If you have a long-term vacation plan in Vietnam, then definitely don't miss the northern part of Vietnam. The land here has everything you need from the majestic nature, the peaceful atmosphere and even the endless source of emotions from classic to civilized this land brings. Geographical location has created favourable conditions for this land to inherit all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Hanoi Capital City is surrounded by nature, mountains and forests have created a landscape in which full of urban vitality. It is this abundance that creates nature scenes with many different shades and endless sources of emotions.

Now let's experience Northern Vietnam Luxury Adventure in 9 days. Surely you will never forget the roads and the land passing by Son La province, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Tuyen Quang, etc. The best time to visit the northern areas of Vietnam is usually spring and summer from January to July, but you can visit these places anytime you want despite the question that it is the best time or not because each time, each season will have different things for you to explore in the northern areas of Vietnam.


1. Day 1: Wander around Hanoi Capital City

Hanoi is the capital city of Viet Nam. If you ask me about someplace that has a chilling atmosphere, an ancient corner or memories of Vietnam many years ago; my answer is Hanoi. Walking down the street to enjoy a hot bowl of Pho Ha Noi, then pass by the picturesque Guom lake. When the sun has started weaving through the trees and the city becomes more bustling, it’s a time you stop at a filter coffee shop to have a cup of hot coffee and chat with your friends. If you want something vintage and classic, you can visit many old streets around Hanoi with blocks of houses inherit from French Architect. let's go to the interesting and beautiful lands of Hanoi’s surrounding areas. Come to Duong Lam Village with the old living. 

This is one of the rare ancient villages still intact architecture and routine of many years ago. End up our short trip to Hanoi’s surrounding areas with Bat Trang pottery-making village. Pottery is one of the ancient occupations in our country. In Bat Trang, they still retain the traditional features of this village. Spending a day in Bat Trang, you can learn by yourself the basic skills of making pottery, creating your own product. Interesting and worth a try, isn't it? If you do not know, there are so many delicious and famous street food that you can taste and enjoy when you are in Hanoi such as Bun Cha, Bun Dau, Bun Oc, Pho,... with the friendly price and great quality.


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Distance from Hanoi to Son La: 160 kilometres


2. Day 2: Travel to Son La Province

Mention to northwestern mountains, you definitely will not ignore Son La Province. With a large natural forest system along with historical sites, diverse cultural heritage, located only 300 km from Hanoi is an ideal destination for your second travelling day. It is revealed that there is the largest hydroelectric dam in Southeast Asia. Sounds interesting right? You can move to Son La by bus, car, ... The bus leaves daily and takes only 11-12 hours. To be able to spend a whole day in Son La, my advice is that you should go from 8 pm the night before and the next morning will arrive. In Son La, there are many places to visit, most of them are long-standing historical sites, resonating with the fading of time to create a historic space, though ancient but not least. the attraction. Some historical sites that you can visit are the Museum and the Prison of Son La, the relics of the Que Lam Ngu Chien epitaph, Ban Mong, …. Come to Son La you can try the traditional special and unique food of the local people such as salad from the livestock meat, grilled fishes, Nam Pia, Bamboo Rice...

Where to stay in Son La?

Coming to these relics, you not only feel more sharp about culture but also have more historical knowledge about a new land, very suitable for those who like to explore. Besides these historical sites, the natural beauty is indispensable, because this is the characteristic of the Northwest. 

If you like the feeling of being small among so many beautiful landscapes, mountains and sky, you cannot miss Moc Chau Plateau with lush green tea hills until the village of upland people Lying on the white side of immense plum blossoms, Heart Tea Hill is the place that many couples love to choose as their wedding photography place, the Ban On Five Caves is a system of 5 caves located in the forest. The mountain has a wild beauty of nature or the Pa Uon Bridge, which is as high as 120m, is the highest bridge in Vietnam. 

Another special place to mention is the Son La hydroelectric plant, known as the largest hydroelectric plant in Southeast Asia. The factory has become the pride of Son La people in particular and Vietnam in general. Not only that, the landscape at Son La hydroelectric plant is really beautiful and attractive for those who want to explore the spectacular natural scenery of the Northwestern mountains.

Distance from Son La to Dien Bien: 84 kilometers


3.  Day 3: Explore Dien Bien

Wake up after a day full of experiences about Son La province, the 3rd day of the trip will not disappoint you. Let's explore the land of  Dien Bien. This is the land associated with Vietnamese historical anecdotes, the pride of one of the glorious victories of Vietnamese history - the Dien Bien Phu victory. Dien Bien also has intangible cultural potential, with 21 ethnic groups living together, each ethnic group has its own diverse cultural nuances, typically Thai, H'Mong, ... More typical than other areas of the Northwest, Dien Bien is famous for historical sites. Victory Museum of Dien Bien Phu, Ham De Cat,... The place contains all the ruins of Vietnamese History full of pride. 

In addition, Dien Bien is also famous for many caves, mineral water and lakes creating rich natural tourism resources such as Muong Nhe primary forest; caves in Pa Thom (Dien Bien) and Tham Mua (Tuan Giao); hot springs Hua Pe, U Va; Pa Khoang, Pe Luong, Huoi Pha lakes … Tourism community locations in Dien Bien are increasingly favored by foreign tourists. Coming to the form of community tourism, you will have the opportunity to interact with the different cultures and people of ethnic minorities. To experience the stilt houses, daily agricultural activities, to wear traditional costumes, to participate in special traditional dancing and to enjoy the unique cuisine of the land here such as Pa Ping Top, grilled chicken, Tua Chua chicken, sticky rice, Bon soup,...  Some community tourist destinations you should know Men Village, Ten Village, Co My Village, ... And don't forget to experience the hot springs here too. (U Va hot spring, Hua Pe hot spring, …) - Let's have a look at Top 10 best homestays in Dien Bien.


4. Day 4: Visit Lai Chau

If Dien Bien has not yet satisfied your discoveries, do not worry, surely Lai Chau will make you impressed by the immense scenery of the mountains. Visit Lai Chau you will not be able to take your eyes off the beautiful scenes here: beautiful caves, rugged passes, the majestic peaks of the Fatherland. If you are passionate about conquering the high mountains, watching everything around from above, the peaks here will not disappoint you. From the peak of Bach Mong Quantum 3045m high to the peak of Pu Si Lung 3083m high, ... 

From these peaks, you will observe the vast sky clouds, with abundant natural scenery through four beautiful seasons, each season. a particular trait. Speaking of mountains, it is impossible not to mention the highlands with tea hills, terraced fields, one of the unmistakable beauty of the Northwest Highlands. Sin Ho plateau, Tan Uyen tea hill or Muong Than terraced fields will be places not to be missed when coming to Lai Chau. There is one more thing that will certainly be interesting to you, is the natural stalactite cave here. The beautiful and mysterious murky cave will stimulate your discovery. Pu Sam Cap cave system is waiting for you to conquer.

Distance from Dien Bien to Mu Cang Chai: 180 kilometres.


5.    Day 5: Wander around Mu Cang Chai

If you do not know that you will know Vietnam is one of the top rice exporting countries in the world, rice paddies seem to have become a familiar image for tourists when travelling to Vietnam. So choosing to come to Mu Cang Chai to admire the beautiful, poetic golden rice fields is the choice for the fifth day when coming to the Northwest. Let's explore the Mu Cang Chai rice fields. This is a land area located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. 

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Coming to Mu Cang Chai you will see in your eyes everywhere a yellow colour of the ripe rice field. From Khau Pha Pass to Lung Lo Pass, the landscape is surrounded by endless fields of paddy fields. Next to the fields are sparsely populated houses, creating a magnificent landscape full of life. The high waterfall, pouring water increases the attraction for this land. Let's conquer the bumpy roads to reach the big waterfalls here: Pu Nhu waterfall, Mo waterfall, ... If you are tired, stop at the idyllic small village of this land, Thai village. Coming here, you can enjoy Thai specialities, take a bath of traditional tobacco of the Thai people, rest at the stilt house and organize social exchanges and bonfires.

 Distance from Mu Cang Chai to Tuyen Quang: 70 kilometres.


6. Day 6: Visit Tuyen Quang Province

Temporarily leaving the Northwestern region, let's explore what is interesting in Northeast Vietnam. Let's visit the famous Tuyen Quang land in Vietnam. This land is known for its many scenic spots and ancient cultural and historical sites. In addition, food and spiritual culture are also what makes the tourism of Tuyen Quang province become more and more attractive. Some prominent names that you must visit on certain occasions such as relics Tan Trao, Kim Binh, Ngoi Village, Da Ban or museums, Mac Dynasty in Tuyen Quang province, mineral springs My Lam, Na Cave. In addition, there are some famous spiritual tourist destinations such as Pac Vang temple, Pac Ta or Thuong Lam, Phuc Lam ... Tuyen Quang is famous for its vast mineral lakes and streams, surrounded by delicious mountains. majestic, on both sides of the lake are rustic and peaceful villages. 

Travelling to Na Hang Lake, you will have the opportunity to paddle out in the middle of the lake, admire the scenery around you, in addition to interacting with the simple people here. And you will be able to cross the big waterfalls on your own feet to discover the rudeness and mystery of the mountains through the famous waterfalls here: Mo waterfall, Ban Ba waterfall, ... If any On the occasion of participating in the Ha Temple Festival season in the second lunar month, you will be immersed in the atmosphere that is both bustling, joyful, spiritual, mysterious or Thanh Tuyen festival is held in the mid-autumn festival with lanterns. Shimmering, the largest antique tray in Vietnam.

Distance from Tuyen Quang to Meo Vac: 160 kilometres.


7. Day 7: Discover Meo Vac

Watching the flower forests adorn the village, the rustic roofs of the ethnic minorities living here. Join the bustling atmosphere of the national fair. It is exactly what you will experience when coming to Meo Vac land in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Coming to Ha Giang, you will have the opportunity to see the splendid roads, the endless cloud hunting on the peak of Ma Pi Leng pass. The perfect time for you to see the beautiful panorama of Meo Vac is from September to November. This is the right time to hunt clouds, touch the sky with your own hands. See the flower forests adorn the village, the rustic roofs of the ethnic minorities living here. Join the bustling atmosphere of the national fair. It is exactly what you will experience when coming to Meo Vac land in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Coming to Ha Giang, you will have the opportunity to see the splendid roads, the endless cloud hunting on the peak of Ma Pi Leng pass. The perfect time for you to see the beautiful panorama of Meo Vac is from September to November. This is the right time to hunt the clouds of the sky, reach the sky with your own hands. 

You can also watch winding canyons hugging the ancient bottom of the Meo Vac river. The water of the river is clear and dark, from the bottom of the river looking up are high mountains to the sky. Another place in Meo Vac is Sam Pun border gate, a tangible boundary between vast lands, smog covered with colourful flower forests creating a beautiful picture. End of Meo Vac discovery, visit the small villages here. Lo Lo Village with the traditional houses of the Tay or Hmong people and the beauty of the customs and traditions are very different or the ancient town of Dong Van with a classic feature that is not inferior to Hoi An, Hanoi. The houses are close together under the roof of the Tay Nguyen mountainous forest makes us feel lost in the context of a thousand years of history but still very civilized and modern

 Distance from Meo Vac to Dong Van: 21 kilometres.


8.  Day 8: Continue to visit Dong Van town & Lung Cu Flag Tower

Continuing to explore the beauty of the mountains and forests of the Northeast, we come to Dong Van. Dong Van is 2.3 kilometres away from Lung Cu. The land here is covered with clouds all year round, with the northernmost point being Lung Cu "the roof of Vietnam", where the head touches the ground, faces up to the sky. Some places you may be interested in Dong Van rock plateau, Sung La, Dinh Vuong, 428 landmarks, old town, and Dong Van market,... Because of the characteristics of the geographical location that Dong Van has many winding roads, rocky beaches with special and attractive structures. Backpackers or trekkers can rest and sleep in the areas of Lung Cu or Dong Van overnight.

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The rocks with impressive shapes sats each other on the two sides of the road to creating a mountainous landscape. The place where the beautiful pass embraces a green valley is the highest and most beautiful point to admire the panorama of Sung La. This place can be considered as the most beautiful highland commune in Dong Van rock plateau. Dong Van Ancient Town has the beauty of the history of French architecture, with its rocky structures forming Western houses. Going somewhere is the early-morning waiting sessions with many souvenir items handmade from the hands of ethnic minority brothers.

Distance from Dong Van to Ha Giang city: 150 kilometres & Ha Giang - Hanoi: 270km so the total distance is about 420km.


9.  Day 9: Return to Hanoi

The last day of the journey to explore Northern Vietnam, come back to Hanoi to rest and relax in a peaceful but very modern atmosphere here. It is advisable to take the bus back the night before so that the next morning to where you can have an extra-long rest in the morning.

Waking up in the heart of Hanoi in the evening, quickly walking down the street to see Hanoi peacefully, gently wearing a modern shirt, with lights from the shops racing to open at night. Drop by Ta Hien street, a modern western street between classic Hanoi to chat and drink with friends. Talk about an exciting trip to explore the remote lands of northern Vietnam with excitement and satisfaction. You also can buy some souvenirs in Dong Xuan Market, the biggest market in the city. In here you will have a chance to enjoy the street food of Hanoi and also specialities of other neighbourhoods

Northland of Vietnam where there is so much to discover like this is really not enough right? Where you bend the atmosphere how it is also. From the bustling city, the civilized and modern atmosphere to the cloudy suburbs all year round, there's nothing but towering mountains, lush green forests, murmuring waterfalls. , the beautiful roads and above all the cr old cultures, exposed to the strange, unique and interesting mountainous lifestyle. Northern Vietnam Luxury Adventure in 9 days took you from one emotion level to another, and experience with unforgettable marks in your life.

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