Based on the data of recent years, we can see that the rate of tourists in Vietnam is increasing. The tourism industry in Vietnam is growing. Vietnam is even in the top 10 most liveable countries today for foreigners (According to HSBC Expat 2019). And Vietnam is proving that as more and more when converging all the factors become a country deserve for experiencing. Street food (especially Pho in the top 10 best street food in the world), peaceful life, people and significant natural beauty and hundreds of other reasons. So where in Vietnam has all those things? It is Hanoi, a place of ancient beauty but no less dynamic. Not only stopping there around Hanoi, but it is also surrounded by majestic mountains and immense nature. The poetic roads, endless stretches and interesting travel experiences that you cannot miss. Moreover, Halong Bay is also a very hot destination in Northern Vietnam, so you had better prepare because there will be a lot of interesting things waiting for you. Coming to the North of Vietnam, you will not be surprised by the emotions that it brings not only from the atmosphere, people, but even the scenery that has different emotions holding you not want to leave. Therefore, today we are going to tell you about a 4-day tour in Hanoi and Halong Bay with all the necessary information for your trip. 

1. Day 1: Hanoi Capital City Wander

Hanoi is the capital city of Viet Nam. If you ask me about someplace that has a chilling atmosphere, an ancient corner or memories of Vietnam many years ago; my answer is Ha Noi. Located from 20 ° 53 'to 21 ° 23' north latitude. Ha Noi inherits all four seasons, with a pleasant and mild climate being an advantage. Old streets, familiar pop-up restaurant, friendly and hospitable people are all the words to describe this capital. An ideal place for you to stroll on the shady streets, the bustling and dynamic streets or simply drop in the heart of the romantic and lyrical Hoan Kiem Lake. You can see HANOI GUIDE| TOP 10 POPULAR ATTRACTIONS IN HANOI.

If you are a person interested in tourism, then you will easily catch the trends in tourism today. People prefer wandering than sitting on any vehicles inactively. Imagine you wake up in the middle autumn of Ha Noi, a cool breeze passed on your skin. Walking down the street to enjoy a hot bowl of Pho Ha Noi, then stroll around the picturesque Guom lake. 

When the sun has started weaving through the trees and the city becomes more bustling, it’s a time you stop at a filter coffee shop to have a cup of hot coffee and chat with your friends. If you want to find the old feelings of Ha Noi, you can visit A Temple of Literature. The mysterious old town is the most attractive point of Ha Noi. Give yourself a chance to get into this line of nostalgic emotions with Ha Noi. In the afternoon, you can visit Dong Xuan Market to see the busy atmosphere of this place, also you can come across some shops for souvenirs. Temples, Churches with their thousand-year beauty made Ha Noi more attractive. In the evening, when sunset began to fall in the middle of Guom Lake. that is the right time for us to sit under the benches next to the lake to watch the traffic flowing and crowded, in the sky are flocks of flying birds. Suddenly we can see bicycles with white Ao Dai on high school girls, a symbol of Hanoi. Hanoi at night is another version. The streets began to brighten up, crowded and bustling. The Night Market represents the cultural and operational life of Hanoi in the past and a different Hanoi nightlife as well.

The Old Quarter Night Market is 1 km long from Hang Dao to the Dong Xuan market. Like Ho Guom walking street, this place is open from 19-23h on weekends. More than 2,000 stalls at the night market offer a variety of accessories, clothing, souvenirs, crafts and culinary rich and attractive. Not only the night market, but the bustling neighbourhood is also a unique feature of Hanoi. Ta Hien Street is considered as the most vibrant street of the Capital. It also has many names such as the Western Quarter, International Crossroads, Beer Street, Sleepless Street ... In addition to beer, there are also lemon tea, iced tea, coffee ... In the bustling atmosphere here, each group of young people sitting and chatting, drinking beer, laughing happily, enjoying the bustling noise with singing and singing shouts. If Hanoi day is very vintage and peaceful, Hanoi at night is modern, dynamic and alive. In a place where we have both modernity and nostalgia, it is worth living and experiencing. Right?

•    Pho Ly Quoc Su: 10 Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi (from 40.000 - 60.000 VND per bowl)

•    Filter Coffee: 30 train track, No. 30, Alley 224 Le Duan, Trung Phung, Dong Da, Hanoi 

•    Dong Xuan Market: 15 Cau Dong, Dong Xuan, Hanoi

Don't forget to explore Hanoi street food at night.

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2. Day 2: Check out Hanoi’s surrounding areas

Temporarily leaving Ha Noi, let's go to the interesting and beautiful lands of Hanoi’s surrounding areas. Looking for the old space of Hanoi? Come to Duong Lam. This is one of the rare ancient villages still intact architecture and routine of many years ago. Stop in Duong Lam, look for old memories with village gates, banyan trees, water wharves, communal yards. This place is no different from a familiar Vietnam picture of peaceful countryside. Hanoi especially when not only the ancient architectural works, the mysterious temples, but also it is surrounded by immense natural scenery, fresh air or majestic mountains. If you want to travel and still want to find the images of the forests, do not miss the Ba Vi national park. At a distance of 30km from the city centre, forests surround the Ba Vi mountain range. Come to Ba Vi, don't be surprised with the beauty of Thien Son Suoi Nga, pine forest, Tan mountain peak, or the old beauty of Thuong temple, fallen church, cactus greenhouse! 

Another beautiful place on the outskirts of Hanoi for those who like to have picnic picnics is Quan Son Lake. The landscape here is blended among towering limestone mountains, on the lake are diverse vegetation such as Trang Trang, Lotus ...The most appropriate time to visit Quan Son Lake is between May to June. This is the time when the lotus season blooms fully, like a royal garden under the human world.

Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) with mild and cool climate all year round, an ideal place to relax near Hanoi for family. Coming to this land, you will be extremely relaxed with the fresh air as well as feel the rotation of the four seasons of the day. Warm mornings, sunny afternoons, cool evenings, and cold nights. Travelling to Tam Dao, there are many attractive places for you to explore such as Tam Dao church, Ba Chua thousand waterfall, Silver waterfall, TV tower ...If you are interested in cultural and ethnic values, Dong Mo resort is a good choice. It is a tourist resort combining family-friendly nature.

Tam Dao: Full-Day Tour from Hanoi Including Lunch

Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is located in the Dong Mo tourism area where the unique cultural values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups are recreated. This is an ideal site for people in the country as well as international tourists.

You can also pay a visit to Hanoi’s surrounding areas with Bat Trang pottery-making village. Pottery is one of the ancient occupations in our country. In Bat Trang, they still retain the traditional features of this village. Spending a day in Bat Trang, you can learn by yourself the basic skills of making pottery, creating your own product. Interesting and worth a try, isn't it? 

A day in Bat Trang, just 12 hours

3. Day 3: Take Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

If you are concerned about travel, certainly you will know Halong Bay, one of Seven World's Natural Wonders since 2011. This land is the pride of Vietnam, ranked in the list of 10 world cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO. Coming to Ha Long, you will be overwhelmed by the majestic scenery of the mountains. Moreover, Ha Long is a great place to relax. One advice for you when you come to Ha Long is giving yourself the opportunity to experience the international 5-star luxury cruises system which is worthy of a try because you can just immerse yourself in the natural scenery and get the best service on the brand of cruises in Ha Long.  First, let's check it out HALONG BAY GUIDE| THE BEST TIME TO VISIT HALONG BAY & HOW TO GET TO HALONG BAY FROM HANOI?

Imagine you are on a luxury cruise, enjoy the best services. Romantic bedrooms, a restaurant with standard food, served anywhere and much more is an open structure, friendly with nature creating a wide viewing space for you. On a sunny morning, you drop on the settee and look to the bow of the ship to admire the magnificent natural scenery. At noon you can relax in the yacht's luxury hotel room with open views, including a balcony to have easy access to the surrounding scenery. 

In the afternoon is the best time for you to stand on the deck and watch the sunset fall behind the mountains. Finally, the evening enjoys a standard meal at the restaurant of the yacht with family, friends, and relatives in luxurious space and sparkling lights. In addition to these self-sufficient activities, you can also visit the famous places of Ha Long Bay at the stop points. You visit Trung Trang cave, in the area of Cat Ba National Park. Trung Trang is located in Trung Trang valley, 15 km northwest of Cat Ba town. Over millions of years of geological tectonics, this cave owns thousands of natural stalactites with unique shapes, evoking the imagination of visitors. 


After that, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cool blue water when the cruise visits the Tra Bau area. The Business Model of cruises resort is quite popular in Ha Long. So we have to consider choosing which cruise to join in order to have a good experience and special offers. You can refer to some 5-star cruises such as Azalea, Orchid or Mon Cheri with prices from only VND 3,000,000 per night but there are various room options such as a family room with balcony, family room with a large lobby and a room for lovers with romance. Be alert with Halong cruise scams.


4. Day 4: Travel into Halong Bay and return to Hanoi

If you are interested in exploring and active, Halong Bay is also a good choice. Not only the beauty of the lake but Ha Long Bay is also by other interesting tourist areas. Because it is a seaport area, the underwater recreational activities in Halong Bay have been fully exploited. Coming to Ha Long you can participate in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, swimming, snorkelling, etc. One thing special is that all of these activities can be found in Lan Ha Bay. This is a pristine bay, an ideal place for visitors to relax, swim and will be fascinated by the blue sea. The view of the seafloor of the bay will certainly not disappoint you. Thousands of brilliant coral reefs along with countless fish species: sergeant fish, anemone fish, etc. In addition to the activities under the sea, Ha Long Bay also has no shortage of aerial activities. 

If you want to have a panoramic view of Ha Long from above, the seaplane is your choice. With the flight time arranged at the most beautiful and suitable time, the 25-minute flight will surprise you. With over 2000 islands and limestone mountains and beautiful bays, Ha Long is a great place to fly and admire. This will be the highlight of your travel itinerary. Combining the panorama of Ha Long from above with the sight of white water bubbles through the window, the seaplane will bring the most exciting moment than ever. This is a perfect choice when visitors come to have fun in Ha Long. In addition, if you want to view the aerial view slowly and peacefully, then the cable car is the best choice. 

The Nu Hoang Cable Car is within the framework of SunWorld Ha Long Park. With a length of 2,222m and a transport capacity of 2000 passengers per hour, Nu Hoang Cable Car has a journey that begins at Bai Chay Resort, crossing the gateway of Cua Luc Bay, connecting Bai Chay coast to Ba Mountain. You will have an interesting experience to see the unforgettable panorama of Ha Long Bay. Also located in the amusement park of Ha Long Park, we can also admire the view from the sky of the giant wheel rotation SunWheel 215 m above sea level to help you get the best view for the whole of Ha Long Bay. And especially the scenery will be even more beautiful when you participate in the rotation at night, all the lights will make the scenery become gorgeous in your eyes. 

If you have come to Ha Long, you shouldn’t miss a unique floating fishing village tour and visit a natural pearl farming village. Floating fishing villages are made up of small houses, tied together against storms among islands in the waters of the bay. The floating houses floating on the sea surface connected together will be a unique experience for you. Is that enough to satisfy your discovery? Ha Long Bay with the pristine mountain scenery or returning to the ancient and peaceful Hanoi Capital makes you somewhat more in love with the northern land of Vietnam.

A 4-day trip in the North of Vietnam with so many new places, being immersed in the new life or the natural nature is enough to satisfy you? Surely anyone who has not been to Hanoi or Halong Bay will feel extremely excited and can not forget the experience here. It is hard to forget the aftertaste of the peaceful, classic and charming atmosphere in the capital. It is hard to forget the strolling afternoons on the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, the classic street corners, full of nostalgia. The warmth of the hot bowl of pho in the middle of the sky would be chilly or simply the bitter taste lingering on the tongue of the coffee filter coffee by the train. But perhaps the most unforgettable thing is the pace of life and people full, a place full of joy and friendliness. Bringing eyes to the vast sky, we suddenly come to mind in the image of an amazingly majestic bay. It is undeniable that the wild beauty of nature always conquers the hearts of so many people. The grandeur of the mountains surrounded by blue water, embellishing the beauty of labour of the people working day and night to earn a living to create a vivid and sparkling picture. 

Ha Long Bay or Hanoi capital is not only a tourist attraction but also a pride of Vietnamese people because of the emotions it brings. We find a place to visit because we are introduced to its scenery but we stay, do not want to leave because of the emotions that the land brings. It is certain that this place will do that, will hold on to and bind your memories to this land forever. For more choices, let's see:

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