Ha Giang food has long been such an irresistible hit to visitors as it reflects the culture of this mysterious land. Have you ever tried them? Ha Giang province is well known as a rural mountain province in the northern area of Vietnam where there are so many beautiful natural landscapes as well as the beauties of ethnic culture and traditional festivals. In this beautiful land, people live mainly by agriculture and other activities related to nature. Therefore, the mother of nature gives people in Ha Giang province a lot of valuable and rare sources of ingredients for them to invent special cooking recipes. To that, the people here developed a plentiful tradition of cooking and dishes. With the natural flavors and nutritions, Hag Giang dishes are not only strangely delicious but also outstanding. If you want to taste the remarkable food of Ha Giang province, you must travel there and read through the top ten special and delicious dishes in Ha Giang that we recommend here. The list will not only name the dishes that you must try but also give you the original stories of the dishes as well as some tips to enjoy the food here. It is sure that when you read the list of ten special and delicious dishes in Ha Giang, you probably want to travel there immediately. The journey to the land of beauty and delicious food is waiting for you.

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1. Thang Den 

The first name on top 10 must-try dishes in Ha Giang marks Thang Den, a kind of dessert of people in Ha Giang province. In their tradition, when people gather together to talk, they will probably choose Thang Den to eat during the conversations because they believe that food will build the connection between people and Thang Den is the chosen one. Thang Den is made from glutinous rice flour and the core of Thang Den is made from black beans. After cooking, the shape of Thang Den will look like a small white ball, and Thang Den will be put into a bowl of sugar sauce, some coconut milk and slices of ginger. The sweet of sugar, the greasy of coconut milk and a little bitter of ginger combine with e sticky flour to create the excellent flavor of Thang Den. Besides, people will add some roasted peanuts to fulfill the delicious flavors of Thang Den. If you love desserts, you would like to eat Thang Den at least once. It is sure that Thang Den will be a simple but memorable dessert that you never forget.

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2. Thang Co

If Thang Den is a kind of dessert, then Thang Co is a special kind of soup that you must try in Ha Giang, too. In the traditional language, Thang Co was called bone soup. This 300-year-old dish is cooked from the bone, meat and internal organs of livestock including horses. Thang Co recipe has been passed from generations to now, so it becomes one of the most significant traditional dishes of Ha Giang people. Thang Co is so special that it is only served in festivals or in village fairs for a lot of people including the villagers and the tourists. Ha Giang people sometimes joke that if you see Thang Co, it means the festivals are coming. After listening to the stories of these 2 special dishes, some people compare Thang Den and Thang Co with the definitions of Joy and Happiness of Ha Giang people. Now, tourism in Ha Giang province developed a lot, so more and more people have the opportunity to visit this land as well as taste the strangely delicious flavors of Thang Den and Thang Co.

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3. Triangular Circuit Cake

Another name on the list of top 10 must-enjoy dishes in Ha Giang should be Triangular Circuit Cake, a kind of pie that sticks to the famous flower of Ha Giang province: “Triangular Circuit Flower”. When the spring comes, Triangular Circuit flowers bloom in every corner of the whole mountains and fields in Ha Giang province, this creates a magnificent landscape of a rural province like Ha Giang. A lot of tourists are attracted to visit this land because of the Triangular Circuit flowers. Noticing the beauty of these strange flowers, Ha Giang people had invented a recipe to make a cake from the Triangular Circuit seeds. They collect the flower seeds and dry them under the sunlight. After the seeds are dried and clean, they grind them and turn them into the triangular circuit flour. Then they mix the flour with water until the mixture turns soft and smooth. They will continue to steam the mixture and we will have the Triangular Circuit Cake with the shape of a rounded chopping-board. The original idea of creating this kind of cake is based on the freshness as well as the highly nutritious source in the triangular circuit seeds. The Triangular Circuit Cake will be cut into small pieces to sell to the tourists and the local people with the prices of about 10,000 to 15,000 VND / slice. When you eat the Triangular Circuit Cake, you will clearly feel the greasy and sweet but a little bitter flavor of Triangular Circuit seeds. The Triangular Circuit Cake is very good for your health not only because of the freshness from these natural flowers but also because there are no chemicals. Therefore, Triangular Circuit Cake becomes one of the most famous features of Ha Giang province. If you visit Ha Giang but never try Triangular Circuit Cake before, then you gonna regret it.


4. Dried Meat

The origin of Dried Meat comes from the tradition in families of Ha Giang. In the past, people did not have any way to keep the meat such as beef, pork or buffalo last longer, so they invented a method to cut the meat into big slices and put on the shelf above the stoves. The heat, as well as smoke from cooking, would gradually dry the meat. After the meat was drained of water completely, it would be able to keep the dried meat as long as people want. Thank the intelligent method, the Ha Giang people have passed the lesson to generations, and they keep improving this method until now. Dried Meat has become one of the most delicious food in Ha Giang, and people in different areas of Vietnam even learn this recipe to make dried meat for festivals and Tet. Nowadays, Ha Giang people will collect meat such as pork, buffalo, beef, and mix them with the sauce of spices, ginger, chili peppers and especially Zanthoxylum Rhetsa. Therefore, Dried Meat now is more and more delicious and significant. When eating, people will feel the sweets of meat but also a little salty and spicy. Dried Meat is a favorite choice to have with some wine. Tourists coming to Ha Giang province usually buy some of the Dried Meat as presents for their friends and families to have the opportunity to taste the flavor of the rural mountain province of Ha Giang.


5. Ha Dong Mint Honey 

Ha Dong Mint Honey usually makes people misunderstand about honey with mint flavors. But no! Ha Dong Mint Honey is popular for its delicious, pure and strong flavors. The special feature of the Ha Dong Mint Honey is the careful and considerate process to create honey. The farmers raise and take care of the beehives carefully. From September to December in the lunar calendar, the mint flowers bloom everywhere in Ha Giang province, and they attract the bees to come for collecting honey. The honey collected in this period time will possess the pure sweetness and the scent of the mint flower. The source of honey is the reason for the name of Ha Dong Mint Honey. About nutrition, the health values of Ha Dong Mint Honey are very plentiful and high, which can strengthen the bodies as well as cure the sickness of the respiratory system and digestion. Due to the great values of quality and healthiness, Ha Dong Mint Honey becomes more and more famous in Ha Giang as well as Vietnam. Tourists always buy some Ha Dong Mint Honey as gifts for their friends and families after a journey to Ha Giang. People hope that if tourism develops more and more, perhaps someday the Ha Dong Mint Honey will be exported to other countries so that the foreigners can taste the pure sweets of special honey of Ha Giang province in Vietnam.

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6. Five-color Sticky Rice

Five-color Sticky Rice is a Ha Giang's traditional dish in every important family event or festival, and it has five colors: White, Red, Green, Purple, and Yellow. All colors of Five-color Sticky Rice are cooked from only one kind of sticky rice which is the product of hardworking days of the farmers. Five-color Sticky Rice of Ha Giang province is sweet-smelling and soft thanks to the freshness and nutrition of the natural northern mountain. In order to make Five-color Sticky Rice, people carefully choose the rice after the harvest and processing, then they cook it. The special and attractive colors of this dish come from the natural colorized ingredients such as Momordica Cochinchinensis for red, pineapple leaf for green, turmeric for yellow, magenta leaf for purple. The tradition said that Five-color Sticky Rice represents five basic elements of nature, and these elements maintain the peace as well as the wealth of the land they are living. Therefore, every special occasion or festival, people in Ha Giang always put a tray of Five-color Sticky Rice on the altar table of ancestors as a gift of a wealthy harvest. Even Five-color Sticky Rice is popular in the whole of Vietnam, but Five-color Sticky Rice in Ha Giang province has the spirit of Ha Giang beauties as well as the cultures. If you taste Five-color Sticky Rice of this land, you can tell the differences in flavors. Besides, just imagine, you come to this rural area, and sit down somewhere to enjoy a tray of Five-color Sticky Rice with the friendly local people. It will be such a beautiful memory in your journey to Ha Giang province - the peaceful and wealthy land.


7. Au Tau Porridge

Au Tau Porridge is a rustic and simple dish of local people in Ha Giang. The main ingredient of Au Tau Porridge is high-quality rice and the water caltrop. People will stew the pig’s trotters to make the porridge sweeter and nutritious. A bowl of Au Tau Porridge will stimulate your taste with the sweet-smelling fresh rice, a little spicy and bitter flavor of water caltrop. However, Au Tau Porridge is not an easy-to-eat dish. In your first time, eating Au Tau Porridge will not make you feel delicious due to the bitterness, but gradually, you will be fond of Au Tau Porridge and want to eat more. Ha Giang is very cold in winter, so this is a perfect time to sit by a fireplace and enjoy a bowl of Au Tau Porridge. As you can see, Ha Giang is not beautiful because of the fancy and luxurious things. Ha Giang, as well as its food cultures, are beautiful due to the sweetness of nature and simple and rustic lives. Visit Ha Giang, and enjoy a bowl of Au Tau Porridge. The flavors of this land will make you remember it forever. 


8. Portable Pork

Portable Pork is a funny but special definition for a kind of pigs which is small and easy to be carried. This is also a word to describe the traditional method of cattle-breeding in Ha Giang in the past. This kind of pig is the result of the combination of forest pigs and Muong pigs. With a small body, the Portable Pork is easier to keep as well as take care of. The pigs are free to find food around the houses and grow up themselves. Because the Portable Pork has to wander a lot to find food and tend not to eat too much, the meat of Portable Pork is very thick and less fat. Therefore, dishes are cooked from Portable Pork are delicious and not too greasy. Nowadays, Portable Pork is cooked into many different fresh dishes such as grill pork, stir-fried pork as well as turn into dried meat. Portable Pork becomes a special food that is favorite by tourists as well as local people. We hope that one day, Portable Pork will be exported to global and impress more people by the quality of the meat. Perhaps, we will be able to see the professional and global chefs cook portable pork into different gourmet meals.


9. Sour Pho

Pho is too famous in Vietnam as well as even the world. However, there is a special kind of Pho invented in Ha Giang province: “Sour Pho”. In the past, Sour Pho only appeared in special events of families or festivals, but now Sour Pho is served in also daily meals. The tourists who visit Ha Giang province will be fascinated by Sour Pho. This dish is so famous that people in different areas of Vietnam learn the recipe and bring Sour Pho to different Vietnamese land. The recipe of Sour Pho is simple and friendly just like the local people of Ha Giang province. It includes fried pork, grill duck, sausages and dried beans. All of these ingredients will go with vegetables, garlic, and sour papaya to become a perfect and delicious bowl of Sour Pho. Besides, the soul of Sour Pho is the careful processing Pho to make sure Pho is soft but firm and fresh. Sour Pho will be a very new experience you may have in Ha Giang province.


10. Bac Me Bamboo Rice

Bamboo Rice is too familiar in the highland provinces, and its origin comes from the ethnic minorities. The people of Ha Giang province usually have to go into the forests or fields so they have to bring some food during their journey, and bamboo rice is a perfect choice at that time. Nowadays, when the world develops so fast, people do not need to carry bamboo rice on their journey anymore, but they become interested in the delicious flavor of bamboo rice. Bac Me Bamboo Rice is the most favorite and famous in Ha Giang. To cook Bac Me Bamboo Rice, people put the rice with a lot of other ingredients into the bamboo, and they grill the bamboos in the fire. The Bac Me Bamboo Rice is done will impress the eaters with the freshness, natural sweetness and good scent of bamboo. Bac Me Bamboo Rice will be better in taste when you eat it with grilled meat or chicken. 

In conclusion, Ha Giang is not only a wealthy land of natural beauties, significant cultures, and friendly people but also a plentiful range of delicious and special dishes. Thanks to the natural conditions as well as the people’s intelligence, they know how to take the advantages and put them into their lives, their products, their tourism, their cultures and especially food. If you are tired of the city lives, you should visit Ha Giang province to experience the land and taste the food here. The list we recommended will give you some of Ha Giang dishes that you must try at least once.

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