauties by their own eyes. Sapa trekking is also a favorite experience for adventurous travelers to visit and explore, and Sapa is also a great inspiration for many other fields of art such as music, painting, photography, poem, movies, and tourism. That is the reason why Sapa is the special icon of Vietnamese tourism especially the northern areas of Vietnam. With many years in history, Sapa now becomes a very peaceful and antique land where a lot of people come to visit each year, but Sapa still keeps the mysterious and quiet look of a beautiful town.  In 2020, we can see a new Sapa with all the valuable things of the past and new amazing things of the present as well as the bright good things from the future. That is the reason why we have the list of some necessary information for a traveler to know before planning to visit Sapa. 2020 is coming, and there are so many new and exciting adventures waiting for you to experience and explore in Sapa. Read through the list and information and grab your pieces of luggage. Let’s visit Sapa now.


1. Why you should visit Sapa?| Amazing Sapa for nature & adventure lovers

Sapa is well known for its natural and various weather. Due to the geographic location, Sapa has four seasons in a year, and even in a day including spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season will have different specific features, but all of them give the visitors as well as the local people a comfortable and easy feeling. 

Ideal weather for Sapa short retreat

In spring, you can feel warm and fresh of the spring breeze. In summer, you will feel a little bit hot in the daytime but cool at night. In the fall, the rain will cool down your soul as well as your tiredness. In winter, the cold will make people stick closer to each other. Sapa is worthy for people to spend about one or two weeks to explore and understand the natural weather of this land. 

Stunning natural beauty

Sapa is the perfect creation of the natural mother, and she gave this land so many beauties from the mountains to the forests, the rivers, the waterfalls, and the fields as well as the roads. All of these natural beauties united to become a magnificent land of beautiful and grand landscapes. How can you not come to such a beautiful place like Sapa? However, the nature of Sapa is very challenging for people who wish to travel and explore nature such as climbing Hoang Lien Son mountains or riding on the mountain passes. Therefore, the more difficult and challenging Sapa is, the more interesting this land is to the tourists especially the ones who love dangerous adventures. 

Sapa hospitable locals

Visitors not only fall in love with the land but also fall for Sapa ‘s people who are very warm, kind and friendly. People in Sapa live mainly by agriculture and exchanging markets, so their lives are simple and peaceful, but they are always willing to help the travelers and tourists with their great hospitality. 

Amazing Sapa local cuisine 

Sapa is a wealthy land of traditional food and special dishes which will make the tourists ‘ stomach turn. You can enjoy the food in the small stores along the roads, in the markets or even in the residents’ homes. In Sapa, people believe that food is the key to hold everybody closer to each other. Therefore, sharing food means sharing love and happiness as well.

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Moreover, Sapa is a great storage of cultures which are hidden in their food, clothes, products as well as their architectures. In brief, there are so many special and exciting things waiting for you to explore in Sapa. That will be a perfect answer for the question “Why should you visit Sapa?” or "Is Sapa worth visiting?".


2. Which is the best time to visit Sapa?

Sapa locates in very high mountain regions in the northern areas of Vietnam, so it possesses clear and typical seasons of a year unlike any other areas of Vietnam where there are only two seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter will take place at a different time of the year with specific and various features. Each season, you will have opportunities to witness and experience the landscapes of mountains and forests in Sapa as well as festival activities and traditional food. Which is the best time to visit Sapa? 

Spring In Sapa (From February to May)

Spring in Sapa takes place in February, and it lasts until May. Springtime seems to be the most beautiful period of Sapa when the whole mountains, forests, fields, and even the city turn lively and colorful more than ever. Therefore, this is the season which is the most favorite one of tourists including Vietnamese and foreigners because they will be in Sapa to witness the natural beauty. Sapa is a little bit cold by the chilling breezes from the faraway mountains and warm by the sunlight. 

Springtime will be very suitable for camping, climbing or outdoor activities on the green hills of Sapa. In spring, Sapa is cover by thousands of flowers in every corner from high mountains to forests and low hills such as peach blossoms, plum flowers, Penseer flowers, and many other wildflowers. Everything creates a magnificent painting of flora and fauna. Besides the natural beauties, Sapa in springtime is very crowded and busy with a lot of interesting festivals and traditional activities where you can take part in many interesting activities with local people as well as taste the special dishes. It is promised to be a very amazing experience you ever had. In spring, it is recommended for you to visit Sapa in spring from February to April when Sapa is in the most advantageous time of the season. You will not need to worry about rains, slipping or wet roads or heavy wind during your journey.


Summer In Sapa (From June to August)

In Sapa, the summer season takes place from June to August. It is super hot and uncomfortable in other places or regions in Vietnam, but it is cool and comfortable in Sapa. Thanks to the geographic location, Sapa summer is not so hot but quite cool by the breezes from mountains and forests and some light summer rains. It will make you relax a lot. Therefore, many tourists come to Sapa just to avoid the hot summer.

Summer nature in Sapa changes as well. There are not so many flowers anymore, but all the grasses and trees turn greener especially the rice paddies. Standing on the hills, you will feel the sweet scents of rice and wildflowers in the wind blowing through the branches of trees. The green and vivid rice paddies are the icon of Sapa in summer. If you wish to visit Sapa, then summer is the best time because you will not worry about the hot but the weather is not so cold as well.


Fall In Sapa (From September to November)

From September to November, Sapa steps into fall when the rice paddies are ready for harvesting. About the weather, Sapa at this time is quite cold, chilling and sometimes wet by the sudden rains. Besides, Sapa in this period of time is cover in a light white fog. In fall, Sapa turn yellow by the ready-to-harvest rice paddies and the trees, so it is a very nice and impressive scene that the tourists love to observe.

In the middle of fall, Sapa people start to harvest the rice as well as the other crops, and after that, they usually celebrate the harvest seasons with their friends, families and even the visitors. Therefore, if you want to have a peaceful and happy vacation with a close and friendly atmosphere, you should visit Sapa in the fall from September to October because in November the weather will be very cold.

Winter In Sapa (December to January)

In the winter, Sapa is cold, but you will have the opportunity to see snow which is the rarest thing in a tropical country like Vietnam. Just imagine, Sapa is covered in snow just like in a fairytale. Everything and everywhere is all white, and it becomes a magnificent landscape to tourists especially Vietnamese people who never see snow before. Besides the magnificent beauties, there are not so many tourist activities in Sapa due to the severe weather conditions. Because of that, the prices for services in Sapa rise a lot. Therefore, it is not recommended for you to visit Sapa in winter. However, if you still wish to see snow in this magnificent place, you should visit Sapa from December to early January. 

So spring and summer are the best time to visit Sapa due to the advantageous and comfortable weather conditions. You should consider your journey purposes and interests to choose the most suitable season for you.



3. What to explore in Sapa?

There are so many interesting places to visit in Sapa, but we are going to list down some specific places in Sapa as recommendations for you to choose from. If you are looking for a climbing and exploring journey, then you should visit the Fansipan mountains and Ham Rong mountains or the magnificent caves of Coc San.

Besides, if you love cultures and traditions of ethnic minorities, then you should visit Cat Cat village and Ta Phin village where you will play a role as a villager to see how they live, work and treasure the cultures or try their traditional costumes. Moreover, if you come to Sapa for check-in and photography, these are suitable options for you such as Sapa Ancient Church, Sky Gate,... where there are many beautiful and amazing scenes and landscapes to take photos. These names are only a few typical places in Sapa, and there are many other interesting locations waiting for you to explore yourself. You can ask for some suggestions from the local people, and they will introduce you or even lead the ways to some amazing local locations. 

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4. How to get to Sapa from Hanoi?

We already have a plan with where to live, where to eat, where to go and check-in, but first it is necessary to talk about how to travel to Sapa from Hanoi. The typical road plan is from landing in Hanoi and then traveling to Sapa. The distance between Hanoi and Sapa is not so far so there are three methods to travel to Sapa from Hanoi. 

Travel by train

The trains will run on a specific and clear path so traveling by train is very safe with comfortable experience. The price ranges are various and easy-to-choose: from 140,000 VND for a normal seat on a weekday, 150,000 VND for a normal seat on weekend, from 450,000 to 500,000 VND for normal bed, from 650,000 to 700,000 VND for a soft bed. However, traveling to Sapa by train will be quite slow, and it takes people seven to eight hours to travel to Sapa. If you want to go to Sapa by train, you should book the tickets in advance, and you will have to pay 50,000 VND for the bus fee from Sapa station to the hotels. 

Train Ticket Hanoi to/from Sapa (Lao Cai Station)

Travel by sleeper bus

It only takes 8 hours to reach Sapa by bus, and the average price is 250,000 VND. Traveling by bus is faster and cheaper than trains. 

Express Sleeper Bus Hanoi To/From Sapa

Travel by motorbike

The road from Hanoi to Sapa is not so difficult and challenging, so a lot of people choose to travel by motorbike. However, the journey is not so easy, so if you wish to travel by bike, then you must be sure and confident in your riding abilities. This transport option is interesting because you can observe and enjoy the landscapes along the road. If you love traveling and challenging, bikes are the best choice for you.

In brief, we offer three transport options for you to choose, make sure that you select the most suitable for you.



5. Some tips when traveling to Sapa

We will share the best journey plan that we collected and concluded from the tips. 

- The best time to travel to Sapa: from March to May or September to November when there are so many festivals and traditional activities and also the best weather for traveling and exploring Sapa. 

- Accommodation, professional travelers recommend tourists to look for suitable hotels or homestays on traveling agencies and book accommodation seven to ten days in advance to make sure you will have a good place to stay. Check out top 10+ Best Homestays & Hotels w. Mountain Views.

- Transport - it is the best choice to choose traveling to Sapa by bus due to its advantages. The ticket price is cheap, and the bus will pick you up as well as take you to the exact locations. 

- Traveling plan, you should make a clear plan with locations for visiting and places to eat in detail in accordance with your interests. 

- Do not forget to prepare clothes which are suitable for your trips as well as the weather. If you are more careful, you should bring some necessary medicines along with you just in case. 

- Read through our information carefully to prepare everything for your journey. 

So we offer you a lot of information about Sapa so that you will understand how beautiful Sapa is, how plentiful in cultures and traditions, how delicious the local food and dishes are, how nice and kind Sapa’s people are,... to know the answer why should you visit Sapa? Sapa is not only a magnificent land to visit but also a place to spend your vacation and experience. The beautiful landscapes will inspire you and open your eyes.

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The people in Sapa will make your mind warmer and happier. The cultures and traditions will make your pieces of knowledge richer and more plentiful. The dishes and special food will fascinate your sense by the incredible tastes and flavors. You can also witness the peaceful life in Sapa. An adventure to the land of Sapa will not only an amazing experience but also a chance to learn and develop your mind. We also provide you with a lot of information about the advantages and disadvantages of each season in Sapa, so that people will know which seasons are best for you to visit Sapa. Each person will have different interests and demands to choose a suitable season to experience the weather, landscapes, food and even places. Once you know this important information, you can start to choose your transport options from by trains, by buses or by bikes depending on your finance and abilities.

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Moreover, traveling to Sapa is not only a normal trip but you also should prepare everything including bits of knowledge, plans, spirits as well as health and finance to have a perfect journey. Good and careful preparation will maximize your experience in Sapa. Through this information, we hope that we can help you with all the necessary things to be ready for Sapa adventure. Once again, if you plan to travel to Sapa, gather all the necessary information for a considerate plan and go. A new and magnificent land named Sapa is waiting for you.

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