As we already know, Vietnam as well as the north of Vietnam is very beautiful and also has so many interesting things for tourists from Vietnamese to foreigners to explore and experience. Therefore, people will be impressed by tourism as well as the charm in the cultures, civilization, and people in the northern areas of Vietnam. Even the north of Vietnam will have countless places, provinces, and cities for you to explore, but today we are going to suggest you a tour plan within 5 days so that you will understand and have a happy vacation while discovering the charm of the north of Vietnam in 5 days and also know what to do in the northern areas of Vietnam for 5 days.

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1. Day 1: Welcome to Hanoi

On the first day, you will be welcomed at Hanoi Airport with the atmosphere and the cultural space of the local people, or you can check out top 4 easy ways to get to Hanoi centre from Noi Bai. The schedule for the first day in Hanoi is to visit Hanoi’s hot and famous places as well as wander around Hanoi as much as you can. Now, we are going to suggest some places that you should visit as well as some things that you should do when you visit Hanoi, and it is promised that you will never regret it. Please notice that these are just some basic as well as necessary suggestions for tourists to freely explore and experience Hanoi, but you should choose the most suitable as well as favourite options based on your plans, demands, needs as well as the health and conditions. Remember that the first day in Hanoi will be the free day for you to freely do whatever you want around Hanoi as much as you want. Please bring your smartphone and map to check out the routes and avoid being lost.

In the morning, after you are picked up at the airport,  you can have breakfast at some local food stands for Bun Cha, Bun Oc, Bun Dau, Pho,... and wander around Hanoi for a drink in some coffee shops with amazing concepts, styles as well as drinks such as iced lemon tea, Sau, Egg coffee. Sitting on the street sides and observing the daily activities of the local people while drinking a cup of coffee is an amazing experience that you should have in Hanoi.

In the afternoon, you can start to visit the nearby locations in Hanoi such as Hoan Kiem Lake to see the cultural icon of Hanoi, as well as the beauty of The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple, the ancient and antique beauty of Hanoi Antique Town Architecture, the simple but interesting activities of people on Hanoi Walking street,... everything here, will surely impress you at first sight. Moreover, you can wander around Hanoi for shopping in the local markets or shopping centres. See, you will have a free day to visit, play, hang out and experience everything in Hanoi as much as you want.

The first day will be your free day to have an adventure around Hanoi, and you will be impressed by not only the cultural things about architecture, the ruins of the old Hanoi but also surprised by how fast and amazing Hanoi’s developed until now. Therefore, take your time to enjoy the best journey around Hanoi please, and do not forget to gain energy because we will leave Hanoi for visiting Halong Bay by buses at night. Don't forget to check out Ta Hien beer street.

Bus ticket price from Hanoi to Halong Bay: From 200,000 VND per person.


2. Day 2: Visit Halong Bay

We will only have one day in Halong Bay so it is quite a thick schedule for you to visit, experience and explore new and interesting things in Halong Bay. Once you reach Halong Bay in the morning, you will have some rest as well as have a good breakfast in the local restaurant before freely starting around Halong Bay as well as Halong City to visit the famous places and explore new locations such as Tiptop Island, Tiptop Peak, Be Ong Cam Area, Sung Sot Cave, Soi Sim Island… Because travelling to each location will consume quite a lot of energy, so you should choose a schedule of travelling which is the most suitable for your plan and conditions. If you can not explore all of the locations in the morning, then you should save some places for the afternoon.

In the afternoon, you should get to the local restaurants to have great seafood meals and earn some rest. After that, you should wander around Halong City to see how beautiful this city is, observe the landscapes in the Halong Bay or come back to the locations you are exploring in the morning. Besides touring around Halong Bay to see the magnificent beauty of nature or to observe the busy and happy life of Halong City, you can wander and shop in Halong City and enjoy the plentiful entertainment and touring activities.

Halong Day Tour: Islands, Caves, Kayak with Dragonfly Cruise

Be aware of Halong Bay cruise scams. Enjoy your journey and vacation in Halong Bay as much as you can, but make sure that you will have to save your energy because we are going to leave Halong Bay for Sapa at night of day 2. Therefore, explore everything you want, but remember not to travel too far and to get back in time for preparation. Moreover, if you love trekking then the route from Halong Bay to Sapa is also a suitable choice for you to satisfy your trekking hobby. Even the travelling route is not too far and complicated, but if you want to go trekking to Sapa, you have better be confident in your trekking abilities first.

Bus ticket from Halong City to Sapa: From 370,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person.


3. Day 3: Travel to Sapa

You will arrive in Sapa - the fog city of Vietnam which is one of the most famous and beautiful as the tourism icon of Vietnam. It will take you about 7 or 8 hours to travel from Hanoi to Sapa on the convenient buses, so we recommend you to sleep and rest along the route to gain energy and ready for the exploration in Sapa travel. Once we reach Sapa in the morning, the tour guide will assist you to check-in at the new accommodation in Sapa, and then again you will start to visit the first destination on your journey. 

In the morning, we strongly recommend you to have a good breakfast with the local food and special dishes in Sapa town. Enjoy the delicious food in Sapa cooked from the local traditional recipes which are the signature features of Sapa. If you want to see more cultural activities as well as see how the normal life of local people in Sapa, you should visit Sapa local small markets. Moreover, you can wander around Sapa Town to see beautiful landscapes and magnificent nature. During the time here, you can enjoy trekking in Sapa with so many beautiful and amazing trekking routes and hidden places.

In the afternoon, you can have a good lunch and get back to check-in at the hotels or homestays for a comfortable room to rest as well as relax with a good atmosphere. The services of Sapa’s local accommodation are good and considerate just like in the big cities so you do not need to worry about anything when staying here. Moreover, the local people will help you with some suggestions for experience some places close to Sapa Town. In general, this is a free-travelling day, so you can explore the nearby areas of Sapa for a more interesting experience and activities on your Sapa travelling trip. Please remember to come back to accommodation for resting and preparing for the next day exploring the further areas of Sapa.


4. Day 4: Sapa - Ham Rong Mountain

We start to visit Ham Rong Mountain on the 4th day. Ham Rong is a beautiful and grand mountain with so many legends that attract a lot of tourists to visit. Nowadays, there is also a touring ecological park in the area of Ham Rong Mountain where you can not only witness the beauty of natural landscapes but also have a chance to hang out with your partners in this holiday. There will a lot of places in the Ham Rong Eco-park for you to explore and experience such as the Ham Rong Flower garden, Thach Lam Stone Garden, Ham Rong Peak...

In the Ham Rong Flower Garden, the local people have grown so many different colourful and magnificent kinds of flowers, and you will be impressed by the sweet scent as well as the natural beauty of Sapa’s local flora. Moreover, the flower’s petals are also used as the ingredients for making teas and herbs which are quite significant of Ham Rong Mountain Park and Sapa in general. Once you have done the exploration of the Ham Rong Flower Garden, you will have the chance to step into the beautiful stone garden named Thach Lam Stone Garden where the ancient stones are naturally arranged into stone piles with different artistic shapes like the bonsais in the garden. You will be fascinated by the magnificent and amazing natural creation of stones, and you can take a lot of nice pictures with the sceneries here. Moreover, you can visit the highest place in Ham Rong Mountain Park - the Ham Rong Peak where you can observe the whole large area of Ham Rong Mountain as well as Sapa. The special and grand view from Ham Rong Peak will give you amazing and unforgettable check-in experience as well as sightseeing.

Moreover, we will leave Ham Rong Mountain for other interesting places such as the orchid gardens or the famous sky gate which is the super famous location for check-in and photography in Sapa. The orchid garden is a man-care garden with a great number of orchid pots from the normal types to special types as well as the rare and unique types. Come to the orchid garden, you will be fascinated by the beauty of well-cared orchids as well as impressed with the values of these orchids. Moreover, the sky gate is the super hot and favourite location for check-in and taking photos of the stone stair that leads straight into the sky. The sky gate is evaluated to be very creative as well as interesting scenery concept for tourists that will make everyone like it when they visit this place on their holiday.  After that, you will have the chance to travel into Thai people or Hmong people’s small villages for resting and having lunch as well as buying souvenirs.

In the late afternoon, you will be free to travel around Sapa until the evening when we are going to grab the luggage and come back to Hanoi on another convenient bus, and we will arrive in Hanoi early in the morning of day 4. Moreover, if you are a trekker and if you manage to have enough time, you can make a short Sapa trekking journey to Muong Hoa Valley where you can see the magnificent and grand trekking routes, witness the beauty of the Sapa Ancient Stone Field, see the daily normal life of local people in Ta Van Village as well as wander around to see so many beautiful places as well as join several activities of trekking tours in the area of Muong Hoa Valley. Remember to come back early because we will have a long journey the next day and also be careful on your Sapa trekking journey.

or join some trekking routes with Muong Hoa Valley 2-Day Group Trek with Homestay

Ham Rong Eco-park ticket price: 70,000 VND/ an adult - 50,000 VND/ a child.


5. Day 5: Sapa Cat Cat Village

On the final day of the tour journey, we will visit Cat Cat Village - one of the most beautiful and magnificent villages of Sapa with so many amazing things and interesting traditional cultures. Cat Cat Village is a Hmong people’s village area that tourists can explore and go sightseeing here as well as take part in some interesting cultural and local activities. You will have to pay 50,000 VND for a ticket per person to enter Cat Cat Village. Besides the magnificent landscapes of mountains, forests, and flowers as well as the comfortable atmosphere of Sapa, you can experience the local culture of Cat Cat villagers yourself by wearing their traditional costumes with the price of 50,000 VND per set. Moreover, there will be a lot of beautiful sceneries for you to take pictures to keep the memories of your holidays as well as sightseeing, and the magnificent landscapes and the kind local people will surely impress you.

From Hanoi: 2-Day Spectacular Sapa Trekking and Bus Tour

In the afternoon, you will have a good meal with all the special dishes at the local food stores of Cat Cat village or at the local restaurant. After experience everything in Cat Cat Village, you can come back to the accommodation for resting and gaining energy because, in the evening, tourists will be allowed to freely wander as well as hang out around Sapa Town for shopping, local food, and other things. Please notice that you should come back to your accommodation before it is too late at night because the weather will get colder and colder as well as the terrains may be quite dangerous as well.

You also can ask for staying in the residential houses of the local people in Cat Cat Village overnight if you want or you can rent a room in the hotels near Cat Cat Village for your own convenience. The price range is quite friendly based on the location, services as well as the room standard, and it is from 400,000 to 800,000 VND per person for one night. Do not worry because the hotels near Cat Cat Village will have every necessary thing you need for good accommodation to rest and relax after a whole day wandering and experiencing. Besides, if you choose to stay near Cat Cat Village, you can also have meals with the traditional and local food of people in Cat Cat Village. We will stay over for one night, and we will leave Sapa to come back to Hanoi Capital City to end the journey here.

Like we used to travel, we will choose buses to travel from Sapa Town to Hanoi. You will have the time from seven to eight hours on the buses to sleep and reach Hanoi with the ticket price range from 180,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person. Once you step the foot on Hanoi, you can choose to stay longer in Hanoi for more exploration or you can choose to return to your homeland for resting after such a long and happy vacation in the northern areas of Vietnam.

Cat Cat Village Ticket: 50,000 VND per person.

Tradition costume rent: 50,000 VND per set.

Bus ticket price range (From Sapa Town to Hanoi): From 180,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person.

In conclusion, we already go through the suggested schedule for a northern Vietnam travel journey in the northern areas of Vietnam with some necessary as well as useful information for you to set up a travelling plan. Please notice that this is a recommendation for your journey to understand as well as see the charm of the north of Vietnam in 5 days, so you can choose the suitable details for your northern journey based on your own demands, conditions as well as plans. We wish you have a good journey with the great charm of the north of Vietnam as well as know what to do in the northern areas of Vietnam in 5 days with all the necessary as well as useful information we already provide.

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