As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay becomes a giant in the tourism field for the natural and magnificent beauties of the huge stone mountains, beautiful caves, and the whole bay.  Like many cities and provinces in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is rich and famous for its traditional and special dishes which not only attract the visitors but also make them come back for more. Do not hesitate anymore and pick up your luggage to start your journey to Halong Bay. Do not forget to read all the information as well as tips we are going to tell you so that you will have a well-prepare plan for your vacation in Ha Long Bay. 


I. What is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay Vietnam?

Located in the northern areas of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is also affected by the variety of weathers. With four clear seasons, there will be also different suitable times for tourists including Vietnamese visitors as well as foreigners to visit Ha Long Bay, so what is the best time to visit Ha Long Bay Vietnam. There will be many standards to choose the best time for a Halong vacation due to your demands and interests, so we are going to give you some suggestions. What is the best time for Halong Bay cruising?

1. July to August (Festival time)

This is the summer vacation time in Halong Bay when the weather of the whole northern areas is hotter than ever and humid. Therefore, people pour into Halong Bay to avoid the severe hot of summer, so Ha Long Bay is very crowded and busy in this season. From July to August, tourists will have opportunities to experience a lot of exciting activities in Halong Bay such as exploring the limestone caves on Bo Hon mountain or watching the amazing landscapes of the bay on aircraft, and many other activities. Besides, you can enjoy swimming or sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of Halong Bay in the hot weather. Some adventurous tourists can take kayak boats to explore the limestone mountains on the sea or many other adventurous games such as diving to explore the corals and seafloor.

Look like, people really know how to take advantage of Halong Bay to attract the tourists and maximize the tourism values of this place. Moreover, Ha Long Bay is recommended as a location for family vacations. However, the price ranges of services and accommodations in this period of time are higher than other time in years due to a vast army of tourists. However, 

2. November to December (Low traffic time)

In this season time, Ha Long Bay, as well as the whole of the country is quite cool and comfortable, so there are not so many visitors. Therefore, Ha Long Bay is peaceful and quiet more than ever. There are still a lot of tour activities, but Ha Long Bay is not busy and crowded as in other seasons, so this is the best time for people who love to have a relax and quiet vacations. This season seems not to be the right time for Vietnamese people to visit, but this is the most suitable time for foreigners to explore Halong Bay instead. Thank the lower numbers of tourists, the price ranges for all services in Ha Long Bay is not high like in the peak time, so if you want to travel to Halong Bay with friendly prices than this is your perfect time.

3. December to January (Winter)

In this period of time, Ha Long Bay turns into winter when the temperature is lower, and the weather is colder and drier than normal, but it is still comfortable enough for tourists to travel and sightsee on ships in Halong Bay. In wintertime, tourists will tend not to swim or take kayak boats due to the cold, but they tend to go sightseeing on cruisers and aircraft, so the cruise services develop very well with a lot of cruiser brands which offer tourists five-star services and experiences around Ha Long Bay areas. Or you can watch over the bay from high views by taking cable double-deckers; this tour activity is really famous recently. By this service, you will be able to see every single corner and beauty of Halong Bay from above without worrying about the weather or the conditions of the sea. Once again, because of the quite severe weather, then indoor activities are more popular in this season when people tend to choose cave exploring such as exploring the Thien Cung cave and Dau Go cave. Some visitors love to see Halong Bay in this season because it is not so crowded and busy, so they can enjoy the peace and romance of the magnificent bay as well as maximize the vacation experience. Therefore, if you love peaceful Ha Long Bay, then winter from December to January is the best time for you to make a vacation plan in Halong Bay.

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4. June to July (Hot time)

Unlike the tropical areas, Ha Long Bay is not favorite in summer when the weather is strongly sunny and hot. The quite severe hot of weather will turn the sea surface of Ha Long Bay into a giant mirror which seems to make the tourists feel uncomfortable. However, this is the most interesting and happy time of people and cultures in Halong Bay. The weather seems to be hot but very suitable for taking cruises or diving to explore the coral sea floors. Besides, tourists will love to swim and rest on the magnificent beaches as well as experience a close feeling with nature in Ha Long Bay. Therefore, Ha Long Bay again becomes crowded more than ever with so many tourists from different areas of Vietnam and foreigners as well. Thank the diversities in people as well as many cultural activities of local people, Halong Bay in this season seems to be the gathering and interacting time for people to share and exchange the cultures of different people in Ha Long. If you intend to visit Halong Bay at this time, so it is very interesting and promising for you, but be prepared that the service prices are a little bit higher than normal.

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II. How to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi?

There will be two periods for you to reach Halong Bay. The first road will start from Hanoi to Ha Long city, and then you gonna take another transport to travel into the Ha Long Bay. The roads to Ha Long Bay is not so complicated but also not so easy, so we are going to recommend some options and information for you to choose the most suitable plans for yourself.

The first period will start from Hanoi to Ha Long city with various types of transportations:

1. By bus

This is the most common way to travel to Ha Long city. You can buy tickets and catch the bus at some locations flexibly such as Luong Yen, My Dinh and Gia Loc stations. With a very affordable price from 100,000 to 130,000 VND/person, you will reach Bai Chay, Ha Long city after about four hours on the buses. This is a very money-saving method to travel to Halong Bay; however, this way is not so suitable for foreigners due to the differences in languages. If you are a foreigner, you should pick the tour buses instead of the local buses, so the services, as well as translators, will support you till you reach Ha Long city.

Or choose Halong Bay ultimate tours with Hanoi-Halong transfer:

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2. By motorbike

This is a very suitable method for adventurous travellers especially trekkers when they want to travel to Halong Bay. Travelling by bikes will also take you about four hours to reach Halong city, but the road will be quite tough and tired, so we suggest that trekkers should take breaks along the road to Ha Long city.

3. By train

Trains are the favourite transport options of many people when they intend to travel to Ha Long city because sitting on trains, you will be able to observe the magnificent landscapes and sea. However, travelling by trains will consume more time than any other transportations. It will take you about seven hours to reach Ha Long city, so it seems not to be suitable for people with a short vacation. In compensation, tourists will enjoy the high standard service on trains with meals, comfortable places to sleep and rest along the road.

Once you reach Ha Long city, there will be several options to choose to travel deeper into Ha Long Bay. From the Ha Long city, you can travel to the Tuan Chau islands where you can explore the whole sea areas and bay of Ha Long. You can take the cruisers which have a lot of high standard services as well as accommodations for a perfect cruise into Ha Long Bay. Or you can take water-aircrafts to observe and explore the bay from the height. The local people in Halong Bay will support you on which is the best options for your journey into the bay with a clear and suitable price.

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III. Some tips about visiting Halong Bay

Here are some tips that we collected to give you, and we hope that this information will be useful for you when traveling to Halong Bay. The sea levels in Halong Bay are very different and sometimes dangerous, so when you go swimming on Halong beaches, you should only swim in the crowded areas so that you will be safe and able to ask for help whenever you need it. Do not forget to exercise before swim and prepare some first-aid kits just in cases. Besides, you should pay attention to the swimming areas as well as the weather especially when it is noon to avoid getting sick. The trekkers also advise you to bring some necessary accessories such as sandals or slippers so that you can experience Halong beaches easily. Do not forget to protect your belongings carefully when you wander on the beaches during peak hours. Last but not least, you should book the accommodations and transportations in advance so that your vacations in Halong Bay will be smoother. If you are not sure about anything along the journey to Halong Bay, do not hesitate to ask the local people for help or advises.

VieGo already gives you some useful general information about Ha Long Bay as well as its interesting stories, and we hope to stimulate your interest in this beautiful location. Moreover, we also show you the suitable times and features so that you will know which is the best time for you to visit Halong Bay based on your own demands and plans. Besides, you are also provided with some necessary information about how to get to Halong Bay with different methods. In brief, we wish you will have a very interesting and amazing vacation in Ha Long Bay.

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