In addition to stunning landscapes and honest locals, Vietnam's 4000-year culture with all ups and down has been such a hit with tourists wishing to explore the unique and diversified culture of over 50 ethnic minority groups throughout the country. Check it out to see where you can take a deeper understanding of Vietnam culture and custom. Read on to see amazing suggestions for your Vietnam culture tours in 2019.

1. Highlights of Vietnam Culture and Custom
Cultural diversity 
With 54 ethnic minorities, Vietnam attracts foreigners to explore the unique and diversified culture with a lot of festivals, rituals and customs. For example, be home to many tribal groups such as H’ Mong, Tay, and Dao, Sapa is a perfect place for an authentic rural experience of the tribal people in Vietnam. You will get closer to their daily life by visiting their local villages like Ta Van and Cat Cat, following them to the terraces, or going to the local market and even visiting their houses, trying to make their local dishes and enjoying the specialties such as dried-buffalo meat, wine, or Thang Co. 


Ethnic minorities' local market 

The great harmony of tradition & modernization
Thanks to globalization, big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have become attractive destinations for international investment and been fostered to be cosmopolitan centers. Therefore, when traveling to these cities, visitors will have chances to admire the great combination of tradition and modernization. Hanoi, for instance, not only as the convergence of the political, cultural, historical, and social-economic quintessence built up over a thousand years of national construction of the Vietnamese nation, Hanoi attracts foreigners by its peace, fast-moving development and especially unique street food with Banh Mi. Also traveling to Hanoi you will have the chance to visit some of Vietnam’s symbols as well as take part in many different useful and interesting activities. 

The heaven of unique cuisine from region to region: North - Central - South
Vietnam is divided into three regions so the different climate and nature make its cuisine diversified as well. Northern cuisine is sophisticated and delicate. It is tasteful, not too intense but colorful and is decorated carefully. Meanwhile, food in the Central of Vietnam is elegant. Finally, Southern cuisine is simple and luscious like honest locals - the simple way of life.

Vietnam's cuisine

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2. Top experiences for Vietnam culture tours        
Exploring Hanoi street food
Hanoi undoubtedly impresses all visitors by its unique and diversified cuisines, which can be considered as the most typical dishes of Vietnam cuisine and at very reasonable prices. It also represents the typical taste of Northern Vietnam's cuisine - delicate and sophisticated.

If you are an unapologetic foodie, the tailor-made food tour Hanoi will let you enjoy authentic Vietnam's cuisine with the help of a local chef. Or more interestingly, you can enjoy exploring a local market, where you pick your own ingredients before learning how to prepare popular street food dishes, such as Bun Cha (grilled pork patties with noodles), Pho (beef noodle), Ban Xeo (savory Vietnamese pancakes) and many more.

Enjoying the floating market in Mekong Delta
When traveling to Mekong Delta, you will have the chance to visit a lot of floating markets. Floating markets have long been an integral part of the lives of the locals in the Southwest from generation to generation. Spending their most lifetimes on rivers, people are used to living on floating boats. For them, floating boats can be not only their houses and but their place of trading fruits, food, agricultural products and many others as well. 

Don't miss Cai Rang market (Can Tho Province), Cai Be Floating Market (Tien Giang Province), and Nga Bay Floating Market (Phung Hiep Floating Market).

Ethnic minorities' unique culture at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism
Vietnam is home to 54 ethnic groups, each of which has its own unique cultural identity creating Vietnam diversified culture. At the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, ethnic minority people join State agencies and experts in preserving and introducing their communities’ cultural values to visitors. The village, located in the Dong Mo tourism area in Hanoi’s Son Tay town, is described as a “common home” of the 54 ethnic groups across the nation. It has a total area of 1,544ha with seven functional zones. Among them, the zone for ethnic minority villages is considered the heart of the culture-tourism village. So instead of traveling to remote areas, tourists can pay a visit to this place to explore Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups.

Visiting local markets
Apart from the hustle city life, riding to local markets of small villages in the countryside will be an interesting experience. Fresh air, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals will definitely save your trip. More excitingly, it's time for you to get closer to their lifestyle and the unique culture. Don't forget to make a bargain to avoid overcharging.

You can choose fresh products and learn to cook your own dishes in local families if you participate in some cooking tour as well. 

Visiting traditional handicraft villages
If you wish to better understand about Vietnam's culture, Bat Trang Pottery Village, Van Phuc Silk Village, Thach Xa Bamboo Village – Making Bamboo Dragonfly or Dao Xa Village – Making Musical Instruments and Quat Dong Embroidery Village should be taken into consideration.

When traveling to these villages, you can see how popular handicrafts are made, and even make your own souvenirs for your friends. 

Watching the puppet show
The puppet show in Hanoi reflects a highlight of Vietnam agricultural culture when shows vibrantly the local life from living, farming to cultivating the spiritual life via rituals or festivals.

Don't forget to enjoy this amazing show, your children will be excited. 

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