The central areas of Vietnam are very beautiful and magnificent with so many natural landscapes as well as human achievement in the development and also the cultures, people and many other things. All of those significant things will attract a lot of tourists including Vietnamese people and foreigners to come for a visit and exploration for a new and exciting experience. It will be a big mistake if you do not come to visit some certainly famous places in central Vietnam travel. Therefore, we are going to introduce a journey to Danang Beach City and Hoi An Town in 5 days so that you can discover the beauty and charm of the central areas of Vietnam.

1. Day 1: Check-in and visit Danang City

The schedule for your first day in Danang Beach City is check-in at your accommodation as well as put away the luggage, earn some rest, prepare everything including taking shower, dress up,... Then we are going to have a good and delicious breakfast in some local restaurants or food stores. Fill your stomach first and then we are going to start a day wandering around Danang Beach City and visit some local interesting places in your central Vietnam travel.

If you are worried about what to eat, then you can have a look through the list of a lot of delicious food and local dishes such as Goi Cuon Danang, Chicken Rice, Cao Lau, Banh Canh Ruong, Banh Xeo Danang, Grilled Sheep, Cha Gio,...These famous dishes are served everywhere in Danang that you can find in many restaurants. With a great number of choices about taste and categories, you will have enough options for breakfast, lunch and even dinner for the days you stay in Danang. The price range will be flexible for each dish and each restaurant, so make sure that you look for the information about menu and prices first or you can ask directly the staff of restaurants before stepping in. Please choose the most suitable special dishes and local food based on your own demands and interests.

After having meals and gain back energy, we can tell that you are ready for a long and free day to wander and explore Danang Beach City. Before you can start your own journey around Danang Beach City, we recommend that you should hire a bike to travel around so that you can not only travel freely and comfortably but also save a lot of money from taking taxis. The price range for hire a bike is from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per bike based on the different categories of bike and engine. Once you have your own bike, you can begin to visit famous places such as the Love Bridge where you can mark your love with your partners, the Flower Village where you can sightsee and witness the beauty of flora, the Asia Park where you will be fascinated by the beauty of the special architectures in Asian Style, Hoi An Antique Town where you can take pictures, take part in the Hoi An Lantern Festival or simply wander around,... and so many other local places. With just some suggestions, we are sure that you will spend all your day visiting those places already. Do not forget to get back to accommodations for proper rest because you are going to have another long travelling day tomorrow.

Bike renting cost: From 100,000 to 150,000 VND per bike (Different kinds)

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2. Day 2: Discover the charms of the Central in Danang City

It is understandable when Danang is always on the list of top 4 must-see destinations in Central Vietnam due to its stunning beach with clear crystal sea. Come to Danang Beach City, you must take the time to visit one of the most beautiful and magnificent beaches of Danang Beach City. You can have breakfast first or come to the beaches and have breakfast there. You will be fascinated by the beauty of Danang Beaches because Danang City is famous for the beautiful natural beaches as well as known as the city with the cleanest beaches ever in Vietnam. Therefore, so many investors have poured money into developing as well as building the facilities for tourists from Vietnamese local people to foreign visitors who can come to stay and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Danang City. We believe that you are going to spend half of a day or even a whole day just to swim, relax, enjoy seafood or simply sightsee the view of the beaches. A trip to discover the charms of Vietnam central areas especially Danang City will not be completed without visiting the beaches.

Besides the beautiful beaches where you can swim, relax and enjoy the seafood of Danang Beach City, you will have the chance to experience the luxury services of accommodation and vacation in the famous and magnificent resorts, homestays or take part in so many different water sports such as beach volleyball, sailing, surfing, parachute jumping,... Moreover, in Danang City, we have a lot of excellent restaurants for tourists including Vietnamese people and foreign visitors will have the chance to taste the special cuisine of Danang from the fresh and delicious food under the hands of professional chefs. In addition, in the evening or at night, it will be a super amazing experience for you to walk on the beaches to watch the sunset or enjoy the outdoor beach parties. Or you can travel to the Golden Bridge of Danang City to watch the beauty as well as the famous icon of the city. If you do not like to wander on the beaches of Danang City, then we recommend you to visit one of the best and most famous locations in Danang City - Ba Na Hill. In order to get to Ba Na Hill, you need to take the cable car from the mountain bottom to the Ba Na Hill with the price from 600,000 to 750,000 VND per person in exchange for the amazing experience of sightseeing the magnificent landscapes.

Ba Na Hill is a must-visit place in Danang City due to its huge success in tourism for the city. The special feature of Ba Na Hill is the location in the separated area on Ba Na Mountain where you can feel like you are stepping in another wonderful land. In Ba Na Hill, we have nearly everything for you to explore and experience from the fancy accommodation, the western style streets, and castles, excellent restaurants, and some hot and famous check-in locations. Tourists especially the Vietnamese people will be fascinated and feel like they are walking in the cities of the Western Countries. Come to Ba Na Hill, you can take pictures in every single corner because there are beautiful landscapes and sceneries everywhere. We believe that your day will be fulfilled here with the beauty of Ba Na Hill with your friends and families.

From Da Nang: Day Trip to Bà Nà Hill Station

If you have a chance, it is recommended for you to book a room and stay in Ba Na Hill for a day to experience the amazing and considerate services of Ba Na Hill accommodation where you can rest, relax and observe the landscapes outside the windows. There are many other fancy services such as a spa, gym, swimming pool like in heaven. Moreover, now, we are going to suggest some Ba Ha Hill’s hot places such as Ba Na Linh Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin D’mour Garden, Debay Wine Catacomb, French Village, Lau Chuong,... If you need some help, you can hire a tour guide to assist you during the journey around Ba Na Hill. Please remember to gain energy during the journey so that you are strong enough to explore Ba Na Hill. Therefore, we are going to suggest you some delicious food you can also find in Ba Na Hill like  Pho, Bun Bo, Bun Cha,... or some familiar Danang food like My Quang, Banh Xeo, seafood, and especially the western-styled food as well. Trust us that you will have a day with happiness and new experience with Ba Na Hill of Danang Beach City.


At the end of day 2, you will completely satisfy with an exploration day around different places in Danang City, so after a long day of hard-visiting, we strongly recommend you to come back to your accommodation to rest and relax to gain back the energy because we will start to travel to Hoi An tomorrow.


3. Day 3: Travel to Hoi An Antique Town & Check-in

On the 3rd day, you will arrive in Hoi An early in the morning after taking a taxi for about 45 minutes, and you need to get to the accommodation immediately to check-in, put away the luggage as well as earn a little rest before starting the journey around Hoi An especially visiting Hoi An Antique Town. Do not forget to gain energy by having breakfast with some local food and special dishes such as Banh Mi Phuong, Banh Dap, Cao Lau, Com Ga, Nuoc Mot,... Once you have enough energy, let’s visit Hoi An Antique Town - the hot place in central Vietnam.

For your information, located in the Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, Hoi An Antique Town is a super hot destination in tourism in Vietnam for quite a long time. Hoi An Antique Town was established and built-in the 16th and 17th centuries as the main commercial harbour of the central area of Vietnam in the past. Hoi An Antique Town used to be a very busy place of goods exchange and commercial activities, and it lasted until now. The group of Hoi An Antique Town architectures includes a lot of buildings, old-style houses, halls, temples, pagodas, bridges, markets, harbours,... all of these constructions unite into the shape of a chest table, which was the common structures of commercial cities in the Western countries in the past. Now, Hoi An Antique Town becomes famous for its antique beauty and old-styled architectures. The lives of the current residents of Hoi An people are focused on tourism and long-time cultural activities which you can observe, experience and sometimes learn some interesting things. Hoi An Antique Town now is considered to be an alive museum of city culture as well as the ancient architecture. 

At night, Hoi An Antique Town will become a beautiful lively colorful town that will surely impress you by first sight. You will have the chance to take part in the Hoi An Lantern Festival in Hoi An Antique Town. Hoi An Lantern Festival is one of the most favourite festivals in Vietnam for tourists including the Vietnamese people as well as the foreigners in the Antique Town of Hoi An. On the 14th on the Lunar Calendar every month, the local people of Hoi An will turn off all the light as well as light up all the magnificent lanterns, and this turns all the Antique Town Hoi An into a beautiful and magnificent painting which will impress all the tourists at first sight.

Hoi An Lantern Festival is simply an occasion for people to enjoy everything in Hoi An under the dim but beautiful lights of the lanterns. Hoi An Lantern Festival will start from to 9 or at night. Hoi An Lantern Festival will be crowded, warm and busy, and it's gonna be a very interesting experience. If you visit Hoi An Antique Town, you should take part in Hoi An Lantern Festival at least once to witness the beauty and speciality of Hoi An. Do not worry about the tickets, because everyone will be invited to Hoi An Lantern Festival.


Moreover, there will be a lot of interesting things for you to explore about Hoi An cuisine for lunch and also dinner with several different delicious local dishes such as Cao Lau, Banh Mi, Banh Dap, Chicken Rice,... that you should try when you visit Hoi An Antique Town or attend the Hoi An Lantern Festival in Vietnam - one of the special feature of central Vietnam travel


4. Day 4: Visit Kim Bong Village - Clay Park

On the 4th day, we are going to visit Kim Bong Village which is not so far from Hoi An. You will have to fill your stomach with a proper breakfast meal, then you can start to travel to Kim Bong Village. Once you reach the wharf, you can pay a little money so there will be boats to take you to Cam Kim and then Kim Bong Village which is a very ancient village from the Nguyen Empire. Kim Bong Villagers live mainly on the construction job by woods, so now there are many antique wooden architectures still lasting until now such as old houses, pagodas, club-houses, churches,... with the special and magnificent wooden carving arts. You will have a day wandering around and witness the beauty as well as the simple and peaceful life of the villagers.

In the afternoon, you should have lunch in the local restaurants of Kim Bong Village before we depart for Clay Park. If you have not known, Clay Park is a center of special and beautiful architectures, arts, potteries,... made from clay by the hands of the real artists. It will surely impress you once you visit Clay Park, and you can observe the beautiful landscapes, check-in as well as take part in different activities such as making potteries… You will have an amazing journey at Clay Park. Remember to come back to Hoi An to rest in the accommodation to rest and gain energy for another trip to My Son tomorrow.

Transportation to Kim Bong Village: Buses or taxis.


5. Day 5: Visit My Son Sanctuary & Return

On the last day of the long journey, we are going to visit one of the most solemn and famous places in the central areas of Vietnam - My Son Sanctuary. For your information, My Son Sanctuary is an ancient ruin area of the Champa Empire that still lasts until now with an area of about 2 square kilometres. This is a place for worshipping the religion of Cham people as well as the ancestors of Cham Pa. Now, My Son Sanctuary is freely opened for tourists to come and visit to witness the beauty of Champa civilization.

From Hoi An: My Son Sanctuary Early Morning Tour

Therefore, you can not only take pictures of the beautiful landscapes of the ruins but also can take part in the cultural activities of the Cham people. Make sure that you have breakfast before we visit My Son Sanctuary. After wandering around My Son Sanctuary, you can find a local restaurant for a great meal, and then we are going to visit some local places in Hoi An and buy some souvenirs and come back to accommodation for check-out and leaving. Make sure that you have great moments of exploring the charm of the central areas of Vietnam in 5 days because the journey exploring central Vietnam travel will end here.

Ticket price range: From 100,000 to 150,000 VND per person.

In conclusion, with all the information we provide for you about Danang City and Hoi An on your 5-day journey to explore the charms of the central areas of Vietnam, you will have amazing experiences and moments. Please prepare carefully your plans and luggage for a good trip as well as choose the best plan to discover the charms of central Vietnam travel based on your own demands, interests, and plans.