Hanoi is well known as the cultural heart of Vietnam, where the history and the civilization of An Nam people have developed for thousands of years. From the rice paddy culture time, this ancient city became the home of art and cultures including poems, literature, music, painting, dancing and many more. The ancient people of this land love cultural activities because it would release the stress and tiredness from the daily agricultural works. Therefore, they considered cultural activities as a daily routine. In the evening, after a working day, people would gather together to sing and dance. Thank those ancient days, the land of An Nam people has grown into a well-developed city of abundance and diversity in cultural activities. After a thousand years of history, the cultures of this land kept growing up and became a general cultural museum of the Ancient Vietnamese people, and now people called it Hanoi. Due to a long period of development, there are a lot of cultural values in Hanoi, that the experts, as well as people, want to maintain and promote for the Vietnamese people and the global tourists. Therefore, we have a lot of outstanding cultural shows in Hanoi to remind people of the traditional cultures of the past. These shows will including dancing, singing, and many other art activities. That is why we strongly recommend you to buy tickets and attend the shows to know more about Vietnamese cultural activities which are considered as the wonders and pride of Vietnam especially Hanoi. In the list, we will not only list down the names of the shows but also the necessary information for you to read and choose the most interesting shows for yourself. These cultural shows will bring you close to the traditional cultures of the S land of Vietnam to know that Hanoi is rich not only by the development, the tourism, the landscape but also the various types of cultures and arts. If you come to Hanoi, read this list and visit some of our suggestions immediately.


1. "My village" Show

“My Village” Show or “Lang Toi Show” ( In Vietnamese), is a lively cultural show which tells stories about Vietnamese people's pride and image of lives. How Vietnamese people and their villagers live and deal with the difficult lives but they still keep the pride and the enthusiastic spirits. “My Village” Show is a very famous show for those who want to understand more about Vietnamese ancient lives. The “My Village” Show is significant and lively thanks to the stages designs which will create a realistic historical and cultural space for not only the performers but also the audiences to believe in what they are watching. Only with the good stages, the performers can deliver all the messages and stories of “My Village” Show to the audiences. It is said that the “My Village” Show team has spent a lot of money and time to invest in building stages and interior decoration for the show. Besides the considerable investment in facilities, the “My Village” Show team also focuses on choreography in order to maximize the stories of “My Village” and also show the audiences to best dances with soul and energy. It takes the “My Village” Show team several months to practice hard every day in the studios to introduce the high-level performance to the audiences. The stories of “My Village” Show will not only tell by the music, the costumes, the background but also by the languages of dance and movement. Come to the show, audiences will be shocked and fascinated by the difficult circus moves such as acrobatics, swings, prestidigitation in the most lively and realistic ways performed by the beautiful bodies and movements of the actors and actresses. Each person will play an important role in telling the stories from their points of view.

“My Village” Show will impress the audiences by the difficult and sometimes dangerous dances which require the high skills of performers. Therefore, sometimes the audiences will feel like losing breaths when watching the performers do some hard dances. These images also remind us of how challenging Vietnamese villagers had to deal with in their daily lives of the past. Moreover, the “My Village” Show becomes significant and outstanding for its music. The special music of the “My Village” Show comes from twenty different traditional musical instruments, so the sound effects will be lively and real more than ever. The combination of the dances, the images, the performances and also music will stimulate all of your senses. A lot of audiences cannot stop complimenting the show after they enjoy it. This is a super-excellent way to deliver the culture closer to people by performances. Therefore, the “My Village” Show tickets are always sold out very quickly, so if you want to join the show, you need to contact and book tickets very early in advance. With the considerable investment in art and cultural performances, “My Village” Show will be an unforgettable experience for you in Hanoi as well as Vietnam.

Lang Toi: Vietnamese Culture Show at Vietnam Tuong Theater
or Hanoi Opera House: Lang Toi (My Village) Show Ticket


- The Large Theater of Hanoi: 1 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

- The Classical Drama Theater of Hanoi: 51A Thanh street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

Performance time: 18:00 Every Day except for Thursday and Sunday

Ticket price ranges: 700,000 to 1,600,000 VND/ person.


2. “Tu Phu” Show

The name of the “Tu Phu” Show originated from the ritual of going into a trance in the Matriarchy culture of Vietnam. For your information, Matriarchy culture is a tradition of some people who worship the power of women in families. According to this traditional culture, the woman especially the mother is the most powerful and strong leader of a family, and there are a lot of deep stories and histories of this culture. “Tu Phu” is one of many legendary images of this culture. “Tu Phu” Show was created by director Viet Tu after more than 3 years researching and studying Matriarchy Culture. The ideas of building a show about this culture followed director Viet Tu into his dream until “Tu Phu” Show was born with a lot of values, dreams, and passion. Once the ideas of “Tu Phu” Show is finished, director Viet Tu began to build a team and start to process every ideas into reality. “Tu Phu” Show lasts for forty-five minutes including a total of three chapters: “Chau De Nhi” - “ Hoang Muoi Master” - The lady of Thuong Ngan”. The “Tu Phu” Show will excellently introduce the original solemn ritual called “Hau Dong” of Vietnamese people, which will lead the audiences through the history and stories of Matriarchy Culture so that people will feel like they are watching the ritual in reality.

Just like many other traditional shows, director Viet Tu had to prepare and invest a lot in stages, choreography, performers, costumes, music and sound effects. The director needs to combine everything cleverly in order to deliver the best influence to the audiences. Although “Tu Phu” Show is a traditional show, the team of director Viet Tu also takes advantage of using the modern elements to add in traditional ones to create significant visual effects. Because the “Tu Phu” Show does not require many performers so the skills and body languages are very important to express the spirit of “Tu Phu”. In the end, the “Tu Phu” Show is the result of the enthusiastic passion for the traditional culture of director Viet Tu and his team. By this show, he wants to attract more people to care about Vietnamese traditional cultural values such as the “Tu Phu” Show and many other significant cultural performance shows. the “Tu Phu” Show also wants the audiences to know about a beautiful and solemn religion of Vietnamese people, and somehow through the show, the audiences will have the right thoughts about “Tu Phu” as well as the Ritual of going into the entrance in Matriarchy Culture. This culture also becomes the inspiration for many artists in different fields. For example, now we have a song named “Tu Phu” by singer Hoang Thuy Linh. This means that Vietnamese people especially young ones start to pay more attention to the traditional culture of Vietnam. That is what we should be proud of.

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Location: The Worker Theater - 42 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Performance time: 18:00 Thursday and 19:30 Saturday

Ticket price: 199,000 VND / Person


3. The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show

The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show is a significant and prevalent show that every tourist must come for at least once whenever they visit Hanoi. Just like the name, The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show comprises a lot of special elements, cultural knowledge, and arts in a proud live stage. This show is outstanding to be the first show with real scenes including decorations, trees, and lake stages. The performances take place on a shallow lake stage where the artists stand on the surface of the water to perform. The realistic of The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show cannot be described by words, so you have to take part in the show as an audience to witness the true value of the Northern Cultural Quintessence. A full show of The Northern Cultural Quintessence including poems, Buddha realms, nostalgic scenes, Chinese traditional music, and festival music. These six chapters last for fifty-five minutes in a lively space of cultural music and performances. The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show brings the audiences to the flashback of the peak time of traditional cultures and values such as Water Puppetry Performances and many others. In order to have an impressive stage like that, the performers must be cast carefully before practicing. Most of the artists in the show are local, and they want to maintain the cultural values of their ancestors.

With the great investments, The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show prepares the tools systems in large scale and the high-technique effects of sound and light to maximize the effects of the performances. Let’s imagine The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show takes place on a water stage in front of the ancient Thay mountain will surely take the audiences to a magical and poetic world of the Northern Cultural Values. The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show is not only a good way to promote the Vietnamese cultures to tourists and develop the tourism of Hanoi but also create a lot of jobs for local people. Not only make the country richer in finances but also make the spiritual lives of people richer. In addition, The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show is also an Ao Dai and traditional costume exhibition for tourists to enjoy. All of the costumes are designed, sewed and mended according to the traditional styles and standards. This also makes the images of Ao Dai and traditional costumes more beautiful in the eyes of global friends, and sometimes it becomes the inspiration for global artists to create arts. A grand and significant stage of the Northern Cultural Quintessence Show should be encouraged and acknowledged as the wonder of Vietnamese culture as well as one of the world culture. It is sure that when the tourists or even Vietnamese people take part in The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show, they will be fascinated and proud to witness such an amazing performance ever. If you love Vietnamese cultures, do not miss The Northern Cultural Quintessence Show when visiting Hanoi. Details about location, performance time and ticket prices are included in here for you to consult. 

Check now: The Quintessence of Tonkin Show Ticket in Hanoi

or Hanoi: The Quintessence of Tonkin Show with Pick-Up.

Location: Da Phuc village, Xai Son commune, Quoc Oai, Hanoi

Performance time: 19:00 to 20:00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Ticket price range: 480,000 to 720,000 VND / Person.


4. Water Puppetry Show

The Water Puppetry Show has been a very long time kind of traditional performance that plays an important and high role in the Vietnamese traditional theater field. The story about the origin of The Water Puppetry Show comes from the rice paddy culture in the delta of the northern areas. The image of a water puppetry artist takes control of the puppets under the water reminds people of the image the farmers on the rice paddies. The Water Puppetry is not only a special feature of the northern culture but also the “spiritual medicine” for people‘s souls in the hardworking days. The nature of The Water Puppetry Show is rural and simple since its images stuck to the farmers and the countrysides. Therefore, the more the agricultural develops, the more significant The Water Puppetry Show becomes. The traditional occupation of water puppetry requires artists to be creative and willing to research and study new things. Every play of the water puppetry bases on folk stories such as Thach Sanh, Tam Cam,... or the familiar rural images as dragon dances, fighting buffalos, wrestling,... All of the traditional elements seem to be reborn in a very lively and attractive way so that The Water Puppetry Show makes the tourists interested.

However, in the modern era of technologies and sciences, the water puppetry seems to be forgotten and loses its values since there are not many people want to follow the traditional values anymore. Despite the turning back of people, many artists with great passion and belief have put effort into developing the water puppetry culture in a modern and more interesting direction. First of all, they improve the techniques and skills so that the water puppetry performances will be new and really more than ever. Then they invest a lot of intelligence in developing the stories and concepts. As a result, The Water Puppetry Show now will deliver new stories and new messages in a more significant way to the audiences. The effects of sounds, music, stages are also improved a lot in order to maximize the senses of audiences in the performances. The combination of the traditional instruments, the movement of the water puppets and the high-level skills turns The Water Puppetry Show into a lively image of history and culture in the past. By succeeding in revising the traditional occupation of water puppetry, we provided a lot of jobs for local people as well as maintained the cultural features of Vietnamese people. The Water Puppetry Show is waiting for you at Thang Long theater. Come and visit to witness the development of the traditional culture of Hanoi as well as Vietnam.

Check it now: Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

Location: Thang Long theater - 57B Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Performance time: Eight performances a day

Ticket price range: 60,000 to 100,000 VND / person.


5. Ceremonial Singing Performance

Ceremonial Singing Performance is a very difficult kind of art. It is not only difficult in the way it is performed but also difficult to enjoy due to the very high expectation of a deep understanding of Vietnamese cultural singing. This traditional occupation of being a Ceremonial singer is very challenging, so after generations, there are only a few children of the Ceremonial singing ancestors left now. Ceremonial Singing Performance is a very strong and impact cultural feature of Hanoi as well as the northern area of Vietnam, so the Phu Sa Lab team opens a mini show to introduce, promote and also maintain this beauty of culture to the audiences as well as tourists. Ceremonial Singing Performance is performed by artist Pho Thi Kim Duc who was born and raised up with ceremonial songs every day. Her family is famous, and most of them are all artists of the ceremonial singing culture. After growing up into a lady, Mrs. Kim Duc followed her father’s ceremonial singing shows in Thai Ha hamlet. With the passion for ceremonial singing, artist Kim Duc started and developed her career as a ceremonial singer until now.

With many years living with this traditional art, Mrs. Kim Duc can tell a thousand stories of happiness as well as sorrow in her career and ceremonial singing development. A lot of difficulties in maintaining this kind of art happened in her life, and sometimes she thought about quit. However, her strong love for ceremonial singing and her family legacy hold her back to keep performing ceremonial singing. All of those memories and challenges now become the souls of her singing. The Phu Sa Lab Show and artist Kim Duc start to have a stable position in the cultural field, and now a lot of tourists attend the show to listen to the amazing Ceremonial Singing Performance. Now, even though artist Kim Duc is really old, but her passion for Ceremonial Singing Performance still like the first days. If you wish to listen to the legendary voice of ceremonial singing, come to Phu Sa Lab show for reality experience now. We hope that in the future, artist Kim Duc, as well as Ceremonial Singing Performance will have students who will maintain the traditional cultural art of Vietnam.


Location: 21, 52 Alley, To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi

Performance time: 19:00

Ticket price range: 500,000 VND / person.


6. Traditional Cultural Fair in modern time

The People’s committee planned to organize a Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time on October 1st, 2019 to celebrate the heritage of Vietnamese civilization. This was also an event to show out the beauty and significance of Vietnam to be nominated for the city of creativity of UNESCO. The theme of the Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time has attracted thousands of people in the country as well as foreign countries to pay attention to. According to the plan, Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time would have a lot of traditional and cultural activities for people to experience, study as well as take part in. This event would help to preserve the traditional values of Vietnam and also promote new cultural development during the modern era.

The Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time would take place in 3 days from 15th to 17th in November on the walking street in Hoan Kiem district with several small events and activities. Besides, there were a lot of display stands as an exhibition for people to observe and enjoy the traditional art and hand-crafts with strong creativities such as Bat Trang pottery, Van Phuc weaving, Phu Vinh knit, Ha Thai lacquer… all of the magnificent cultural characteristics gathered at this event. In addition, there would also be a lot of cultural performances like singing and dancing during the Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time happened. By coming here, tourists could know better about Vietnamese traditional civilization and histories but also tried to create some hand-craft products by themselves. A warm and significant space of the Traditional Cultural Fair in Modern Time had impressed people in the country as well as foreigners, and it was also a memorable milestone for our cultural and traditional values.

Location: Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Ticket price ranges: Free

In conclusion, these are some of the outstanding features of Vietnamese cultural shows where you can experience the values of our civilization. If Hanoi is famous for the local food, for the amazing and beautiful locations, then Hanoi, as well as Vietnam is also famous for our rich traditional cultural storage of values. If you come to Hanoi, please attend one of the shows we recommended for you, and you will understand why our country is so amazing. Visiting Hanoi will not be interesting without knowing more about cultural shows in Hanoi. Try it now. 

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