Recently, Mai Chau has become a new appealing destination on Moc Chau Highland for tourists including Vietnamese as well as foreigners especially trekkers due to the dreamy and magnificent beauties of Mai Chau with Mai Chau 2 day tour. With the diversity in natural features, beauties as well as cultures and traditions, Mai Chau is promised to be an unforgettable place for tourists to explore and spend their vacations. Therefore, today, we are going to introduce to you the best time to visit Mai Chau as well as how to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi as well as some necessary tips for your best experience in Mai Chau.

1. Why should you visit Mai Chau?

Mai Chau located in the West side of Hanoi on Moc Chau Highland next to Son La and Thanh Hoa. Due to the highland location, Mai Chau Vietnam possesses a lot of elements to attract tourists from all over Vietnam as well as foreigners to come for a visit and explore. Therefore, we are going to tell you some information that will surely impress you and make you want to visit Mai Chau Vietnam immediately. About nature, just like many other places and provinces in the western area of Hanoi, Mai Chau Vietnam is famous for the diversity as well as beauties of nature.

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The natural beauties of Mai Chau are expressed by the green and great forests, the colourful and magnificent flowers, the high mountains, the lively waterfall and many other various terrains. All of the natural beauties will be very suitable for amazing sightseeing. Moreover, the travelling routes around Mai Chau seem to be very beautiful and challenging for people who are looking for an interesting trekking journey. Or if you just want to enjoy the peaceful and comfortable feeling of nature, then you will be impressed by Mai Chau tourism completely.

Mai Chau is a rustic countryside place, so there are a lot of interesting and amazing cultures as well as traditions which are still preserved and maintained until now. Moreover, each year, people in Mai Chau Vietnam will celebrate many interesting festivals as well as experience the traditional activities and lifestyle. In addition, residents of Mai Chau are warm, kind and very friendly, and they always treat the tourists as their family members. A lot of foreigners said that they are so thankful for the local people’s help when they have a vacation in Mai Chau. One of the most attractive things in Mai Chau tourism is the special dishes and local food of Mai Chau. The ancestors of Mai Chau people considered cooking as a tradition, so they also invented a lot of special dishes and local food which will make your stomach turns. With the magnificent beauties of nature and terrain, the interesting cultures, traditions and civilizations, the warm and kind local people, the appealing special dishes and local food, you already have enough reasons to grab your luggage and plan the best time for a journey to the beautiful Mai Chau immediately.



2. What is the best time to visit Mai Chau?

Due to the location, Mai Chau Vietnam has a variety in nature as well as weather, and they change completely in different seasons. Each season, Mai Chau will have different appearances and attractions which impress all of your senses. In spring, Mai Chau is a little bit cold but also warm with the sunlight, and the flowers bloom in every single corner to create such a beautiful scene. In summer, Mai Chau turns into a green land where all flora grows and develops faster than ever, and the weather of Mai Chau is quite warm and even hot in some specific time of day. Summer can be considered as the best time to visit Mai Chau due to the great weather condition and also the natural beauties, even the nature of Mai Chau in summer is not beautiful like in spring. In fall, Mai Chau steps into the harvest seasons when a lot of rice paddies turn into a golden field so that you will be fascinated by the magnificent beauties. In winter, Mai Chau will become white land with cold weather. Each season will be suitable for each person with different demands as well as conditions so that there are also different best times to visit Mai Chau Vietnam. Therefore, we are going to list down some specific period time for you to visit Mai Chau as below:

Mai Chau From October to December

This is the wintertime of Mai Chau tourism, so the weather is mostly cool and sometimes cold, but the weather is very comfortable in general. It rarely rains so that you will not need to worry about the wet and dangerous roads or interruption during the tour around Mai Chau Vietnam. In this season, tourists including local people as well as foreigners will be fascinated by the magnificent beauties of the peach blossoms, the plum flowers, or the white cafe flowers…Tourists will have the chance to witness the nature of Mai Chau start to turn from winter to spring. During this time, Mai Chau is not only beautiful and magnificent but also busy and happy with a lot of traditional festivals and cultural activities. Therefore, from October to December is the best time to visit Mai Chau for most people.

From March to April

In this time, Mai Chau is in its summertime when Mai Chau turns into a green land with forests, hills and fields and the magnificent beauties of different flowers such as the Ban flowers. Moreover, this is also the time when there are a lot of cultural and traditional festivals for people to experience. This seems to be the best time to visit Mai Chau as well as the most interesting time for Mai Chau tourism. Therefore, if you are looking for a happy time for your vacation and experience then from March to April is the best time to visit Mai Chau. However, these are just some of our suggestions due to the conditions of Mai Chau, but you can choose the best time to visit Mai Chau based on your demands, plans as well as conditions.

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3. How to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi?

Like other places and provinces, there are several ways to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau such as riding bikes, taking buses, and each method will have advantages and disadvantages as well, so you can choose the most suitable way to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi based on your conditions, plans and demands like trekking or tour.

By bike

If you choose to travel to Mai Chau by bikes, you can start your journey on Hanoi - Luong Son - Mai Chau roads. It is very suitable as well as familiar roads for tourists especially trekkers. When you choose to travel by bike, the cost of gas will be from 70,000 to 100,000 VND. The time of travelling will depend on the road as well as weather conditions, but you have to make sure that you must prepare carefully for a trekking trip to Mai Chau.


By bus

When you choose travelling by bus, you can buy tickets and catch buses at My Dinh station or Yen Nghia station where there are many buses departing to Mai Chau every day. The buses will take customers to the final destination at Tong Dau crossroad which is very close to Lac village of Mai Chau. The price of the bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau from 90,000 to 110,000 VND, which is very reasonable and much safer for tourists. The average time will be about two hours to reach Mai Chau.

In general, the road from Hanoi to Mai Chau is much better than it used to be with a lot of dangerous and complicated roads through Ha Giang province and Yen Bai. The road was invested and improved a lot so that bikes and cars or buses can travel comfortably. However, the road is not perfectly safe so that it is strongly recommended you not go trekking if you are not skilful and professional enough. Please take buses if you are not ready for riding a bike on risky and quite dangerous roads.

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4. What to explore in Mai Chau?

Come to Mai Chau Vietnam, there will be a lot of different interesting locations for you to experience and check-in. Therefore, we are going to list down some favourite places with a lot of interesting experiences in Mai Chau tourism. Now, let’s start.

Thung Khe Mountain Pass

This is a very favourable location of trekkers where you can challenge yourself as well as experience the natural terrain of Mai Chau Vietnam. Not only witness the natural beauties of Mai Chau but also you can taste some delicious local food around Thung Khe Mountain Pass such as bamboo rice, boiled sugarcane, grilled meat… Thung Khe Mountain Pass is also a very excellent place for photographs and check-in. You should visit this place at once.


Lac Village

This village is very familiar to local people as well as the loyal tourists of Mai Chau tourism. Lac Village is already 700 years old with the thick cultures and civilizations, and this place is also the home of mostly the Black Thai people. The villagers of Lac live mainly on farming and crafting especially weaving, so you can buy a lot of brocade products when you visit Lac Village. This place is also great storages of traditions and cultures so that you can learn a lot about Mai Chau tourism. Lac Village is a home of every special and precious thing of Mai Chau tourism where you can study, experience and enjoy a vacation in Mai Chau Vietnam at the same time.


Pom Coong Village

Just like Lac Village, Pom Coong Village is a very good option when you choose to visit a local village. The villagers are very friendly and kind, and they usually offer tourists their hospitality when tourists come to visit and learn about Pom Coong Village. The village is truly a fresh, peaceful and countryside village of Mai Chau Vietnam where you can rest and take a vacation to release all the stresses.


Mo Luong Cave

Known as the most famous and favourite cave of tourists including Vietnamese as well as foreigners especially explorers. Mo Luong Cave includes 4 different main caves with a lot of beautiful stalactites for tourists to witness the beauties the mother nature gives Mai Chau tourism as well as Mo Luong Cave. Mo Luong Cave is also decorated with magnificent to not only clear the path through the cave but also make the cave more beautiful with lights. We can tell you that Mo Luong Cave is such a perfect place for exploring and challenging. 

Pa Co Market

If you are looking for a “mall” in Mai Chau Vietnam to go shopping and hang out, then Pa Co Market is what you are finding. Pa Co Market is only held on the weekend where local people exchange the cultures and traditions through many activities to promote the values of Mai Chau civilization and also give you opportunities to buy all the products made by the local people with very high quality. Moreover, the prices are very friendly and reasonable, and you can also bargain with the sellers because they are very friendly and kind.


5. Some tips about accommodation in Mai Chau

About accommodations, Mai Chau Vietnam is still a rustic and simple place where the local people have a very simple life so there are not many developments in accommodations and hotel services. Therefore, tourists mainly choose to stay in residents’ houses and homestays with a very friendly price (From 50,000 VND per night). Besides, the tourists can have meals along with accommodations with the price from 80,000 to 100,000 VND per night.

Tourists can find those homestays or accommodations in Lac Village, Pom Coong Village, and many other small villages. The hospitality of local people will warm your heart as well as make you fall in love with Mai Chau, even the conditions of the residents’ houses are not so good and convenient. A tip for booking accommodation in Mai Chau tourism, you should come to Mai Chau and then book the room directly at the homestays because the price will be lower than you book in advance.


6. Special food and local dishes you must try in Mai Chau

What should you eat in Mai Chau Vietnam? is the common question of tourists when they visit this rustic land. It is sure that Mai Chau also has a lot of special food and local dishes by the excellent cooking talent of local people. Therefore, we are going to recommend the names of some special food and local dishes that you must try in Mai Chau Vietnam. 

Bamboo Rice in Mai Chau

This dish is not only famous in Mai Chau but also in many other mountain provinces in Vietnam, which is cook from fresh rice and clean bamboos. The rice is mix with some necessary ingredients and then put into the bamboos, and they are grilled on fire. The bamboo rice is very soft, sticky and delicious with the great scent of bamboos.

Grilled sticky rice

This is a very familiar dish for farmers to bring along when they travel into the forests. The rice is harvested and cooked with a special recipe to deliver the delicious taste to eaters. It is not only tasty but also full of energy for farmers to have enough energy for a long working day.

Muong Pork in Mai Chau

The pigs are raised in the garden of local people and they have to find food themselves, so the meat of these pigs is very firm and delicious. Therefore, Muong Pork becomes a special and famous dish of Mai Chau tourism.

Forest Bee Stir-fried with Bamboo Shoot

This dish is very special and nutritious, and it becomes a very favourite dish of Mai Chau tourism. Because the forest bees are only caught in summer, so it is not easy to have the chance to eat this dish in Mai Chau. The nutrition of bees and bamboo shoots will provide you with a lot of energy. Besides these dishes, Mai Chau Vietnam also has a lot of other food and local dishes that you will have a chance to try when you visit Mai Chau and stay in local people’s home.

Mai Chau is a very beautiful land with a lot of interesting things to experience and explore. Therefore, with the information we provided, you will know what is the best time to visit Mai Chau Vietnam as well as how to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi. Moreover, we also gave you some tips about travelling, transportations, accommodations and what to do in Mai Chau. We hope that you will have an amazing trip to Mai Chau with the best time and plan for yourself.

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