Ha Giang is a beautiful province in the western and northern areas of Vietnam and as the second Sapa in Vietnam due to several similarities in terrains, landscapes, people and some cultures as well as traditions. The questions are “Which is the best time to visit Ha Giang? and How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi?” and we are going to give you the answers. Therefore, we will give you some useful information about Ha Giang province as well as the tips and recommendations for you if you intend to travel to Ha Giang province.

I. Why should you visit Ha Giang?

Then why should you visit Ha Giang? Like we already mentioned, Ha Giang province is a natural and rustic beautiful land where you would like to visit and experience by yourself due to these several reasons. About natural beauties, Ha Giang province is a rural place that still keeps all the natural resources and beauties., and it creates a great diversity of terrains including high stones mountains, green hills, lively forests, streams, and many other things.

Ha Giang province can be called a wild and natural land so that a lot of people are afraid that there will be dangers when travelling to Ha Giang. However, according to some professional Ha Giang trekkers, this land is peaceful and totally safe unlike what you are worrying about. By coming to Ha Giang province, you will have the opportunities to witness the real beauties of landscapes as well as stay close to nature; it will be your interesting and unforgettable experience in Ha Giang province. About the weather, because Ha Giang province locates in the high mountainside, so it has four clear and different seasons in a year unlike the other areas of Vietnam where only have two seasons. This is a chance for you to witness the differences and features of what is the meaning of spring, summer, fall and winter clearly in Ha Giang.

Besides the landscapes and weathers, one of the most attractive of Ha Giang is people and dishes. Ha Giang people are mostly ethnic minorities so they tend to stay close to nature and live a simple life with agricultures and traditional occupations. They respect the traditions and worship the values of cultures of the ancient Ha Giang people in the past. Therefore, if you visit Ha Giang, you will enjoy as well as learn more about Ha Giang cultures and traditions. You will also be offered the hospitalities by the friendly and Kinh people in this province.

Just like many other lands, Ha Giang is also famous for its special food according to the traditional recipes and cooking methods of people here, and you will have the chance to taste and enjoy when you choose to visit Ha Giang. Moreover, in every season, Ha Giang will have different festivals, market fairs as well as other cultural activities to celebrate. Besides of the things we already mentioned, there will a lot of interesting things about Ha Giang, about Ha Giang people, cultures, traditions, food, occupations and stuff waiting for you to explore and experience yourself. In 2020, you should travel to the rural and rustic land of Ha Giang in your most suitable time at least once, and you will never regret it.



II. Which time is the best for visiting Ha Giang?

Like we already mentioned, Ha Giang province possesses four clear seasons in a year, and each season will have different weathers, climates as well as atmospheres. Therefore, you have to consider carefully to choose the best time for visiting or trekking in Ha Giang. Because of this diversity, we want to give you some recommendations about the most suitable time to maximize your experience in this beautiful land - Ha Giang. 

1. January in Spring

Springtime is the most beautiful and lively season of everything natural things including the land Ha Giang province, but in January, Ha Giang is in its most magnificent and excellent in beauties, and this is also the season of flowers in Ha Giang. When spring arrives, everywhere in Ha Giang province from Quan Ta, Dong Van to Yen Minh, Meo Vac is filled with different kinds of flowers especially the pink peach blossom, the yellow cabbage flowers, white plum flowers… and many other magnificent shades of flowers. Spring is also the Tet time in Vietnam when you can take part in a lot of festivals and feel the atmosphere of the holiday. Nature also offers spring in Ha Giang with very comfortable weather: Warm, cool and a little bit cold. For any tourists and trekkers, spring especially January is the best time to visit Ha Giang province.

2. August and May in Summer

Summertime is also known as the water season of Ha Giang because the water from rivers and resources pours into rice paddies from August to July. However, Ha Giang is the most beautiful in summer from August to May when the farmers are still tilling the fields. In this period time, Ha Giang is fascinated via tourists’ eyes by the beautiful and well-constructed terraced fields as in paintings from Hoang Su Phi, Quan Ta, Pi Leng… In summer, the weather is cool and fresh, so the tourists can relax comfortably as well as have some short trips around without worrying about rains and colds.

3. September and October in Fall

The fall of Ha Giang province starts from August to September, when all the rice paddies turn yellow and ready to be harvested. This is also the time when people celebrate a year with good crops and great harvests during a long hard-working year. Therefore, tourists visiting Ha Giang in the fall not only can observe the magnificent natural beauties of autumn but also experience the amazing traditional festivals of the local people. It is also known as the most crowded, busy and happy time in Ha Giang.

4. From October to December in Winter

Ha Giang from October to December is the wintertime when tourists especially the trekkers decide to visit Ha Giang to witness the light snow rain as well as the beauties of the triangular circuit flower fields. Triangular circuit flowers in Ha Giang are so famous that the local people even organize a festival for this kind of flower. Therefore, the visitors can take part in many activities of local people as well as enjoy the beauties and food from triangular circuit flowers at the same time. Winter is not the best time to visit Ha Giang, but there are so many interesting things you may experience in Ha Giang in this period.


III. Where should you visit in Ha Giang?

In general, the diversity of nature and cultures make Ha Giang so interesting to tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners. Each year, a lot of people pour into Ha Giang to explore and enjoy the beauties of this land. Therefore, we are going to give you some typically recommended places in Ha Giang for you to choose for a visit, and it is promised to make you impress. It is sure that once you have these suggestions you will have the answer to the question: “Where should you visit in Ha Giang?”.

1. Orange Daisy Field

Ha Giang is famous for thousand of flowers already, but orange daisies are so magnificent and rare to Vietnamese people. Besides the beauties of many other kinds of flowers, you should see the orange daisy field in Ha Giang by your own eyes. Orange daisy in Ha Giang represents H’mong women with strong power like the orange colour and the gentle and sweet like the scent of these flowers. Orange daisies appear along some roads in Ha Giang, or you can ask the local people, and they will show you the way to the beautiful orange daisy field.

2. Pao House

Located in Lo Lo Village, Pao House is an antique and beautiful place where you should come for a visit to Ha Giang. The entrance to Pao House leads the visitors through an amazing valley of roses and many other kinds of flowers around Pao House. This simple and antique house is one of the hottest places for check-in in Ha Giang.


3. Vuong Family Mansion

Located on a small hill surrounded by ancient Samu trees, Vuong Family Mansion is an ancient place that still keeps the beauties of the architectures of in the past. Vuong Family House is the combination of Chinese, French and Mong people’s architectures so it is very different and rare. Vuong Family Mansion is also a beautiful place to check-in in Ha Giang, where the local people still maintain the beautiful as well as the mysterious appearance of the mansion.


4. Lung Cu Flagpole

Known as the first start of the Vietnam map, Lung Cu Flagpole in Ha Giang is a very high location (2000 meters above sea level) where you can observe Ha Giang from the general view. This is also a solemn and proud location of Vietnamese people in general and to Ha Giang people in specific. A lot of people come to check-in at Lung Cu Flagpole when they visit Ha Giang, perhaps you should try too.

5. Ma Pi Leng Mountain Pass

Famous as one of the most dangerous and risky mountain pass in Ha Giang, Ma Pi Leng becomes a favorite challenge for tourists especially trekkers. Once you reach Ma Pi Leng, you will see the grand view of high cliffs and mountains. It is a very risky but exciting challenge for those who love adventures in Ha Giang.

Besides the mentioned places above, there are many other places in Ha Giang which will not only give you amazing experience but also maximize your visions of beauties in a rural and rustic land like Ha Giang.


IV. How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi

In this subject, we are going to tell you about some tips on travelling to Ha Giang from Hanoi. There are two main methods to travel to Ha Giang province: By buses or by bikes (Trekker). You can consider your abilities as well as your demand for the trips to decide the most suitable transports for your journeys to Ha Giang.

1. By bus

There will be buses travelling to Ha Giang from My Dinh station at 9 pm, and you will arrive in Ha Giang at 5 am. It is recommended for you to take buses because you can sleep along the roads and save time so that you will have more time for your vacation in Ha Giang. The roads to Ha Giang is quite far so that travelling by bus is also safer for tourists. The price for buses from Hanoi to Ha Giang is from 150,000 to 450,000 VND / person with quite flexible schedules for you to choose from. Or you can drive your cars to Ha Giang, but make sure you have a professional and skilful driver.

2. By bike

For trekkers to travel by bikes to Ha Giang, you can choose between two roads The first road starts from Hanoi to Vinh Phuc province then Viet Tri, Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang and ends in Ha Giang. This road is crowded and popular with a lot of trekkers in Vietnam. The second road begins in Hanoi then travels to Son Tay, Cau Trung Ha, Co Tiet, Phong Chau bridge, Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang and ends up in Ha Giang. This road is longer as well as more complicated for travellers. Make sure that you are well-aware of the trekking and the roads to Ha Giang so that you will have a safe journey to Ha Giang by yourself.

However, to explore Ha Giang fully and save energy, many adventure-lovers choose the sleeper bus to Ha Giang city (8 hours), and then hire a motorbike to explore Ha Giang loops (about 220,000 VND/ motorbike/ day, gas not included).

In conclusion, Ha Giang province is a beautiful rural place on the western northern side of Vietnam, which has a lot of advantages in nature, beauties, people, cultures, and tourism that you will be fascinated and impressed at first sight when you visit Ha Giang. After listing all the attractive and interesting things about Ha Giang to tell you the reasons why you should visit Ha Giang, we also provide you with a lot of information of Ha Giang in different seasons so that you will have the general view as well as consider which seasons you should choose to visit Ha Giang due to your interests and demands. Besides, there are countless interesting places in Ha Giang where you can check-in, take photos, explore and record all of your experience here. Moreover, we also provide you with the necessary about the planning for journeys to Ha Giang as well as transports. With all the information, we hope that you will have an amazing journey to Ha Giang safely and memorably.