Vietnam is an S-shape country with three different areas including the northern area, the central area, and the southern area. Each area will have different cultures, traditions, civilizations as well as different natures, flora, fauna, and landscapes, so they also develop various types of touring activities and tourism as well. We have recommended you top 4 for not missing in Central Vietnam. And, today, we are going to talk about the central area of Vietnam, and we are also going to give you all the necessary and useful information about a short trip around two famous locations in the central areas of Vietnam - Danang Beach City and Hue Capital City. In this suggested trip, you will have four days with a quite detailed schedule to discover the charms of the Central area of Vietnam. Now, let’s get started on the first day. Moreover, you should know that the best time to visit the central areas of Vietnam is from January to July when there are so many festivals and touring activities in these places of central Vietnam travel. Don't forget to exchange and know-how to exchange currency in Vietnam with Vietnam Travel Money Guide| Cash, Credit Cards, ATMs - Currency Exchange 2020


1. Day 1: Check-in at Danang Beach City.

On the first day, you step foot on Danang Beach City and check-in at your accommodation, and it can be a homestay, a hotel, a motel or even a room in a resort. Do not worry about accommodation because Danang is a beautiful and famous tourism city so there will be a lot of choices for staying as well as different price ranges for you to choose from. After you finish check-in and arrange your luggage in your room, you can start to walk down the street for a Danang local breakfast as well as something to drink before you start to visit some local interesting places in Danang City. 

For your information about food, Danang is popular for a lot of special food and local dishes just like other places in Vietnam. Come to Danang Beach City, you can not only taste the fresh and delicious seafood but also have the chance to enjoy Vietnamese pancakes in Danang style, Danang My Quang, Paper cake with pork, Noodles with chopped fish, Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Banh Canh Ruong, Grill Sheep, Fried Roll, Grill meat roll of Danang, and many others. Just list some of these dishes that will make your stomach turn. With such so many different dishes and local food, we are sure that you will have enough options for not only breakfast but also lunch and dinner for today and even for the next day. 

If your stomach is already full and happy, now we can start the free schedule of today. On the first day, you will have your own freedom to travel to any places in the areas of Danang Beach City. Now, we are going to suggest you with some hot and famous local locations within the city so that you can visit during the day without traveling so far. You can hire a bike to travel around with a price range from 100,000 to 150,000 for different types of bikes, and do not forget to fill the bike with gasoline before starting your journey. You can have a great time in Asia Park where the architectures are in Asian styles, Than Tai Mount Hotspring where you can relax in the hot mineral water, sightsee the magnificent landscapes in Flower Village, mark your love at Love Bridge,... and many other hot locations. Do not forget to visit some beautiful coffeeshops in Danang City for more check-in and taking pictures. 


One more hot place is Hoi An Antique Town where you can witness the special ancient architectures as well as the special cultures of this place. Hoi An is a very beautiful and famous town that will impress you, at first sight, so do not miss it. However, you can explore every place in Danang City area, you should visit those locations as well as come back to the accommodation to rest for new exploration in day 2 in some further areas of Danang Beach City. Don't miss Cham Island: Underwater Walking & Snorkeling Tour.

Bike rent cost: From 100,000 to 150,000 VND per bike (Different kinds)


2. Day 2: Discover the charms of Danang Beach City

It will be a very big mistake if we visit Danang without visiting the beautiful beaches of this city. After you have breakfast, you can start the journey around the further areas of Danang, and we can start with the local beaches. For your information, Danang Beach City is super famous for its magnificent and beautiful beaches as well as known as one of the cleanest beaches in Vietnam. Therefore, In Danang, there will be a lot of different kinds of accommodations for people to visit and stay with the different considerate experience. Moreover, the city of Danang is also so well-developed and modern so a lot of tourists from other places in Vietnam as well as other countries come to visit every year, and that can prove the appealing feature of Danang Beach City to you as well as your family members on a Vietnam family tour to discover the charm of Danang Beach City.

If you are wonder why should you and your family visit Danang Beach City? Because you and your family will have the chance to rest and relax in one of the most beautiful hotels or resorts, homestays in the city where you can observe the beauty of the beach and the city especially at night. You can travel to the center of the city to take part in the shopping activities, entertainment activities or take your children to the amusement park of Danang. In the daylight, you and your family members can swim or relax on the beaches and enjoy the fresh air as well as the warm sunlight. Playing beach sports will also be a good choice when you are having a vacation in Danang. At night, you should come to witness the magnificent beauty of the golden bridge which has become the icon of Danang city. And there are many other interesting things that you and your family members can do together such as Asia Park, Vinpearl Land, My Khe Beach…

Besides Danang Beaches, you can visit the other hot and famous places such as Ba Na Hills with the world's new check-in hits since 2018 "Golden Bridge". In order to get to Ba Na Hill, you can buy tickets for the cable car to travel to Ba Na Hill with the price range from 600,000 to 750,000 VND per person.

If you have not known that Ba Na Hill is a hugely-successful tourist area in Danang, but its location is quite separated by the height of Ba Na mountain. However, tourists especially families will be completely impressed by the magnificent man-made beauty of Ba Na Hill based on the natural beauty of Ba Na Mountain. Come to Ba Na Hill, you can not only witness the magnificent landscapes from the cables, the special western-style architectures, the luxury accommodations, the fancy restaurants but also so many hot check-in locations that are designed for tourists to take pictures and experience on their Vietnam central tour while discovering the charm of Danang City as well as the central area of Vietnam.

Once you visit Ba Na Hill, you and your family will have an amazing experience like go sightseeing from the cables, and it will be a super interesting experience for your family members on such a Vietnam central area tour. Moreover, you and your family can stay and rest in the considerate and luxury accommodations of Ba Na Hill where you can rest, relax in the most convenient rooms while observing the landscapes outside the windows, enjoy the fancy services such as spa, gym, swimming pool and many other together with your families. Then you can take your families around Ba Na Hill to see the man-made city of France or visit the famous and hot places in Ba Na Hill such as Ba Na Linh Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin D'amour Garden, Debay Wine Catacomb, French Village, Lau Chuong,... 

From Da Nang: Day Trip to Ba Na Hill Station

If you worry that you do not know what to explore in Ba Na Hill, then do not worry anymore, there will tour guides to assist you whenever you and your family need. Trust us, there will be a lot of family activities for your vacation and family tour in Ba Na Hill. During the time you visit Ba Na Hill on a Vietnam central tour, you do not worry about what to eat in Ba Na Hill, you gonna have the chance to enjoy some signature food of Vietnam in the high-quality restaurant of Ba Na Hill such as Pho, Bun Bo, Bun Cha,... or some familiar Danang food like My Quang, Banh Xeo, seafood or even western dishes in a lot of different restaurant for you to choose and enjoy based on the taste of your family. 

At the end of day 2, you will completely satisfy with an exploration day around different places in Danang City, so after a long day of hard-visiting, we strongly recommend you to come back to your accommodation to rest and relax to gain back the energy because we will start to travel to Hue tomorrow.


3. Day 3: Travel to Hue City and wander around some of Hue locations

Early in the morning, you will wake up and prepare every necessary stuff because we will have to grab everything and check-out before leaving for Hue City. We will travel to Hue by bus so you can rest during the road. If you want to know, the ticket price for a bus to Hue from Danang is from 180,000 VND per person. The travelling route will be quite short because it only takes you from 2 to 2.5 hours to go from Danang to Hue. Therefore, if we depart at 6 am so we will be able to have a late breakfast or early lunch in Hue city. Once you reach Hue City, you will have a free day to wander around Hue to explore and experience whatever you want to know about Hue. 

Hue City Full-Day Tour

In order to do that, you should hire a bike to travel around just like in Danang Beach City. The price range for hire a bike is from 100,000 to 200,000 VND per bike, and it depends on the types of bike that you hire. You can start to visit the local famous places within the area of Hue such as the magnificent royal castle of Hue Capital, visit the religious solemn and beautiful places such as Tu Dam pagoda, Thien Mu pagoda, Hoang Khong Son Thuong Pagoda…, wander around the seasides and beaches of Hue such as Lang Co Beach, Thuan An Beach, Pha Tam Gia…, see the Thanh Tan Mineral Stream… or you can visit the outstanding and significant locations of Hue such as Thien Vien Truc Lam, Dong Ba Market, An Hien Garden… With just some of these suggestions, you can explore and wander around for a whole day.

In the afternoon, you can have lunch at some local restaurants with a lot of different and delicious food such as Banh Canh Nam Pho, Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Com Hen, Banh Uot Thit Nuong or Bun Bo Hue (Beef noodle soup of Hue). After having lunch, you should get back to the accommodation to rest and relax a little bit before continuing to experience, wander around Hue City again. At night, you can also see the busy and beautiful city life of Hue. You can relax simply by sitting in a coffee shop to observe the beautiful and antique streets of Hue.

Da Nang: Full-Day Hue City Tour

Do not worry if you can not visit all of the suggested locations of Vietnam central travel above because you gonna have another day tomorrow to explore and experience the rest of Hue surrounding areas. Therefore, after hanging out around at night, you should come back to the accommodation to sleep and rest to prepare for tomorrow’s journey.

Bike hiring cost: From 100,000 to 200,000 VND per bike.


4. Day 4: Continue to wander around Hue and return

After a night of good sleep and rest, you can start the 4th day with full energy to explore more things in Hue. Remember to explore as well as experience a lot of famous locations in Hue which are the places that you have not visited yesterday. Besides the locations we recommend above, we are going to suggest to you some other places such as Ky Dai, Dien Thai Hoa, Quoc Tu Giam, Dien Long An,... to see, understand as well as learn more about the ancient cultures and architectures of Hue City. 

Moreover, after a day of exploring and travelling a lot, you are going to need a relaxing moment on the beaches of Hue. If you love to release stress as well as swim in the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of Hue, then you should visit one of these beautiful as well as magnificent beaches of Hue such as Canh Duong Beach, Lang Co Beach, Thuan An Beach, Ham Rong Beach, Hai Duong Beach, or Tam Giang lagoon

Just imagine you are lying on the beautiful beaches under the sunlight and relax after a long trip, and it is such an amazing experience. Besides relaxing and swimming, you can also take part in a lot of different water sport activities on the beaches such as surfing, sailing, parachute jumping,... to maximize your passion for adventurous and risky experience. Moreover, you can also have lunch with the fresh, delicious as well as quite cheap priced seafood that you can buy and grill them right on the spot. 

In addition, after swimming in the beautiful beaches of Hue already, you should wander around the beaches to buy some signature souvenirs as gifts for your family and friends. However, we want to recommend you not to travel too far from Hue City on the 4th day, or if you want to travel far, you had better return to Hue before lunch because we will leave Hue City on the evening of day 4. We strongly advise you to hang out and wander lightly because you will have to get back to your accommodations to check-out, and we will leave Hue City after lunch and end the journey of discovering the charms of the Vietnam central travel here. We will leave Hue City to come back to Danang Beach City by bus or if you do not want to come back to Danang and want to return straight home, then you can take the plane and train up to your own plan.

or you can also start from Hoi An, if you are in this Vietnam hidden gem.

In conclusion, this is the end of the journey 4 days of discovering the charms of the Central areas of Vietnam. With all the useful as well as necessary about each day and some suggestions for each main destinations you visited, we hope that you will have a clear vision of a vacation plan to discover the charms of the central areas of Vietnam in your own way. Make sure that you prepare everything carefully including your plan to have a smooth and satisfactory journey to the beautiful central areas of Vietnam. For more choices, let's check Vietnam 7 Days Itinerary| Best Of Northern Vietnam In 7 Days or Discover The Charm Of Northern Vietnam In 5 Days.