Twice recognized as World Heritage Site of the outstanding, universal aesthetic value, amazing geological and geomorphological value by UNESCO, and especially one of New 7 Natural Wonders in 2012, Halong Bay is one of the most attractive destinations in Northern Vietnam. Economic development and the globalization enable more and more visitors coming to Halong Bay, which significantly promotes Vietnamese people and our natural beauty to foreigners. Therefore, a huge number of Halong Bay tours are available, and that is why we are here to give you some great tips to enjoy your trip in our attraction in the most convenient way.

When you travel to Vietnam, we will definitely impressive by all our tourist destinations from historical relics, national parks, countryside markets, pagodas, temples to beaches and bays. However, as located in humid and tropical weather, before coming to Vietnam, especially to Halong Bay, you should consider carefully.

1. The best time to visit Halong bay

One of the best times for Halong Bay is about November when you can enjoy blue skies in moderate temperatures, especially calm seas. From May to September, tropical storms can appear without warning. However, this is a high peak in Halong Bay when domestic tourism flock there as it is really hot in the rest of Northern Vietnam. The period between February to April is often cool with thick fog. Therefore, Halong bay cruise and tourist boat may need to alter its itineraries, or even can be canceled with little warning depending on the weather and sea conditions. So please pay attention to the time to enjoy your trip to Halong Bay.

Towering limestone pillars and tiny islets covered by forest in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, the spectacular view of Halong bay's scatter of islands with wave-eroded grottoes, is unsurprisingly Northern Vietnam's number one tourism spot. And the best way to experience this amazing bay is on a Halong bay cruise. Surprisingly, Halong bay tours are considered as the best tours in Vietnam as its high quality and reasonable prices. You have two major choices: luxury cruises and budget and midrange cruises. For luxury choice, you can admire the World Heritage Site on five-star amenities, from a swanky sun-lounger while watching the sun set over a vista of craggy jungle-topped islands. It costs about $220 for an overnight trip.

However, most visitors coming here choose midrange cruises from $60 per person for a day trip, to between $110 and $130 for a worthwhile overnight midrange cruise. However, don't forget to check it out 6 common Halong cruise scams and how to avoid it. 


2. Things to do in Halong Bay

Swim - Sunbathe in Halong Bay

One of the most satisfying things when coming to beaches and especially a world natural wonder is sunbathing or swimming. With thousands of limestone, Halong Bay is an ideal place for relaxing swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking upon cruising around. 


Do kayaking - Discover Hidden Grottos and Caves

Most decent midrange Halong bay tours offer visitors an hour or more of kayaking. For experienced kayakers, there are also kayak-only trips, by a handful of operators based in nearby Lan Ha Bay. While enjoying the landscapes, especially floating villages in a traditional boat is a great way to experience a Halong bay at a relaxing pace. And the price for a full-day kayaking trip is between $25 and $30 per person.

Pay attention to Halong Cruise Scam 


Visit floating villages

The floating village is an interesting feature of the daily life of Halong bay locals. They live there and make ends meets from the diversified supply of the marine life, which might be hard to imagining living everyday life surrounded by the beauty of this well-known bay.

View Halong Bay from Seaplane

Amazingly, there is no better way to witness Halong Bay wonderful limestone karsts and caves from the Seaplane. I am sure that it will certainly be much more spectacular and appealing as there are many karsts as well as islands rising in the bay than sitting on cruises. And all famous islands and landscapes of Halong bay such as Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), Tuan Chau Island (Đảo Tuần Châu), and almost amazing Halong bay beaches will be on the eye.

These above are several amazing ways to explore Halong Bay - one of seven New World Natural Wonders. Hope it can be helpful.

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