Like the northern area of Vietnam, there are so many exotic, beautiful as well as magnificent places with different interesting things for tourists including Vietnamese people and foreign visitors come to visit and explore in the southern Vietnam tour. Moreover, each location of the southern Vietnamese regions will have different beauty and culture so that you can go on a vacation to experience new things as well as enjoy the magnificent landscapes. 

Therefore, we are going to introduce to you a tour to explore as well as experience the exotic southern areas of Vietnam in 7 days, and it is promised to satisfy your passion for tourism. The best time to visit the exotic southern areas of Vietnam is from January to July, but you still can visit these places anytime in a year because the atmosphere and weather are stable and nice. 


1. Day 1: Start from Ho Chi Minh City to visit Cu Chi

We will begin in the heart of the southern areas of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City where you gonna gather with your travelling partners and prepare everything from luggage, necessary stuff, plans, and even health and spirit for a quite long journey in 7 days around the southern areas of Vietnam in a southern Vietnam tour. After you are ready and gather in one place, we are going to travel and visit Cu Chi - one of a local place in the region of Ho Chi Minh City. Don't miss the very new experience in Ho Chi Minh city - Ho Chi Minh: City Sunset by Luxury Speedboat.

Before leaving for Cu Chi, you can wander around Ho Chi Minh City for entertainment and experience a lot of interesting places such as restaurants, coffee shops as well as some famous places such as Landmark 81, Bitexco, Bui Vien street,... where you can enjoy every fun thing in Ho Chi Minh City, but please remember to maintain your health because you will have a long journey to take.We are going to travel to Cu Chi in two main ways: By bike and by car. If you are a trekker and do not want to stay in the car you can hire a bike with the price range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND to travel around in a day. If you want to travel by car, you have to contact the car-hiring agency to book and the price will be flexible based on different elements. Once you reach Cu Chi, we will have so many things to introduce to you for a journey and experience.

In Cu Chi, you are going to visit the most famous historical place - the Cu Chi Secret Dungeon which was the defense system of the Vietnamese army underground. Here you will have the chance to witness the unique and special structure of the basement of Cu Chi were so many soldiers of Vietnam hide and fight for glory in wartime. Moreover, you will visit a small museum of Cu Chi where you will see by your own eyes the simple and rustic weapons made from trees, bamboos… and also have the chance to listen to the heroic stories of the great soldiers. More interestingly, tourists will have another chance to practice shooting with real guns in the firing-ground of Cu Chi Secret Dungeon. After you have done visiting the Cu Chi Dungeon as well as take part in some activities, you can enjoy the special rustic and simple food of this place - the grilled manioc with sesame salt. Take time because we are going to have many places to visit in the southern Vietnam tour. You can spend Cu Chi Tunnels: Morning or Afternoon Guided Tour - just a half of day.

At night, take time to Saigon Street Food: 3.5-Hour Evening Tour.


2. Day 2: Visit Floating Market - Cai Rang

Making bargain in Mekong Delta floating markets will be an amazing experience. On the second day, you will have a journey to one of the most beautiful business culture - Floating Market Cai Rang of the local people in the southern areas of Vietnam after having breakfast. We are going to be at Ninh Kieu Harbor to catch our ship to travel to the floating market in the middle of the river area. It will take you about 30 to 40 minutes to reach Cai Rang Floating Market after travelling on the water for 10 kilometres. Once you reach Cai Rang Floating Market, you will be surprised and fascinated.

A whole market with so many different stalls on different boats and ships offer customers a variety of choices in fruits, food, vegetables, specialities as well as many other goods, and all the business things are done on the boats and ships. Here, you will have the chance to stop at any stalls to eat, buy stuff, enjoy the local food and many other activities to know more about the life and cultures of Cai Rang Floating Market and the local people. After you finished visiting Cai Rang Floating Market, the ships will take you on a tour around Cai Rang Floating Market areas such as visit the traditional village of local jobs Que Toi where you can see the southern people teach their next generations the traditional jobs and occupations, then you gonna visit the eco-garden Ba Hiep where you can see a lot of fruit vegetations and how people grow and take care of them, you also have chance to take part in some interesting activities like catch fishes on the fields, control a rustic boat by yourself and enjoy the local special food such as Banh Xeo Mien Tay and many other dishes made from the fishes you caught. The second day to visit Cai Rang Floating Market and the nearby areas will be an amazing journey and experience for you in the southern Vietnam tour.

Ship ticket price range: From 300,000 to 500,000 VND per person.


3. Day 3: Begin journey wander around Cuu Long Delta

It gonna be a long and tough day on the 3rd day because we are going to visit only some certain places in the areas of Cuu Long Delta due to the short time in your southern Vietnam tour. At the beginning of the day, we will visit Long An province where you can watch the beauty of Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers and the peaceful life of local people. Once you visit Long An, you will be invited to drink the precious and special wine - Go Den as well as enjoy a traditional meal of Vietnam with the special and famous rice - Thom Cho Dao Rice and Ben Luc Rice. We are going to continue to visit the nearby place - My Tho where you gonna lunch with special My Tho noodles as well as buy some souvenirs and move to the next destination - Chau Doc.

Mekong Delta Small Group Tour to My Tho and Ben Tre

Along the route, you will have many chances to sightsee the rivers, ponds and many beautiful and rustic landscapes. You will see the magnificent My Thuan Bridge if you are on the way to visit Cuu Long Delta Area. If you are hungry, the tour will allow you to enjoy some special local food on the way such as Nem Lai Vung, Banh Phong Tom Sa Giang,... According to the schedule, we will arrive in Chau Doc in the afternoon after lunch. There, you will be taken to visit the Tram Su Forest to visit and see much rare flora such as Le le, Trich Co, Co, Bim Bip,... and fauna and listen to the introduction from the tour guide. In the late evening, you will have the chance to visit Tay An Co Tu, Lang Thoai Ngoc Hau, Ba Chua Xu Temple,... or you can hire a bicycle to travel around the town and visit Nui Sam Market. We will leave these places to travel to Can Tho, so you should get back in time.

Bicycle renting cost: From 70,000 to 100,000 VND per bicycle.


4. Day 4: Travel back to Can Tho 

If you already visit Cai Rang Floating Market, then on the 4th day, we are going to wander around Can Tho city for so many interesting things and activities in your southern Vietnam tour. However, before you do that you need some rest after a long and constant travelling day, so we are going to come to Rach Gia - Ha Tien and check-in at our accommodation for a rest, shower and relax. In the afternoon, we are going to have lunch in Rach Gia - Ha Tien at some local restaurants. There, you will have the chance the enjoy the delicious and local food, make sure that your stomach is full.

After having a good lunch, we are going to visit Ha Tien Thap Canh Vinh where there are many beautiful natural landscapes, and you can take pictures as well as wander around to learn more about the culture of these places. Besides, there will be many places in Can Tho - Rach Gia - Ha Tien for you to explore such as Vieng Phu Dung Co, Tao Dan Chieu Anh Cac,... You will be fascinated by the legends and tales of the lands which are told by the elders of Can Tho province about this place in the past. Moreover, you will have the chance to see how local people live and maintain their lives by taking part in some local places and activities such as visiting the night market in the evening. After that, we are going back to hotels for rest and ready for the next location tomorrow.


5. Day 5: Visit and check-in Phu Quoc - Vinpearl

From Rach Gia - Ha Tien, we are going to travel to Phu Quoc early in the morning by train at a very affordable price from 330,000 VND per person. You are going to see the beautiful beaches and the sea in Phu Quoc, so make sure that you prepare spirit and put your sun cream on. Along the route to Phu Quoc, we are going to stop at some famous places for you to rest and enjoy a good breakfast such as Ham Ninh seaside village which is the first seaside village on Ngoc Island, Suoi Tranh Park where you can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful jungles, and the magnificent natural waterfalls… Once you get to Phu Quoc Island, we will first go to the accommodation for check-in and put the luggage away, then we can start to hang out on the beautiful Phu Quoc Island. The best time to visit Phu Quoc Island is from January to June when the weather, as well as other conditions, are stable and suitable for a sea vacation on the beaches of Phu Quoc.

In the afternoon, you can have a fresh and delicious lunch with Phu Quoc seafood and local special dishes before visiting one of the heavens of tourism and entertainment in Vietnam - Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land. The ticket to enter Vinpearl Phu Quoc will be from 300,000 VND per person, but it really worths it because you will have thousands of activities and games to play, enjoy and experience in your southern Vietnam tour. Besides entertainment stuff, Vinpearl Phu Quoc will include so many other things such as Phu Quoc natural beauty, restaurants, relaxing services and real moments of vacation. Make sure that you enjoy every moment on Phu Quoc Island as well as Vinpearl. In the evening, you are free to have dinner on your own, hang out around Phu Quoc as well as rest properly, but make sure you go to bed early because you will have another day to wander around Phu Quoc, so do not worry.

Train Ticket Price: From 330,000 VND per person.

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Ticket: From 300,000 VND per person.

Today is the day for you to enjoy the natural beauty of Phu Quoc Island, and we are going to start with beaches first. You will travel to the random beaches of Phu Quoc to sightsee and have a good breakfast before wandering around Phu Quoc. You can come to Dinh Cau, Bai Dai, and Hon Thom to relax and swim on the beautiful beaches, enjoy the sunlight, take part in some water activities such as surfing, sailing,... or watch the dawn or sunset in these beautiful places. Or you can choose to explore some natural locations where you can feel closer to nature such as Da Ban Stream and Da Ngon Stream. The mother of nature has played and created these places into the art of rocks and vegetations. Wandering with the nature of Phu Quoc island until afternoon, then we are going to have lunch before starting the next schedule.

In the afternoon, we will start to visit some cultural places related to Phu Quoc Island for you to know more about Phu Quoc and the local people. Some of those places are the solemn Nguyen Trung Truc Temple, Coi Nguon Museum where they keep the soul and stories about Phu Quoc,... Remember to save your energy by coming back to hotels for proper rest and relax because there is another place we are going to visit tomorrow near Phu Quoc Island - Nam Dao Island.


6. Day 6: Explore 4 islands around Phu Quoc

At 9 am, you will be picked up at the accommodation to take you around 4 islands including Mong Tay Island, Dam Ngang Island, May Rut Island and Hon Rom Island where you can spend your 6th day. There will be many different things to do during the time you are on the islands such as exploring the nature and landscapes of the islands, discovering the coral reefs, taking part in so many different water sports like swimming, sailing, surfing, diving,... as well as eating and enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood of the island areas. Each island will have different feature, conditions and landscapes for you to treat yourself like in heaven on these islands. 

Phu Quoc: Cable Car Ride and 4 Islands Boat Tour with Lunch

After you reach the Thoi harbor, you will be transferred to Hon Thom Island by the speedboat, and along the way, you can go fishing. Then we are going to stop by the famous Mong Tay Island where you can enjoy relaxing, swimming,... and do not forget your lunch. After a meal, you are going to move to Dam Ngang Island and have the chance to go diving and explore the coral reefs. The next destination is May Rut Island where you can go sightseeing and explore the beauty of nature. You also have the freedom to explore whatever you want to do in these islands, but take time because we are going to travel back to Phu Quoc accommodation for resting and ready for the 7th day.

7. Day 7: Nam Dao Island and travel back to Ho Chi Minh City 

After a night of recovery, you can take a tour car or bus to reach Nam Dao Island in your southern Vietnam tour. We will gather for breakfast first and depart to Nam Dao. The distance is not too far, so you gonna reach Nam Dao in a short time. Once you reached Nam Dao, we will start to visit Pearl Farm where local people raise and produce pearls, then you visit Phu Quoc prison where the histories and so many stories are made about the hell on earth in wartime. After that, you will move to visit Star Beach - one of the most beautiful and magnificent beaches with a white-sand beach, green palms and sunlight. You gonna have a lot of different activities Ong Doi Peak area related to beaches and water such as fishing, swimming, diving, coral exploration,...

In the afternoon, you will have lunch with seafood on the ships while observing the beautiful and magnificent landscapes of the ocean in Phu Quoc. Relax and gain back energy. Then we are going to get back to hotels for resting and grabbing luggage ready. In the evening, you are free to wander around and hang out in the local places such as Dinh Cau night market. You can have dinner with some special food and local dishes made from fresh and delicious seafood of Phu Quoc Island, or you can wander around the night markets to buy some souvenirs, stuff, and specialities as some small gifts for your family and friends when you get back to home after a trip of the Exotic Southern Vietnam Tour in 7.  Please take your time because we are going to leave Phu Quoc as well as end the trip here. We will check-out in the evening, grab all the luggage and stuff to travel back by your car or bus, you can sleep along the way to rest and save time after memorable experience on Phu Quoc Island and Nam Dao. This also brings the 7-day journey around the Exotic Southern Vietnam Tour in 7 to an end, but believe us, the experience and memories will stay with you forever. I hope that the journey will inspire you as well as motivate the development of tourism in Exotic Southern Vietnam.

In conclusion, we already introduce to you the trip to explore and experience the Exotic Southern Vietnam Tour in 7 days with so many different locations and information for a journey and plan. With the useful and necessary information, we hope that you will have an amazing moment of exploring and experience the Exotic Southern Vietnam Tour in 7 days, and also have unforgettable memories.