If you are a new married couple, you are going to travel to some certain places for your honeymoon. Perhaps you can travel to the abroad countries to see the beautiful space of natural beauty and landscapes, as well as the amazing, relax and romantic experience, but you now can find all of those things in Vietnam. Therefore, today, we are going to introduce the best of Vietnam Honeymoon vacation in 7 days through some of the most famous, beautiful and romantic places in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Phu Quoc Island, Ho Chi Minh City.

Moreover, in this list, we are also going to list down some necessary and useful information as well as the suggestions so that you can have the best choices for a sweet and happy honeymoon vacation. Now, let’s start. 


1. Day 1: Arrive and check-in at Hanoi Capital City

At the beginning of the honeymoon vacation, you can start with Hanoi - the beautiful and romantic, antique capital city of Vietnam. During one day in Hanoi, you are going to travel around the city areas as well as travel to some of the urban and surrounding areas of Hanoi, so we strongly recommend you to hire a bike with the price range from 120,000 to 150,000 VND per bike to save the money on transportation, or you can simply take Grab bike or car to travel freely and less complicatedly. With the transportation you choose and a map on your smartphone, you are ready to take your loved one to explore and experience the antique city of Hanoi. Don't miss HANOI AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION| HOW TO GET FROM HANOI TO NOI BAI HAN AIRPORT

In Hanoi, there are many romantic places for married couples to hang out as well as spend time together to create memories for your honeymoon such as the antique towns of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake, the different parks with beautiful landscapes in Hanoi, the Book Street, the Ta Hien Beer street, or you can spend time together by the cups of coffee like in Little Plan Cafe, Define Coffee and Bar, Tranquil Book Coffee, In Fact Coffee,... or spend time for cuisine dinner under candle lights in some certain restaurants in Hanoi. Besides these places and activities, you can also find many other interesting places for you and your partner to have romantic moments that you can find in some of our articles about Hanoi. Moreover, in the surrounding areas of Hanoi, you can visit some beautiful and cultural places such as Chua Mot Cot, Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi Grand Theater, The Duong Lam Pottery Village, Tram Mountain, Quan Son Lake, etc where you can take a lot of pictures to mark your lovely honeymoon vacation in Hanoi.

Talking about local food as well as special dishes in Hanoi, you will have a wide range of food choices for your breakfast, lunch, dinner during your stay in Hanoi such as Bun Dau, Bun Cha, Bun Thang, Pho, Bun Oc,... or you can have the luxurious romantic dinners in Hanoi if you want in the fancy restaurants of Hanoi, and you can look for an article of us about the fancy restaurants in Hanoi for more information. With a lot of options like these, we believe, that you and your husband or wife will have amazing relaxing and romantic moments to recall all the memories you had together. You can visit some local streets which are famous for food and dishes of Hanoi such as Hang Buom, Ta Hien, Dong Xuan Market, Ly Quoc Su, Church Street,...  A lot of Hanoi scams - check it out.

Please do not forget to come back to accommodations to rest and energy because the honeymoon trip continues in the next famous location - Sapa.

Bike hiring cost: From 120,000 to 150,000 VND per bike. (From 5$)


2. Day 2 and 3: Travel and wander around Sapa

On the second day of the honeymoon, we are going to travel to Sapa by sleeping buses early in the morning, and we will arrive in Sapa at about 8 or 9 am. The price range for a seat on the sleeping bus to Sapa from Hanoi is from 250,000 VND to 300,000 VND per person. It will take you not a too long time to reach Sapa, so you and your partner can take a nap along the route. We are going to stay in Sapa for two days, so we will travel to check-in at the accommodation first for resting and putting away luggage once we arrive in Sapa, and we will begin the honeymoon journey at noon. Remember to hire a bike to have a short trekking trip on honeymoon vacation with the price from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per bike. Sapa trekking is worth trying as well. Sapa is the legendary land of Vietnamese tourism. As it is located far away from Hanoi, in the Northwest mountainous area of Vietnam, so what to the best time to visit Sapa and how to get to Sapa from Hanoi are always confused. 

Sapa is well known for its natural and various weather. Due to the geographic location, Sapa has four seasons in a year, and even in a day including spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season will have different specific features, but all of them give the visitors as well as the local people a comfortable and easy feeling. In spring, you can feel warm and fresh of the spring breeze. In summer, you will feel a little bit hot in the daytime but cool at night. In the fall, the rain will cool down your soul as well as your tiredness. In winter, the cold will make people stick closer to each other. Sapa is worthy for people to spend about one or two weeks to explore and understand the natural weather of this land. You can visit Sapa all year round so it is hard to answer what is the best time to visit Sapa, the dreamy land.

During 2 days staying in Sapa, you should take time and plan your schedule to explore as well as experience the magnificent beauty and beautiful landscapes as well as the traditional cultures of Sapa in some certain places such as Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa Stone Church, Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village, Ta Van, Sin Chai, Muong Hoa Valley, Tien Cave, Fansipan Peak, Silver Waterfall, and Love Waterfall, explore Fansipan Peak, Glass Bridge... and many other locations. The honeymoon in Sapa will be full of exploration and travelling a lot, so you and your partner will have quite a tough but also an interesting and memorable experience in Sapa. Besides the locations we mentioned here, there are so many different famous as well as unknown places in Sapa for the trekking married couples to explore if you want, and it is sure that you as well as your husband or wife will be fascinated by the beauty of nature, people and culture in Sapa on your honeymoon trip. Since we have so many places to visit as well as so many activities to take part in, you can arrange your schedule properly to travel and visit within 2 days in Sapa.

Express Sleeper Bus Hanoi To/From Sapa

About local food and special dishes in Sapa, you and your partner will have the chance the taste the special rustic flavors of the local cooking recipes, and the food will be delicious and worths a try such as dishes made from portable pork, Tam fish, mushrooms, Sapa chicken, Thang Den, Thang Co, Tam Fish hot pot... Please notice that some certain food will be unique and not for everyone anywhere include even in Sapa Market or the residential areas at Ham Rong Mountain, so you as well as your husband or wife should be careful in choosing the most suitable food in 2 days staying here. You can also buy some specialties as gifts such as dried meat, wine, honey, vau bamboo, some rare veggies,... in Sapa.

Sleeping bus cost: From 250,000 VND to 300,000 VND per person. (From 11$)

Bike hiring cost: From 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND per bike. (From 4$)


3. Day 4: Visit Halong Bay

Early in the morning of day 4, we are going to leave Sapa and depart to visit Halong Bay - The legendary beautiful place for a vacation or romantic honeymoon trip. We will also travel to Halong Bay by sleeping bus departing from Sapa with the price range from 370,000 to 400,000 VND per person. We will leave early, so you have to get up early as well, but do not worry because you can continue your sleep along the route on the comfortable bus. Once we reach Halong Bay, we will rest in some temporary cabins or accommodations awhile and the immediately travel to explore your honeymoon in Halong Bay. 

You and your partner only have a day for a romantic vacation in Halong Bay, so we are going to list down some beautiful as well as suitable places for you to spend your romantic and lovely moments with your husband or wife such as Tiptop Island, Tiptop Peak, Be Ong Cam Area, Sung Sot Cave, Soi Sim Island... as well as take part in many different activities such as swimming on the beautiful natural beaches, sunbathing, kayaking, exploring caves,... or you and your partner can take a short romantic cruise in Halong Bay areas. All of these things will contribute to a romantic and lovely honeymoon vacation of your married couple. However, we only have one day in Halong Bay, so you had better choose the most suitable schedule for the most interesting places as well as come back to the accommodations in time to rest because we are going to travel to Phu Quoc Island tomorrow.

Halong Day Tour: Islands, Caves, Kayak with Dragonfly Cruise

In Halong Bay, there is also a lot of local delicious food and unique dishes that you must try at least once such as Banh Cuon with chopped squid, Halong chopped squid, Ngan Dish, Sa Sung, Sea Sam, Nem Chua, Banh Gat Gu, Halong Hoanh Bo Wine,... with all these suggestions for food, you and your husband or wife will not need to ask what to eat for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

Sleeping bus price range: From 370,000 VND to 400,000 VND per person. (From 16$)


4. Day 5, 6 and 7: Travel to Phu Quoc Island and explore the surrounding areas

Early in the morning of day 5, we are going to travel to Phu Quoc Island by airplane, and it is estimated that we will be able to reach Phu Quoc Island at noon in about 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh City, and the price is flexible and unfixed, so you can look for the price range from the booking agencies. Before that, you must travel from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City by airplane as well. Once you step foot on the islands of Phu Quoc, you are going to travel to the accommodations where you and your partners will rest, take shower, have some rest while you can also order food from the hotel service to have breakfast. After you and your partner are ready, you can start the quite long schedule of 3 days of honeymoon vacation on the Phu Quoc Island. Because you will need to travel a lot in 3 days, so you should hire a bike for you two to travel freely around with the price from 120,000 to 150,000 VND per bike. Moreover, if you are about to travel to islands by ships, you can buy a ticket with quite a friendly price. 

Phu Quoc: 3 Islands Full-Day Snorkeling Tour

Enough of the transportation information, now we are going to suggest some places to visit for 3 days you stay on Phu Quoc Island. In day 5, you can wander around Phu Quoc centre for local cultures and entertainment, and on the day 6, you can start to visit the famous local locations as we suggest and take part in a lot of activities. Day 7 will be the time for you to explore the beautiful islands in the areas of Phu Quoc. First, on the list, we are going to visit the famous and also the biggest place in Phu Quoc - Vinpearl. where you can play, experience and have so much fun as well as take so many pictures of your couple with a lot of entertainment stuff, games, and activities with the price range from 300,000 VND per person. Or along the route, you can visit some of the famous seaside places such as Tiptop Island, Tiptop Peak, Be Ong Cam Area, Sung Sot Cave, Soi Sim Island... as well as take part in many different activities such as swimming on the natural beaches, sunbathing, kayaking, exploring caves,...  Besides some local places, you can visit the areas of different islands like Hon Thom, Nam Dao, and many other islands, but we strongly suggest you visit Nam Dao Island for a honeymoon vacation better. In Nam Dao, you not only can sightsee and witness the beauty of beaches and nature, but you can also visit some magnificent places such as Pearl Farm, Phu Quoc Prison, Nguyen Trung Truc Temple, Coi Nguon Museum,... We believe with all these locations, a new married couple will be very busy exploring and experience the islands of Phu Quoc but do not forget to take your time enjoying every moment together in 3 days.

About special food as well as local dishes, you will have to try one or some of this delicious food during the time you stay here such as Bun Quay Kien Xay, Seafood Pizza, Bun Rieu, Seafood hotpot, Sim Wine, Banh Khot, Banh Kheo, Dried Seafood,... and many other dishes, but you and your partner will mostly enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood of Phu Quoc Island. Just enjoy as much as you can during 3 days of honeymoon here because we will have a final day of resting in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bike hiring cost: From 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND per bike. (From 4$)

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Ticket: From 300,000 VND per person. (From 13$)


5. Day 7: Return to Ho Chi Minh City

Return from Phu Quoc Island, you gonna need a lot of resting and relaxing, and Ho Chi Minh City will be the most suitable place for you to rest, enjoy the last day of the honeymoon as well as gain back energy. In Ho Chi Minh City, after travelling a lot, we recommend you to take the Grab bike or car to travel freely and conveniently. Or if you still want to travel around on a bike, you can hire a bike with the price range from 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND per person for a day of free travelling as much as you want. As long as you have transportation, a smart map on your phone as well as you are not minded by the severe traffic jams of Ho Chi Minh City in the peak hours, you can ride your bike to wherever you want.

During the last day in Ho Chi Minh City, there will be no travelling and exploration anymore, because you will simply go around Ho Chi Minh City to visit the famous places as well as have the great moments of shopping, eating in the restaurants, relaxing in the grand malls such as Landmark 81, Bitexco, Vincom Malls, Crescent Malls, Takashimaya where they have everything for couples. Do not forget to take your husband or wife to the beautiful coffee shops around Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy the drinks as well as take pictures and have great moments. About local food, like we already mentioned so many time, in Ho Chi Minh City, we nearly have every dishes from every provinces, cities, land and even countries, so all you need to do is choose what to eat and search for a good restaurant with the detailed comments and suggestions like Bun Dau Mam Tom, Pho, Bun Bo, Bun Moc, Hoanh Thanh, Bun Cha, Banh Canh, BBQ, Banh Trang,... All you need to do on the last day of your honeymoon vacation is to relax and enjoy all the moments in the beautiful and lively Ho Chi Minh City.

Bike hiring cost range: From 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND per bike.

In conclusion, we already reached the end of the Best of Vietnam Honeymoon vacation in 7 days around Hanoi, Sapa, Halong, Phu Quoc, and Ho Chi Minh City. With a lot of useful as well as necessary information, comments, and suggestions, we hope that you will have a great time together with your loved one as well as have a clear plan for your honeymoon. I wish you have the best romantic moments and unforgettable memories in this 7-day lovely honeymoon. Please notice that the places and locations that we suggested in the journey of your honeymoon are various and plentiful so that you can choose one or some of the places based on your own demands, plans and interests, so do not try to travel all of those places in each day because it will be very tough and not romantic at all. We wish you have a nice trip and lovely moments together. For more choices, let's see Amazing Vietnam 7 Days Tour From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh City or Unique Vietnam Culture Tour In 10 Days.