If you wish to explore "another Hanoi", take time to explore this top 10 new check-in hit for Hanoi youngsters. Let's check it out. A vintage, cool and modern Hanoi awaits to explore. 


1. “Little Venice” in Hanoi Capital

Recently, Vietnamese young people were fascinated by a local place known as “Little Venice” in Hanoi. A photo was uploaded on the social networks about this place where there were some old-fashioned buildings standing next to a beautiful lake. The beauty of the ancient look of the buildings and the color of the lake water remind people of the famous and beautiful Venice City. Immediately, people became interested and tried to find where this place was, and it became a very hot local place to check in. 


In reality, The “Little Venice” locates on 1194 alley, Lang street, and the magnificent lake in the picture is the Phu Pond. Unfortunately, the scenery of this place disappointed people, and they claim that the beauty of  “Little Venice” is created only by Photoshop. However, a lot of people still come to find and check-in at this place because of curiosity. Positively, if you are confident in your posing as well as your photography skills, “Little Venice” worths a try.

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2. Rock Terrain of Hong River

Located at 264 Au Co Street, the Rock Terrain of Hong River is a hot destination for tourism in Ha Noi. It takes you 30 minutes to drive from Hanoi to the Rock Terrain of Hong River, but once you come here, you will be fascinated by the peace, beauty and close feeling to nature so that you will leave all the noises and crowds of the city behind. On this large terrain, there are many colorful flower fields, and the visitors can go sightseeing as well as taste the fresh air of the land. Besides that, there are many views such as farmhouses and windmill which are built for tourists to take pictures and check-in. It is sure that, if you pay this place a visit, you will have a lot of pretty pictures to post on social networks and great experiences with only a walk.


3. Wall-painting Street

Just like the name, Wall-painting Street with 19 huge paintings on the walls is attracting a lot of tourists every day. Every single painting of this place describes different images and meanings of the cultural memories in the past such as the pitchman on the street, the corner of the ancient city, the old trains, the Confucian scholars, daily news, … these paintings make people feel like they are traveling back to Hanoi streets in the past. Thanks to the beauty in culture and sceneries, a lot of people come and check-in here everyday especially during Tet Holiday.


4. Serein Cafe & Lounge

Serein Cafe & Lounge is a coffee shop at 16 Long Bien Train Station on Tran Nhat Duat street. From the 4th floor of Serein Cafe, visitors can overview the whole scenery of the legendary Long Bien bridge, and this becomes a very well-known corner for taking photos. Besides the landscapes, you can enjoy the beautiful spaces of the Serein Cafe which were designed in Western and vintage architecture styles, and you can also have a lot of special corners for check-in. Just imagine you are already tired of walking around Hanoi, you can stop here for a drink and enjoy the magnificent spaces of Serein Cafe & Lounge; it will not let you down.


5. Hang Ma Street on Christmas

Every time when Christmas comes, Hang Ma street becomes the best place to visit on holiday in Hanoi. Simply, in December, the stores start to decorate and sell everything related to Christmas, so this makes the street into a very colorful, busy and pretty. Just walk into Hang Ma street make people feel as if they are having Christmas in Western countries. There is no doubts about great sceneries and corners for people to take photos and check-in. Therefore, in the festival season like this, Hang Ma Street becomes hottest than ever so that even the foreigners love it.



6. Beer Alley: Lost In Hong Kong

If in Dalat city, we have Hongkong 1 Bridge, so now in Hanoi we even have a Beer Alley Lost In Hong Kong for people to visit. The alley was designed and built base on the inspiration of the night-life Hong Kong street, it makes you surprised like you are walking in Hong Kong through your pictures here. With the atmospheres, the neon lights, the signboards,... the alley is really a small Hong Kong in Hanoi. You can not only check-in here with many cool photos, but also can enjoy the beer and some finger food, everything is ready for you to chill at Beer Alley. Why don’t you come for a visit?


7. The Contemporary Art Center

This is a familiar place for Hanoi art lovers, but recently, it is famous more than ever thank to the some cool photos on Facebook and other social networks, and people start to pay more attention to this place. The center scale is 4000 square meters and its interior structures are flexible to change according to the exhibition activities. There are a lot of precious artworks for people to visit, and it is not difficult for you to find a good view to take photos here. The beauty from the artworks and spaces will surely impress you, and you can check-in around as much as you want. The experiences about art here will make you want to come back again, so if you are in Hanoi, come and visit this place at once.


8. Naked By V

If you love to go shopping and check-in at some interesting local place, please drop by Naked By V. Located in Hanoi ancient street, but this shopping street is hidden somehow so that there are not many people realizing this local hot place. By coming here, you enjoy walking and seeing a great view of decoration and architecture, where the spaces can stimulate you to take photos immediately. Beside checking-in, you also have opportunities to go shopping at the stalls on this street. It will make shopping-lovers crazy in heaven.


9. Onni Korean Nail

Located at 108 - D6, 4B Alley, Dang Van Ngu street, Onnie Korean Nail is a hot nail salon in town. It is quite famous in the local area for its design and store decoration; the architecture of the salon is the combination of Western and Korean styles. The front side of Onni salon is an attractive spot for check-in, and people drop by a lot. Moreover, girls will love to visit Onni Korean Nail for taking care of their nails and also enjoy the gentle and classy interior space. If you come to Onni Korean Nail for a visit and check-in, please come inside and support Onni salon for amazing experiences.


10. The Hanoi House Cafe

Known as Little Hanoi, The Hanoi House Cafe located on Ly Quoc Su street, which already became a favorite seat for coffee and sightseeing. The little balcony of this coffeeshop appears in a lot of photos on the social network, and it attracts Hanoi lovers to come to visit. The ancient feeling from the balcony, the old walls and some word - arts create an atmosphere of the old and peaceful Hanoi in our memories. The Hanoi House Cafe also brings back the culture and architecture of France in 20th century.

This place gradually becomes so popular that many travelers said that: “It will be a big mistake if you leave Hanoi without visiting this place.”

These above are top 10 new check-ins in Hanoi. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, take time to explore "another Hanoi" and I bet you will love this city.

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