Like you all know that Vietnam is a very beautiful and plentiful country thank the diversity in people and geographic terrains, so the northern area of Vietnam is our next destination with so many interesting and amazing things in tourism, people, culture, food and nature for you to experience and explore yourself. Therefore, today, we are going to suggest you with a 7-day tour in some certain places in the northern areas of Vietnam. In the list, we will go into quite details about locations, activities, and things you should do in your vacation tour so that you can have a clearer plan and all the necessary information you need to have a good experience in the best northern areas of Vietnam in 7 days. But first what is the best time, seasons & traditional festivals in Vietnam?


1. Day 1: Hanoi Capital City 

Talking about the northern area of Vietnam, we have to suggest Hanoi Capital City to you. This city is the icon of Vietnam where you will have a long list of things and places you would like to visit, experience and explore yourself. On the first day in the morning, when you just arrive in Hanoi, the priority thing that you should do is travel to your accommodation (Hotels, homestays or resorts) to rest and put away all the luggage. After you have done the resting as well as preparation, you can have breakfast at some local food stands for Bun Cha, Bun Oc, Bun Dau, Pho,... and wander around Hanoi for a drink in some coffee shops with amazing concepts, styles as well as drinks.

In the afternoon, you can start to visit the nearby locations in Hanoi such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Antique Town,... In general, the first day will be your free day to have an adventure around Hanoi, and you will be impressed by not only the cultural things about architecture, the ruins of the old Hanoi but also surprised by how fast and amazing Hanoi’s developed until now. 

If you are worried about not know what to do in Hanoi, then please visit our top ten things that you should do in Hanoi. It is promised that one day will never enough to finish all those interesting things as well as gain all the fun and amazing experience. Or you can take a short tour around Hanoi within 3 hours to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Antique Town and some other places with the tour guide in your area. Besides, touring around the famous locations of Hanoi, enjoy the best local dishes and special food, experience the nightlife at Hanoi places, go shopping in so many centers and corners,... do not forget to take pictures and check-in at some local hot places. 

For your information, please visit our top ten new local places for check-in Hanoi for details. Make sure that you enjoy everything in the central area of Hanoi because, on the second day, we will start to travel to the surrounding areas of Hanoi with a lot of different places, so make sure that you rest enough at night.

Hanoi: 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour


2. Day 2: Hanoi - Sapa - Cat Cat

In night 1, you will wake up a little bit early to prepare the luggage as well as check-out your accommodation to depart for Sapa. Because we are going on a tour to Sapa - Cat Cat from Hanoi, so we are going to travel by bus with the ticket price range from 250,000 VND per person. You can also choose Sapa 3-Night Trek & Homestay with Overnight Train or BusIt will take you about 7 or 8 hours to travel from Hanoi to Sapa on the convenient buses, so we recommend you to sleep and rest along the route to gain energy and ready for the exploration in Sapa.

Sapa is well known for its natural and various weather. Due to the geographic location, Sapa has four seasons in a year, and even in a day including spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season will have different specific features, but all of them give the visitors as well as the local people a comfortable and easy feeling. 

Sapa locates in very high mountain regions in the northern areas of Vietnam, so it possesses clear and typical seasons of a year unlike any other areas of Vietnam where there are only two seasons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter will take place at a different time of the year with specific and various features. Each season, you will have opportunities to witness and experience the landscapes of mountains and forests in Sapa as well as festival activities and traditional food. So you can visit Sapa every time during the year.

Once we reach Sapa in the morning, the tour guide will assist you to check-in at the new accommodation in Sapa, and then again you will start to visit the first destination - Cat Cat Village. This is a Hmong people’s village area that tourists can explore and go sightseeing here as well as take part in some interesting cultural and local activities. You will have to pay 50,000 VND for a ticket per person to enter Cat Cat Village. Besides the magnificent landscapes of mountains, forests, and flowers as well as the comfortable atmosphere of Sapa, you can experience the local culture of Cat Cat villagers yourself by wearing their traditional costumes with the price of 50,000 VND per set. Moreover, there will be a lot of beautiful sceneries for you to take pictures as well as sightsee, and the magnificent landscapes and the kind local people will surely impress you.

In the afternoon, you will have a good meal with all the special dishes at the local food stores of Cat Cat village or at the local restaurant. After experience everything in Cat Cat Village, you can come back to the accommodation for resting and gaining energy because, in the evening, tourists will be allowed to freely wander as well as hang out around Sapa Town for shopping, local food, and other things.

Please notice that you should come back to your accommodation before it is too late at night because the weather will get colder and colder as well as the terrains may be quite dangerous as well. Do not worry because, on the morning of day 3, we will continue to go touring around Sapa for a while before leaving for other surrounding areas of Sapa.

Cat Cat Village Ticket: 50,000 VND per person.

Tradition costume rent: 50,000 VND per set.



3. Day 3: Sapa - Ham Rong - Hanoi

The cool and chilling weather of Sapa will wake you up to welcome the 3rd day in Sapa Town. You should dress up and start to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast before we start today’s touring schedule. We start with Ham Rong Mountain as the first location.

Ham Rong is a beautiful and grand mountain with so many legends that attract a lot of tourists to visit. Nowadays, there is also a touring ecological park in the area of Ham Rong Mountain where you can not only witness the beauty of natural landscapes but also have a chance to hang out with your partners. There will a lot of places in the Ham Rong Eco-park for you to explore and experience such as the Ham Rong Flower garden where you can see all the diversity of Sapa flora and fauna as well as walking on the long stone stairs, Thach Lam Stone Garden where the ancient stones with different artistic shapes and Ham Rong Peak. Ham Rong Peak is also the favourite location of tourists because they can observe the whole large area of Ham Rong Mountain as well as Sapa. 

Moreover, we will leave Ham Rong Mountain for other interesting places such as the orchid gardens or the famous sky gate which is the super famous location for check-in and photography in Sapa. After that, you will have the chance to travel into Thai people or Hmong people’s small villages for resting and having lunch as well as buying souvenirs. Ham Rong Eco-park ticket price: 70,000 VND for an adult - 50,000 VND for a child.

Moreover, if you are a trekker and if you manage to have enough time, you can make a short trekking journey to Muong Hoa Valley where you can see the magnificent and grand trekking routes, witness the beauty of the Sapa Ancient Stone Field, see the daily normal life of local people in Ta Van Village as well as wander around to see so many beautiful places as well as join several activities of trekking tours in the area of Muong Hoa Valley. Remember to come back early because we will have a long journey on the next day. Or you can spend a morning to trek around Sapa town and then head to Fansipan summit in the afternoon. Or, you will be free to travel around until evening when we are going to grab the luggage and come back to Hanoi on another convenient bus, and we will arrive in Hanoi early in the morning of day 4. From Sa Pa: 5-Hour Muong Hoa Valley Trek and Ethnic Tribes.


4. Day 4: Halong Cruise

On the 4th day of the tour, we will experience a cruise journey from Hanoi to Halong City. This is a very new and luxurious as well as an amazing experience for your tour. You will depart at Hanoi harbour and check-in on a Halong Cruise with all the luxurious service in one day and one night to reach Halong City. The cruise will travel slowly for you to experience the journey on a cruise into the beautiful Halong Bay. On the cruise, you will have a fancy and convenient cabin room to rest during the journey with all the necessary as well as extra services such as gym, spa, party area,... to serve you all the time. You can also enjoy meals in a high-standard and luxurious restaurant with excellent chefs.

Spending night on Halong Cruise to Halong City with all the best services will be your unforgettable memories ever. If you want to know more about Halong Cruise Brands, you can search for the top ten best cruises in Halong Bay of us for more information about services as well as price range to have your best cruising vacation to Halong Bay. Because the services are very considerate and excellent, so the price for cabins and services will be quite high but worthy. Therefore, you should enjoy your journey as well as vacations as best as you can. Or you will take a tour or catch the bus by yourself to Halong and enjoy Halong Bay cruises.

Along the journey, the cruise will also allow you to experience so many places on the route to Halong Bay such as Tiptop Island, Tiptop Peak, Be Ong Cam Area, Sung Sot Cave, Soi Sim Island...  as well as take part in many different activities such as swimming on the natural beaches, sunbathing, kayaking, exploring caves,... Therefore, you had better prepare your health and energy for so many interesting you can do on Halong Cruise to Halong Bay.

Halong Day Tour: Islands, Caves, Kayak with Dragonfly Cruise


5. Day 5: Halong Surroundings

After a night sleeping in the cabin of Halong cruise, you can wake up to see the magnificent and fresh dawn in Halong Bay. The beautiful landscapes, the high limestone mountains, the blue bay ocean, and many other things will surely impress you at first sight. According to the tour schedule, you will have a good breakfast on the cruise and have time to take pictures of the Halong Bay before we check-out at noon. Then we are going to move to the next destination - Ba Ham Lake where you can explore a narrow cave to reach a hidden lake with 4 mountain walls around it. There will be a lot of activities for you to do here besides exploration such as climbing, kayaking, taking pictures,... and you will also have a chance to swim and relax on some of the beautiful beaches of Halong Bay and have a great seafood meal.

After that, you will come back to Hanoi by bus in about 2.5 hours to start a new journey on day 6. Along the route, we will stop for resting and experience at the Traditional Craft Exhibition. Once you reach Hanoi, you will check-in at the hotel for a night of resting and gaining back energy. Be alert with Halong scams.


6. Day 6: Hanoi - Bai Dinh - Trang An

On the 6th day, you will leave for Ninh Binh after having breakfast in Hanoi by From Hanoi: Trang An and Bai Đinh Full-Day TourThe journey will be a little bit longer because we will have to travel for 110 kilometres by bus. In Ninh Binh, you will step foot on the first location - Bai Dinh Pagoda where the greatest Gautama Buddha bronze statue which is the highest and the heaviest in Vietnam.

Moreover, there are many amazing things and beautiful landscapes for you to see and experience when you visit Ninh Binh. You will move to a local restaurant for lunch before we start the afternoon schedule.

In the afternoon, you will visit one of the most famous locations in the northern area of Vietnam - Trang An. Trang An is described as the second Halong Bay on the land with a lot of ancient ruins of architecture as well as a great system of limestone caves. You will travel a short distance to Trang An by boats and ships to explore the inside areas of caves. Moreover, you can visit and pray in some of the temples along the rivers. In general, you can also take part in so many traditional activities in Trang An if you visit Trang An in the festival season. Finally, we will come back to Hanoi once again for resting and the schedule of day 7 in Hanoi.

Ticket price: from 200,000 VND per person.

Tour choices: 

  • Start from Trinh Temple to Dark Cave - Light Cave - Wine Cave - Tran Temple - Ba Giot Cave - Seo Cave - Son Duong Cave - Phu Khong - Bao Hieu Pagoda - Khong Cave - Tran Cave - Quy Hau Cave - Back to start.

  • Start from Lam Cave - Vang Cave - Tranh Truot Cave - Tien Stream - Dai Cave - Hanh Cung Vu Lam - Back to start.

  • Start from Trinh Temple - Cloud Cave - Tien Stream - Dia Linh Cave - Dai Cave - Hanh Cung Vu Lam - Kong Filming Area - Back to start.


7. Day 7: Huong Pagoda

The final day will start after tourists finish breakfast and check-out and you 7 days in Northern Vietnam itinerary will be amazing by a day in Huong pagoda, which is just 60 km from Hanoi. We will leave for Huong Pagoda on buses in a quite short time. Once you reach Ben Duc, it will take you 40 minutes to travel to Huong Pagoda on boats in the area of Yen Stream. Once you arrive in Huong Pagoda, you will have so many things to do and experience such as climbing for 2.5 kilometres or going by suspension cables to witness the beauty of landscapes and nature in Huong Pagoda areas. Besides, there will be many other places in the area of Huong Pagoda that you should check them out. If you visit Huong Pagoda right in the festival season, you will have the chance to take part in one of the busiest, grand and magnificent festival in Huong Pagoda.

For your information, Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the most precious Vietnamese traditional festivals in the northern area in My Duc - Hanoi Vietnam. The meaning of the Huong Pagoda Festival is the journey of believers to the land of Buddhism where Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva trains herself. The festival is not only solemn but also magnificent because of the giant parades and decorations in the Huong Pagoda with a wide range of Buddhist believers. With the solemn and great spirits, Huong Pagoda Festival is organized on a large scale in all areas of Huong Son, My Duc, Hanoi with the longest festival time in Vietnam. This Vietnamese festival is so magnificent that people usually said that Huong Pagoda Festival is the fairy palace of Buddhism.

Full-Day Perfume Pagoda Small-Group Tour

Huong Pagoda Festival usually takes place on January 6th on the Lunar Calendar when a lot of people including the Buddhists as well as the tourists from Vietnamese people to the tourists. During the Huong Pagoda Festival, people will have the chance to visit all the beautiful landscapes of the pagoda such as mountains, caves, forests,... Therefore, if you love Buddhism or if you want to experience the great and solemn atmosphere of the Huong Pagoda Festival, you can come to take part in the Huong Pagoda Festival, and do not worry because you are free to join. 

Besides taking part in so many interesting tour activities as well as festivals in Huong Pagoda Area, the rest of the time of the tour will be your resting by wandering in Hanoi. Hanoi is not only the heaven of entertainment and tourism but also a peaceful and antique city where you can slow down and relax, enjoy the very normal and calm moments of life to memorize what you already have during a 7-day tour around the best areas of the north of Vietnam.

Boat Ticket Price: 50,000 VND per person

Cable Ticket Price: 120,000 VND/ 1 turn - 180,000 VND/ a round-trip ticket

In conclusion, this is the end of a 7 days tour around the best northern area of Vietnam with some specific locations and places. With each location and place, we are going to give you all the necessary information as well as the tips and plans for you to choose a suitable tour and journey for you and your family. Moreover, there are so many other places in the northern areas of Vietnam that you should check them out later in your journey or vacation. Wish you a happy vacation with your friends and families.