Trekking in Sapa is a very hot keyword on searching engine recently, and it spreads out quickly on social networks. Sapa trekking has gone increasingly popular, so we are going to tell you more information about Trekking in Sapa and some necessary information as well as preparations before you can start your journey to one of the most beautiful lands in the northern area of Vietnam - Sapa.

Sa Pa Valley Trek and Local Villages

1. Why is it great to trekking in Sapa?

Sapa is a promising paradise of tourism in the northern area of Vietnam with magnificent beauties and beautiful traditional cultures. In Sapa, you will be fascinated by the natural beauties and landscapes, by the plentiful and precious traditions and cultures, by the special food and local dishes, by the warm, kind and friendly people of Sapa. Therefore, every season, Sapa is an attractive destination for people including the Vietnamese people as well as foreigners.

Train Ticket Hanoi to/from Sapa (Lao Cai Station)

or Express Sleeper Bus Hanoi To/From Sapa


Young people in Vietnam are excited about a new trend of tourism - Trekking in Sapa. Like we explain above about trekking, the term trekking in Sapa tells you a lot about a self-service journey to Sapa instead of taking traveling services. Sapa has a wide and various ranges of different routes to reach, and each direction will be different in difficult levels. Therefore, Sapa trekkers have to choose the most suitable roads in comparison with their abilities. If you are a rookie Sapa trekker, so it is recommended for you to select the easy and simple roads such as Lao Than, Ta Chi Nhu,... but if you are a professional and skillful Sapa trekker, you can pick the more complicated roads such as Fansipan, Ta Xu, Bach Moc Luong Tu, … Trekking in Sapa will provide you a cheaper and more active transport option for your journey. You only need a full-gasoline and well-reserved bike to be ready for a long road trip, and you can save a lot of ticket money. Secondly, during the long journey, you will be able to experience and go sightseeing in your own eyes as well as explore so many rare and uncommon places along the roads. Besides the reality tourism experience, you can practice as well as test your abilities to travel by yourself in along roads. Perhaps you will be one of the first people to explore and find out new places in Sapa, and you can take pictures to record your exciting journeys on social networks. 

Moreover, you will have more difficulties as well as opportunities to create memories with your journey partners. If you are a young and dynamic person who loves risky adventures and natural experience in Sapa, you should choose to become a Sapa trekker. However, being a Sapa trekker is not so easy, you need to search for all information as well as prepare your health and necessary abilities and tools for a quite difficult adventure to Sapa, which we are going to tell you more later. Keep reading and you will find out more useful information.

Sapa 3-Night Trek & Homestay with Overnight Train

2. Which is the best time for Trekking in Sapa?

As people already know, Sapa locates in the high mountain areas of the northern sides of Vietnam. Thank that Sapa possesses four clear seasons with different beauties and magnificent landscapes as well as a different exciting experience. Each season will offer people in Sapa as well as the tourists with different advantages and gifts of mother nature. However, different seasons will also bring a lot of difficulties to trekkers in Sapa. Therefore, if you wish to trek in Sapa, you must choose the most suitable season for your upcoming journey. From January to May, Sapa steps into the quite warm and dried season, and the weather will be very comfortable and easy for trekking travelers to go from Hanoi to Sapa. In this season time, Sapa is beautiful and lively with flower blossoms along the road, which will create an amazing experience for trekkers along the route to Sapa. You will never need to worry about wet roads, rains or any dangers. Therefore, the time from January to May will be very advantageous for people to go trekking in Sapa. On the contrary, the roads to Sapa is very dangerous and challenging from June to August because there are many heavy showers of rain and strong winds in this period of time. If you insist on trekking in Sapa in this season, you must prepare carefully and consider your abilities are strong enough to fight the difficulties along the roads. 

In exchange, if you overcome the hard conditions in the trekking journey, you will be able to witness the beauties of June when all the rice paddies are green more than ever. Moreover, another suitable period for trekking in Sapa is from September to November. In this time, Sapa is cool by forest breezes, and there are not so many rains. Everything is average. Especially, trekking in Sapa from September to November, you will have opportunities to witness the beautiful and soft clouds and the magnificent yellow of ready-to-harvest rice paddies. 

Last but not least, the time from December to February will be a very hard time for Sapa trekking. In this time, Sapa turns into frozen land with snow and cold winds. The temperature of Sapa will fall to zero. The weather, as well as the road conditions in this period of time, will be very challenging and sometimes dangerous for trekking in Sapa, so the time from December to February in Sapa will be not so suitable for trekking. However, a lot of people and tourists still want to take the risks to go trekking in Sapa to witness one of the rarest things in Vietnam - Snow. 


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3. What to admire in Sapa trekking?

We already tell you a lot about what is trekking in Sapa, why trekking in Sapa is so great and which season you should choose to trek in Sapa and much other necessary detail. Then we know that you will be wondering about a question: What to admire in Sapa trekking? Come to Sapa in a trekking way, you will be impressed by a lot of interesting that you cannot find on a normal traveling trip. 

Sapa trekking will offer you real experience and witness the varieties of weather and magnificent landscapes. You will admire a cool and comfortable atmosphere of mountains and forests when you go trekking in Sapa. 

Sapa was given a lot of beautiful natural landscapes and locations which you can only come to visit when you go trekking in Sapa. 

Trekking will provide you with a lot of challenges and memories when you have to deal with problems along the roads. One of the most amazing things that you are going to admire in Sapa trekking is that you will stop at some homestays or accommodations for trekkers. Since Sapa trekking is trendy and popular, the services of staying and resting for trekkers develop very fast as well.

Sapa trekkers should not need to worry about where to stay because now people invest a lot of money to develop, design, build and decorate many homestays which are very rustic, simple, vintage and artistic. These homestays will make Sapa trekkers feel relaxed and comfortable after several hours traveling on the long roads. The homestays not only offer the trekker hospitalities and resting experience but also create a warm and close atmosphere for trekkers. They want to make trekkers feel like home. Besides, homestays or hostels will also the stops for Sapa trekkers to rest as well as ask for information for your journeys to Sapa. 


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4. Difficulties when trekking in Sapa

Despite so many advantages and interesting things when you choose to take a trekking trip to Sapa, there are also a lot of difficulties in trekking in Sapa. These difficulties sometimes turn into problems and even dangers. Therefore, we will provide you with some typical difficulties when traveling in trekking ways. 

There will be several injuries during you go trekking such as broken arms and legs, falling, swelling legs, scratching,..., and it is very normal. Sometimes, you can be sudden sick due to weather conditions or even worse. Rarely, there are some accidents such as landslide or storms which will cause trouble for your trekking journeys. Moreover, the roads to Sapa sometimes are very dangerous and complicated, which may cause you to be lost or be in danger. 

Some roads are very high and narrow, so if you are afraid of height, you might be shocked, stressed and even fainted. 

These are just a few typical examples of difficulties when trekking in Sapa, so that you can be aware of the challenges to prepare your mind as well as your health to overcome everything to reach Sapa. In addition, we will give you some tips so that you will have good and considerate preparations for your trekking journey to Sapa.


5. Some tips about trekking in Sapa

As we promise you, we are going to give you some tips about trekking in Sapa. In order to start a trekking journey to Sapa, there will be a lot of difficulties and challenges along the roads, so preparation is the most necessary, import and even compulsory for trekkers to do before you start. Preparation is not only prepared luggage and clothes but also information. Now, we will go through seven import things to prepare for your trekking in Sapa. 

- Grasp the knowledge of different fields of Sapa. You need to learn about trekking, Sapa terrains, cultures and traditions of Sapa people to understand and adapt to the rules of the place you are going to attend. 

- Carefully plan the routes from your places to Sapa and the destinations you want to travel to in Sapa as well as a suitable time for trekking. A planned route will be advantageous and safe for you to trek without any risks of accidents and difficult circumstances. 

- Prepare your clothes and shoes which are very necessary for daily activities or in difficult situations when trekking in Sapa. About shoes, it is really important to prepare a pair of walking shoes, a sneaker, and climbing shoes for yourself, because you will deal with different terrains along your trekking routes. 

- Backup food and medicine are also important to be prepared when you decide to go trekking to Sapa because you might catch a cold or any sickness due to quite severe weather of mountains and forests in Sapa. If you finish the checklist of preparation already, you are ready for a trekking journey to Sapa.


6. Sapa Souvenir & Gifts| What to buy in Sapa?

After a long road trekking to Sapa, you will enjoy many magnificent things in Sapa, but do not forget to buy some souvenirs to bring home as a gift for families and friends. There are various types of special souvenirs as well as gifts for you to choose from. 

Significantly, brocades are the most amazing thing about cultures and traditional handcraft with magnificent and beautiful patterns. Brocades are the most favorite souvenirs for foreigners. 

Besides, trekkers will be fascinated by many other attractive and good things in Sapa such as Sapa herbs which are very healthy and good for curing and medicines, Sapa fruits which are natural, safe and clean but still keep the best flavors of nature, Sapa traditional wines which are a traditional art of making wine passed from the Sapa ancestors to current generations, daily working tools including knives, hammers, hoes, axes which are useful and high-quality and Sapa silver jewelry which are the most outstanding to tourists and trekkers with amazing skills and techniques. 

Sapa is also very famous for natural ingredients for cooking and medicine thanks to the natural agriculture of Sapa people. Besides Lua lumber is famous in Sapa for its rareness and high quality or you will have a chance to witness the bee wax painting skills of Sapa people. They use this technique to paint the pattern on clothes and fabrics by the bee wax, and it is a one-of-a-kind skill that you never see in any other place. In brief, if you go trekking in Sapa, you not only witness the beauties of Sapa forests and mountains but also meet friendly people as well as enjoy the local food and dishes or feel the hospitalities of ethnic minorities. Besides that, you should buy some souvenirs and gifts home to remind you of an interesting and unforgettable journey to Sapa.

We already tell you about trekking in Sapa - what is the best time for trekking in Sapa, where to explore, especially new and strange places in Sapa as well as awareness of difficulties along the roads when trekking in Sapa. Moreover, you are also provided with some necessary and realistic tips to prepare carefully for a long trekking journey to Sapa. 

Sapa is a very interesting destination especially when you take the new traveling style - trekking. Only by trekking, you will experience Sapa in the very different and exciting feelings that you never had before, and you will understand why trekking in Sapa becomes hotter more than ever to people. If you still doubt how amazing trekking in Sapa is, then you should probably try and find out. We hope you gonna have a great and safe trekking journey to Sapa.

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